How not to be mistaken with the choice of driving schools?


Almost everyone dreams of their own car. After all, we all want not to depend on the schedules of fixed-route taxis, or not to push in the mornings and evenings in public transport, getting to work or on business. And cheers, you have already become or are planning to become the owner of your own car !!! For many, it is always a joyful event. However, the torment with public transport, alas, has not yet ended on this. After all, it is important not only to buy a car, you must be able to drive on it, have rights.

And after the first euphoria associated with the new purchase, you are finally starting to think about how to choose a driving school, where to get the rights and acquire driving skills will be better?

Driving simulator

Читать дальше о том, как выбрать автошколу правильно-->Конечно, некоторые из вас уже сидели за рулём, иногда и неоднократно, однако хорошие навыки вождения далеко не у всех. К тому же над необходимостью сдачи на права почти все задумываются лишь тогда, когда уже встал вопрос, машина уже есть или появиться в очень скором времени.

And you go online and start looking for a driving school. There are many offers and all of them differ not only in price, distance from the center or your home, work, but also in the quality of education. After all, as a novice on the road, it is very important for you to get really good knowledge: learn how to drive, acquire the necessary knowledge of the rules, as well as practical driving skills.

How to choose a driving school, how not to get lost in the sea of ​​proposals? What should I look for when choosing and evaluating?

Availability of permits and official registration for training

This is probably one of the most important indicators. Any driving school under the new rules must have a license to study. This license, as a rule, is located in a driving school on one of the stands in the most visible place or is shown on demand. If you came to school, you didn’t see it anywhere, and the request to show you was refused, motivating it with the fact that it is at the stage of renewal, or it has now expired and they are preparing to apply for renewal . Perhaps the school is really not all right. The presence of valid licensing documents confirms its compliance with all legislation. In such schools you will find specially equipped classes for studying with the necessary stands, aids and textbooks. All permits from other bodies. Yes, and teachers and instructors will have the necessary qualifications for training, because otherwise the school simply will not be given a license. This is a mandatory condition when issuing a license. After all, in addition to licensed driving schools there are so-called driving courses. There you are offered to undergo training, but you cannot pass on their rights to them. And instead of the coveted crust, you will receive at best a certificate of attendance.

When checking the license documents, pay attention to the address indicated there. If they are different, there may be subsequent problems in obtaining rights.

In addition to the license, any self-respecting driving school must also display a schedule of studies or classes and an example of a training agreement on the stands.

Prior to the beginning of study it is worth taking care of the conclusion of a formal contract. There should be marked both the rights and obligations of the parties, as well as the time and cost of the study, as well as the details of the customer and the contractor, that is, your driving schools. The document must be registered and have all the necessary signatures and seals.

Driving school class

Tuition and that it includes

As already mentioned, before training you must conclude an agreement where the cost of training will be stated. It is important to clarify before the start of classes what is included in this price. This is only payment for courses, and in addition you still have to pay extra for fuel and lubricants and passing an internal exam, or it’s the full cost for the whole range of services provided to you.

Do not flatter yourself if the school is too low cost of education. Often it is only nominally, for luring students it is indicated less, then there is a lot of additional hidden fees and payments. For example, you will need to pay for the execution of some documents, exams, benefits, fuel, etc.

You can also clarify the terms of payment and the possibility of installment. Some schools provide this opportunity to their students.

Training period

Short training periods are often not always good. After all, the theoretical course of study should be at least 70 hours, and an additional 36 hours of driving. That is, you still need to unlearn a total of at least 106 hours. And to pass such a course in a week or two is impossible. On average, training is delayed from one to two months, depending on the intensity of training. If you are offered to learn in less time, it is worth considering how you will be taught and what knowledge you will have after that.

Technical base and experience of teachers

Of course, it is assumed that if the school has a license, then with these two indicators everything is fine with them. However, it is useful to clarify the driving experience of the instructors themselves, and who exactly will conduct the theoretical course. Before entering into a contract, it is worth looking at the classes where classes are held. They must be appropriately equipped. These are not only chairs and tables, but also visual aids, stands and other visual materials. Look at the year of release of visual aids. They should be recent years, because traffic regulations are constantly updated. Signs change, and accordingly visuals should be replaced.

Driving Circuit

Also, it is useful to clarify which car will take a driving course. Machines should be several, and among them, both on the mechanics and with the automatic gearbox.

The location of the driving school or proximity to home work

Many of those who are just planning to start learning, when choosing, pay a lot of attention to being close to home or work. So much more convenient, because such courses are sufficiently held in the evening. A lot of time is spent on the road. Others, choosing, consider driving schools away from the center, considering that this can be saved. And still others, on the contrary, want to study somewhere in the central part of the city, since there are often so-called elite institutions there, and they study there at least more prestigious. However, in fact, all of the above does not play any role, because the traffic rules are the same for all, training takes place according to similar programs, and teachers often conduct classes in several driving schools at once.

The only really weighty argument for choosing a driving school location is really proximity to home or work, or a convenient traffic interchange that allows you to quickly and easily get there and back. So more likely to attend all classes.

Optimum circuit of the autodrome

Optimum circuit of the autodrome

School reputation

So, you have almost decided on a driving school, it remains quite a bit to learn more about it. You can ask for feedback from friends or see the information on the Internet and on the forums. As a rule, there you can find a lot of interesting things, which will help you to finally decide to study here or it’s worth looking for something else.

What else is worth knowing?

In fact, there may be many questions that you may be interested in.

Some driving schools have the possibility of additional driving lessons with an instructor. Find out if they have such an opportunity, and what the cost of an extra hour of driving.

Specify, by what principle the schedule of driving is made, whether it will suit you.

If there is an opportunity, then before you choose a driving school, try to sit in one of the lessons, this will give you an exact idea of ​​how the training is going on and what is taught there.

Find out about the additional services provided by the driving school. For example, some of them help in passing the medical commission, arrange additional courses on particularly difficult routes, or offer individual lessons with an instructor. In some driving schools there is an additional opportunity to obtain international law. The more such services, the better. This indicates that the school has comprehensive connections and support.

Can I get a license without visiting a driving school?

Of course, many now have heard that you can try to get a right without training. It is about self-learning course and the subsequent transfer of the rights through intermediaries. However, it is worth considering that with this method of obtaining rights there are a lot of positive and negative points. Despite the fact that this supposedly helps to save time and money on fuel, there is no additional expenditure on benefits and payment for the internal exam, this method is not very good. It will not suit the majority, if only because you are rolling back with the instructor on your watch, you can gain invaluable practical experience. After all, a person will be sitting next to you who will be able to give valuable practical advice and recommendations. Find this in the textbooks you can not. In addition, in order to pass on the rights, you still need to learn all the rules, but for this you need to organize yourself, and with this, most of them have difficulties.

In conclusion

Choosing the best driving school for themselves, everyone tries to take into account the maximum number of parameters and nuances that concern him. Someone more important knowledge and driving skills, because he cares about his health and safety, as well as loved ones and others. Others mainly consider convenience in terms of school location and school hours. And still others, in general, will say that they already know how to drive, everyone knows, and they just need to “get a crust”. Each motive is different ...

However, in spite of everything, those who really want to learn something should choose the place of study very carefully. After all, this in the future will affect the driving style and safety on the road. It is better to spend a little more time searching now, but choose a reliable institution that not only has a license, but can really give maximum, and not just the skills and experience of a novice driver. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% The institution, whose management and staff pay attention to their students and take care of their own image.