Acquisition of the carburetor vaz 2109 at a good price

How many times have the world been told - the carburetor is as thin as the east. Sometimes some owners manage to bring it into such a state that the repair part is simply not subject to. All that remains in such situations is to buy a new one.

carburetor vaz 2109 photo

Not that the price of the carburetor VAZ 2109 bite, but the quality of the new can fly you thousands of five rubles. This, of course, is not the cheapest, of all that you can find.

In the articles about the carburetor of the car VAZ 2109, we already talked about the features of this most important node of your car.

"Nine" is not your "Lada Kalina". Here the iron is more familiar, classic and without any frills. But and more reliable.

Perhaps the old woman "Samara" and not the most modern car in the world, but her own carburetor with marking 2108-1107010 for two decades now serves faithfully. Well, and if you are still unlucky - you have to fork out and buy a new one. Or suddenly you decided to do a VAZ 2109 tuning, then it is necessary to close the issue with the old carburetor and, if possible, switch to a new one.

However, if we talk about high prices, the price for the VAZ 2109 carburetor remains within reasonable limits: from 4,000-5,000 rubles, this is for a new one. On disassembly, you can find a carburetor for the VAZ 2109, even for 1000 rubles. In the end, the "nine" is not an elite sports car.

To find out how much the carburetor is at the VAZ 2109 in your area, you just have to go to any car shop.

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Many motorists who have encountered problems in the operation of this car recommend installing an imported Weber carburetor on a VAZ 2109 whose price is slightly higher than the cost of domestic samples.

carburetor vaz 2109 weber

Weber requires more precise settings and not all drivers want to mess with it. Nevertheless, there are quite authoritative opinions that it is worth it.

And even considering the difference in price, part of the owners of "Samar" fundamentally trust more than a foreign manufacturer. Historically in our country, people think that import is always better. Even if there are domestic samples that are not particularly inferior in quality.