New hyundai solaris second generation

The new generation of Hyundai Solaris has become a little longer and wider, and the car has become better, like the Elantra, only a small one. Also the ride quality has changed. 16-inch wheels are installed, the body of the Solaris is rounded, and the rear pillar is quite thick. But the size of the wheels and tires remained the same as in the first generation. Therefore, who decided to change his old Solaris to a new one, you can pick up your original discs from the old one.

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All arches have fenders, mud flaps for each wheel, a large washer tank - its volume is 4.6 liters. Ground clearance remains the same - 160 mm. Headlights with LEDs, there is fog, cornering lights, if you take a complete set of Elegance with an additional package Style. These LED headlights look really smart. If you take a complete set cheaper, then there will be installed the usual headlights with ordinary lamps, there will be no chrome on the grille and protivotumanok. There is an inexpensive version of Active, which even door handles and mirror housings are painted in body color.


Salon нового Соляриса стал более продуман, теперь передняя панель с подстаканниками между сиденьями, есть ниша для смартфона, в дверях удобные карманы. По традиции Хендай, все кнопки подсвечены синим. Панель приборов тоже хорошо читается, яркость можно регулировать, для этого есть кнопка с левой стороны от руля.

New Hyundai Solaris 2017

On the touch screen there are large virtual buttons, and for the most important points there are regular buttons. Doors close easily and quietly. The interior design is about the same as on the Hyundai Crete. The plateau of the front panel began to reach the windshield. Successful layout, ergonomics become better. Dashboard, by the way, like an expensive car. In the cabin there are 2 sockets, a 7-inch display, navigation Tom Tom, these are all innovations that are not yet in the Elantra or Crete.

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Chairs have become softer and without lumbar support. But since this is not a sports car, the lumbar support is not really needed. In this generation of Solaris, visibility is now better, getting out of the car has become easier. In the car, large side mirrors, wipers can clean most of the glass, as well as the washer nozzles are heated.

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There are buttons on the steering wheel to control the multimedia system and the onboard computer. If you buy top-end equipment, there will even be an electric button on the trunk lid, and in other, cheaper trim levels, the trunk is opened using the lever in the cabin. But on the other hand, the volume of the trunk has increased, there is an underground, in which a 15-inch full wheel hides. You can fold the rear seatbacks in order to increase the luggage compartment.

Many people buy Solaris to work in a taxi. And for these purposes, the car is great, because there is enough legroom for rear passengers, and the cost of maintenance and fuel consumption are quite low. In the car, you can put a winter package, then it will be heated on all seats. On the back of the couch appeared better armrests, but the lid presses a little, because it has a low slope.

Road performance

The new Solaris is great on the snowy road, even at high speed. The past generation of Solaris was not so stable. And all because the new generation uses the rear beam from the Elantra, and the shock absorbers are different, the track turned out to be wider, and the front levers were changed.

Salon new Solaris

The torsional rigidity of the body has increased, high-strength steels are used. The smoothness of the ride has improved, now the car easily overcomes the pits and other unevenness without noise, the power consumption of the suspension has become much better.

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Electric power steering, control different from Creta other settings. Even if the car is winter tires, it is still in the auto gambling control and there is a desire to enter the turn at high speed. But it’s impossible to enter the skid, because the car has a stabilization system that cannot be turned off. And even in the basic configuration there is already a stabilization system, so we can assume that the Solaris of the 2nd generation has become more secure.

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Under the hood, the basic configuration is Kappa engine with a volume of 1.4 liters and turbocharged. The power of this motor is 99.7 l. with. He was deformed to this power, it was done so that the car would fall on the preferential category, in general it can produce power - 107 l. with. But during certification, power is usually not checked. Even the Elantra, whose maximum speed was declared 202 km / h can accelerate to 213 km / h and more.

New Hyundai Solaris 2017 мотор

It also happens for Solaris and a more powerful engine with a volume of 1.6 liters from the Gamma series. This motor has 2 phase shifters, and the length of the intake manifold is now variable. This was done to increase torque. At low revs, the car is not particularly nimble, and this is most noticeable on the 6-speed manual gearbox. But the gas pedal is pressed easily, but the car responds to pressing the gas pedal a little sluggishly. Therefore, if it is necessary to overtake someone dramatically, it is better to move to a lower gear, the engine works much better at high revs.

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Most new Solaris now with a 6-speed automatic gearbox. When compared with Kreta, it is more nimble. But it is still comfortable to drive on Solaris, if the gas pedal is working correctly. But the noise from the motor is heard during acceleration, especially when the revs reach the mark of 4000 rpm. This is not particularly good insulation is made so specifically so that the driver can feel more drive behind the wheel of this car. But they can also earn money at dealerships by offering to make additional noise insulation. In addition to the motor, there is also a hum from the tires, and after 90 km / h you can hear the wind whistling.

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The exact price of the new Solaris is not yet available, but it will be slightly more than the price of a Volkswagen Polo in a similar configuration. Because the new Solaris now uses the ERA-GLONASS system. So the Comfort package with a 1.6-liter engine and an automatic transmission will cost about 820,000 rubles. For comparison, the 1st generation of Solaris with the same engine and gearbox cost 775,000 rubles.

New Hyundai Solaris photo 2017

Colors are different, there are only 7 of them to choose from, but brighter colors look better on Solaris. So, the 2nd generation Solaris has all the chances to become a bestseller, but it remains to wait a little while for it to go on sale and how people will buy this car.

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