The japanese recall almost two hundred mazda 6 and mazda

Японцы отзывают почти двести Mazda 6 и Mazda CX-5 Japanese automaker announced review 184 cars of the brands Mazda 6 and Mazda CX-5sold on our Russian car market in the period from December 2013 to April of the current year. Actually, nothing critical. The detected production flaws are not so critical as to clutch at the head and send curses towards the Land of the Rising Sun or to repeat the sacramental "Japanese are not the same" ... In service centers on cars with "marriage" they will only change the glass, and absolutely free. We would not even pay attention to this, but the descendants of the samurai are honest to the end. According to the Rosstandard, after-sales service, or “working on the bugs”, these cars of the Japanese auto brand must voluntarily pass through. Reason: during the glazing of the body during the assembly, technological errors were made, namely the junction points of the glasses with the insulating rubber were treated with the wrong primer material. Either the certified one was not enough, and the workers in a hurry were primed with what came to hand, or if there was any other reason, but not the point. The consequences to which this may lead are not fatal, but they still present certain inconveniences: over time, depressurization may occur from constant vibration in places of treatment with the wrong ground, which is fraught with unnecessary noise when moving and dusting the cabin. In addition, the flight of the glasses is not excluded, although the probability of this is extremely low. Японцы отзывают почти двести Mazda 6 и Mazda CX-5 Car owners who bought cars of these brands during the specified period will receive notifications about the need to visit authorized service centers. Notify or through a phone call, or sending e-mails to e-mail or SMS. However, every owner of a potentially defective car can determine for himself whether he needs to go to the service or not. To do this, just go to the website of the company and check the VIN-code of your car with a list of car codes that need service. Японцы отзывают почти двести Mazda 6 и Mazda CX-5 Buy sixth Mazda Today, our car market can cost from a million rubles - that is exactly the price of the basic equipment, a sedan, under the hood of which a 2-liter 150-strong iron heart works, paired with six-way mechanics. The front-wheel-drive SUV Mazda CX-5 with the same gasoline engine will cost from 1,110 thousand rubles.

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In early autumn of this year, the Mazda CX-9 will arrive to us, having a three-hundred-strong turbo engine under the hood.