Germans again recall volkswagen and audi suvs

Немцы опять отзывают вседорожнandкand Фольксваген and Аудand German automakers manual Volkswagen and Audi initiated the start of the service action to eliminate the detected faults among cars sold, including on the Russian car market. Campaign applies to 613 Russians bought Фольксвагенов Тandгуан and 76 crossovers Audi Q5. All these cars were bought by Russian car enthusiasts from January last year to the present. What was the reason for starting a service campaign? As reported in Rosstandart, the whole thing in the side airbags. At the time of operation, they are capable instead of saving the lives of passengers and the driver, on the contrary, add damage to them. When airbugs are fired, the "detonation" of the gas generator housing is not excluded, it is made of metal, and in this case it becomes literally an anti-personnel grenade: fragments of the hull can riddle people in the car. It is not necessary that such a malfunction will be found in all recalled cars, but the Germans are going to fix it immediately, or warn them by completely replacing the “explosive” airbags. Немцы опять отзывают вседорожнandкand Фольксваген and Аудand In light of recent scandals involving the Japanese manufacturer of airbags TakataIt can be assumed that the recalled cars were equipped with airbags of this particular company. But specific information on this subject could not be obtained in Rosstandart.

Official dealerships Audi and Volkswagen already send to all owners of “suspicious” crossovers notifications about a possible malfunction and the need to ride to the nearest service center, where this malfunction will be fixed free of charge. On the official websites of manufacturers, you can punch your car by the VIN-code for being in the list of recalled cars.

Do not postpone the visit to the service center. German quality is a good thing, of course, but to forget that only in the last year the Germans have already recalled more than 45 thousand Tuaregovsold in Russia is not worth it. Then it was about the fault associated with the mechanism of the brake pedal. Немцы опять отзывают вседорожнandкand Фольксваген and Аудand In addition, if the airbags are really made infamous Takata, then problems can be stunned with one hundred percent probability. Now the Japanese are once again withdrawing cars equipped with pillows from this company. This time more than seven million cars. And for all the time, they have repaired 19.6 million defective cars for free. And the company Takata itself is frantically searching for investors in order to escape from ruin. Penalty Japanese promise to completely reconstruct the production of airbags in case of finding funds for this.

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