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Mercedes has never set itself the goal of producing cheap mass-produced cars capable of satisfying unpretentious buyers - from the very beginning, high-class comfortable cars were made under the sign of a three-beam star. And you can see the similarities between them and expensive wine - with the age of Mercedes are becoming more expensive, especially when it comes to cars exclusive series, released in a small number of copies. Auction participants set all new records, trying to become the owner of such exclusive vehicles. However, customers tuning studio engaged in additional design of Mercedes, also do not lag behind them. So what is the most expensive Mercedes in the world, and who held this honorable position before?

Mercedes cars have always been prestigious and among the most expensive.

Mercedes cars have always been prestigious and among the most expensive.

3rd place. Classic is always in fashion

When the Mercedes-Benz 540 K Spezial Roadster first went on sale, its value did not exceed 28 thousand marks of Nazi Germany, which was the equivalent of 12 thousand dollars. Despite this, then such a sum was unthinkable waste - and few could afford to spend it. Initially, this silver Mercedes was bought by an entrepreneur from Argentina, who also paid for the costly transportation of a car across the ocean. He made such incredible efforts for good reason - no more than 25 pieces of the Mercedes model 540 K were produced, and each was assembled exclusively for individual orders.

Читать далее о самых дорогих автомобилях Mercedes-->Силовая установка представляла собой восьмицилиндровый мотор, оснащённый механическим нагнетателем с ремённым приводом — благодаря этой особенности Mercedes 540K мог разгоняться до 170 км/ч, что превосходило возможности всех дорожных автомобилей того времени. Модификация Spezial Roadster отличалась укороченной хвостовой частью обтекаемой формы, что делало транспортное средство более обтекаемым, а, следовательно — динамичным.

Mercedes-Benz 540 K Spezial Roadster

The car added to the list, which includes the most expensive Mercedes in the world, in 2011. An unidentified person acting through a representative made a bid at an auction of $ 9.86 million, which no one could beat. As a result, the car went into a private collection, becoming the most expensive Mercedes in the world.

On the video car Mercedes-Benz 540 K Spezial Roadster:

2nd place. Arabian luxury

As you know, the Arabs most of all in the world love expensive luxury cars - and they could not accept the fact that the most expensive Mercedes was not in their hands. Therefore, in the same 2011, the new car 999 Red Gold Dream, created on the basis of Mercedes SLR Maclaren, was introduced. The order of a businessman from Dubai performed the Swiss tuning studio Ueli Anliker, which is famous for the performance of any quirks of its customers.

Car 999 Red Gold Dream

Despite the lack of ancient history of the car, at that time it was the most expensive Mercedes model, estimated at $ 11 million. Why did the car cost the Arab businessman so expensive? The answer lies in the name - about 14 kilograms of the purest gold, corresponding to the 999 standard, went to the finish. The customer wished this material to be used not only in the cabin, but also in the Mercedes emblem, rims, headlight reflectors and even exhaust tailpipes. In addition, according to his demand, 600 rubies were used in the decoration, which decorated the buttons in the cabin, the steering wheel, and even the nuts on the wheel disks.

On the video car 999 Red Gold Dream:

At the same time, it was not at all necessary to put the car in a private collection - all the equipment in it was new and “ready for battle”. The dynamic parameters are impressive - thanks to the eight-cylinder engine with a capacity of 700 horsepower, this “golden” Mercedes can accelerate to 350 kilometers per hour. An interesting fact is that the most expensive anti-theft system based on GPS positioning was also installed on the vehicle. Only who will decide to steal such an exclusive car? After all, he can not pass unnoticed even one meter.

1 place. World record

Nevertheless, these most expensive Mercedes kept the level of the championship for only two years, after which they had to unconditionally give way to the next car. In 2013, at the Bonams auction, regularly held in London, a unique lot was exhibited - the Mercedes W196, which is a racing car released in 1954 to participate in the world Formula 1 championship. The car was driven by the legendary racer Juan Manuel Fangio, who won a championship title thanks to her.

Mercedes W196 car

It is interesting that at the auction the car was presented in an unrestored form - there were dents on its sides, which were obtained by contact with the rivals' cars, as well as dirt that remained from Juan Manuel Fangio. The demand for this Mercedes was considerable - many collectors fought for the right to own it. However, the anonymous bid won again, in which a sum of $ 29.65 million was proposed. It is not known whether it was the same collector or other privacy lover, but the vehicle went into private ownership, setting an incredible record Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% .

On the video car Mercedes W196:

It is unlikely that the buyer will sit behind the wheel of a racing Mercedes, but if he decides to do this, incredible feelings are guaranteed to him. In the car were collected all the technical innovations of the time. Among them are:

  • Body, brought to perfection in a wind tunnel;
  • 2.5 liter V8 injection engine;
  • Alloy tubular frame.

Without exclusivity

However, not every person strives to become the owner of a rarity that will stand in the collection. To determine which Mercedes is the most expensive, you need to pay attention to the products of the tuning studio Brabus, which is famous for bringing the technical characteristics of the machines to perfection. Relatively recently, a compact Mercedes C-Class coupe that became a real racing car fell into the hands of the firm’s specialists.

Brabus Mercedes C-Class

Refinement began with the replacement of the motor - instead of the standard V8, which is the “top” for this Mercedes, the engineers of the tuning studio used a V12 engine having a similar volume of 6.3 liters. It was supplemented by two turbochargers with intercoolers, which made it possible to obtain a power of 800 horsepower. The maximum speed of this car is 370 kilometers per hour, the first mark of one hundred kilometers per hour Mercedes overcomes in 3.7 seconds, the second - 9.8 seconds, and the third - 23.8 seconds. The minimum price of a car is 450 thousand euros - for a surcharge it can be personalized to the maximum, up to embroidery on the seats and other elements of diamond monogram decoration.

Unchanged status symbol

Despite the existence of such competitors as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and even Maybach’s own elite division, no one can argue with the Mercedes brand in high prices. It is not surprising - after all, these machines not only have a long history and excellent technical parameters, but are also considered one of the most reliable in the world. It remains to hope that the company Mercedes will continue to improve its engineering school and will not retreat a single step from its standards.