Tuning vaz-2170 (lada priora) will improve the standard

Developers and manufacturers of new models of cars often face a dilemma: on the one hand, to make the future car functional and aesthetic, on the other, it is inexpensive. The way out of this situation is the seriality of the model.

Tuning frets priors

Hence the desire of the happy owner of a new machine to do everything to overcome the impersonal nature of his purchase and “ottyuning” it. And even the high performance of the car will not stop the driver's desire to show their individuality. Tuning Lada Priora is an excellent proof of this.

Tuning options Lada Priory

To begin with, the driver must make a questionnaire for himself and answer his three main points. The whole algorithm of further actions will depend on this. Since the Lada Priora is a newer car, then the tuning will be completely different, here you will not be able to do the same things that are done during tuning of the VAZ 2109, for example.

First, what is the scale of tuning? The solution to this issue is fundamental, because it rests on the amount of funding for the future project, and it is important for the driver to relate his desires to the availability of funds.

Secondly, will it be carried out with Priory tuning on its own or is it advisable to use the services of car service professionals? In the first case, you will have to be patient, knowledge and skills, and in the second - only to control the process and indicate your preferences.

Priora tuning photo

В-третьих, каков приблизительный конечный образ автомобиля? Водитель должен представлять себе результат тюнинга. А для этого должны быть некие эталоны, конкретные примеры уже «оттюнингованных» машин. В современном информационном пространстве сделать это несложно; достаточно в любом поисковике ввести «Priora tuning photo», и результат не замедлит сказаться огромным количеством ссылок с весьма эффектными образцами, даже про тюнинг ВАЗ 2106 наберется множество различного материала.

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Tuning exterior Lada Priory

Let's start with the exterior - giving the body a non-standard look that can most clearly emphasize the individual characteristics of the owner of the car. This is more true of body kits, bumpers and spoilers. Thanks to these components, you can find the original and unique form that can turn a nondescript serial car into a real masterpiece.

Do not ignore the exhaust pipe. It can be “cut off” and even “calculatedturned”, that is, divided into two or four nozzles, as it has long been practiced by manufacturers of a number of foreign cars.

Tuning priors do it yourself

Restyling of external light fixtures (headlights and lanterns) and a radiator grille is also a great help in tuning the Lada Priors and giving it a bright personality.

One more thing. Being engaged in exterior tuning of the VAZ, it is important to remember that they will meet the car according to their “clothes”. Therefore, you should think over every detail and, slowly, implement your plans.

Tuning interior Lada Priory

If the exterior allows you to judge the car to everyone around you, then interior tuning has a slightly different purpose - to allow the driver to enjoy the style and experience the comfort of driving. And no matter how fresh and smelling freshness was the Lada Priora, the interior design never hurts.

Priora tuning salon

Vibration and increased noise - the main enemies of comfort and should be fought with them mercilessly with the help of special materials, which auto shops are replete with today. Do not forget about monitoring the attachment of plastic and upholstery to avoid squeaks or "crickets".

Driver and passenger seats - an important object of interior tuning. You can go to the banal simply: dress the chair in the standard covers. And you can make a constriction of the seats with skin and embed vibromassage and acoustics in them.

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Tuning Lada Priora

Needs tuning and dashboard, which is suitable for LED technology and non-trivial form factors. Do not set aside and tuning sound (for example, a subwoofer and additional speakers). Acoustic tuning Priory do-it-yourselfers will allow you to maximize your musical preferences.

It is necessary to remember about such trifles as the gearshift knob, armrest, door handles, locking buttons, etc. But all this is at the discretion and taste of the owner. But in general, tuning the Priory is easier than tuning the VAZ 2109, because the nine is older, so you have to work on it seriously.

Technical tuning

Tuning the engine, transmission, brake system is a very laborious and responsible business. That is why it should be entrusted to professionals or carried out independently, but under the strict guidance of a specialist. The main thing is that the technical tuning of Lada Priora that you conceived withstood and did not refuse to work later.

Tuning priors do it yourself

Engine power can be optimized in various ways:

  1. increase in working volume by boring the cylinder block;
  2.  replacing standard pistons with low and standard crankshaft with high ones;
  3. completion of the cylinder head and the installation of lightweight valves and high camshaft;
  4. using a lightweight version of the crankshaft flywheel;
  5. chip tuning (reprogramming of control units);
  6. installation of a supercharger compressor (compressed air-fuel mixture supercharger).  

Engine tuning priors

Tuning the engine Priory, increasing its power makes it necessary to make changes in other components of the Lada Priory structure:

1. gain grip; 2. increase the cross-section of the channels in the exhaust manifold; 3. increase the effectiveness of the brake system (using a sports vacuum booster), etc.

These moments can not be ignored, because they are the basis of traffic safety.

Tuning Priory do-it-yourself

Thus, self tuning car is possible. The main thing is to soberly assess your strength and imagination, have patience and be guided by the medical principle “Do no harm!”.

We must also be prepared for the fact that even a small tuning of Priory will require no less than 10 thousand rubles, and a full upgrade can result in an amount that is incommensurable even with the price of a brand new Lada Priory - more than a million rubles.

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