Tuning vaz 2114 (tuning lada 2114) with their own hands,

Tuning VAZ 2114 – это тема очень долгая и интересная, уж слишком много здесь есть нюансов и подводных камней, и о них мы поговорим в этой статье. Когда проводится тюнинг ВАЗ 2114, необходимо помнить про определенные нормативы, изменения которых нежелательны или, по крайней мере, требуют согласования с профессионалами.

Tuning VAZ 2114

Before you start tuning the VAZ 2114 with your own hands, a car enthusiast needs to contact the traffic police with a statement in which all planned changes to the car’s design should be made. Then, the traffic police issued a permit, which will indicate the conditions for registration and the procedure for issuing a certificate in which it is written that the car complies with safety regulations.

In cases where very significant changes are planned in the car, it is also necessary to make an expert opinion, and attached technical documentation.

tuning vaz 2114 do it yourself

As soon as the technical work is completed, the owner of the car must submit another document - a declaration statement, which will indicate all the changes made, their volume and quality. Also, the owner still needs to provide your car for technical inspection, after which the corresponding changes are made in the registration documents.

VAZ 2114 tuning photo

If we seriously consider the issue of tuning VAZ 2114, we can say that this machine is perfect for this venture. After all, it can reach speeds of up to 200 km / h and is very good at driving This VAZ is better than a penny (VAZ 2101).

Moreover, for this Lada, ready-made packages have already been developed, which were created taking into account various wishes and needs. Therefore, tuning the VAZ 2114 can and should be done as soon as possible, for that there is everything you need in the shops and in the car dealerships. The same situation with tuning VAZ 2109, thanks to a certain similarity of these cars.

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Tuning VAZ 2114: engine

One of the most important operations during tuning of the VAZ 2114 is engine tuning. To slightly increase the power of the engine, it is enough to reflash the control unit and replace some parts with sport analogues.

After such operations, the performance of the power unit will increase by 10-15%. For a greater increase in power, it is necessary to change the cylinder head and the mechanism that distributes the gas, as well as to waste the valves.

VAZ 2114 tuning photo

One of the most extreme ways to increase engine performance is to install a turbine on a VAZ 2114 engine. There is also an interesting way to increase the power of the base engine “fourteenth” - replacing the old crankshaft with a new one, which has increased piston stroke, it will provide more torque. By the way, such a move can be considered risky for the Lada 2114, and now, for example, during tuning of the VAZ 2106, it is not recommended to place the turbine in the six.

To make tuning the gearbox in the VAZ 2114, you need to change gear ratios. The number of gears and the main gear must be selected depending on the specific engine. Thanks to the self-locking differential, you can seriously increase the transmission of torque to the wheels, this will significantly increase traction “on bottoms” during an intense set of speed.

Tuning VAZ 2114

Tuning suspension VAZ 2114

During the tuning of the chassis, you need to adjust the suspension so that it is as rigid as possible, for this you need to put more rigid shock absorbers. To reduce the angles of the roll, you must install a harder anti-roll bars.

Being engaged in tuning the VAZ 2114, namely the suspension, it is worth taking care of the wheels. When choosing wheels and tires for this car, you need to remember what old Henry Ford said - beautiful wheels are responsible for 80% of the appearance of the car. Also, when choosing wheels, the conditions of car operation are also important. Of course, tuning will not do without the installation of alloy wheels, there are a lot of them available for the VAZ 2114.

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Tuning VAZ 2114

External tuning VAZ 2114

Tuning the exterior of this model consists of installing aerodynamic body kits, original bumpers, replacing moldings, rear-view mirrors, handles on the doors, and replacing the rear spoiler with a more serious one.

VAZ 2114 tuning photo

It is also necessary to replace the standard lights with new ones, they are also offered a sufficient amount in stores. The maximum cool exterior tuning of the VAZ 2114 is achieved when engineers rework body parts according to their program, for example, add air intakes on the hood and front wings, paint individual parts of the body in different colors.

Tuning salon VAZ 2114

You can toned glass, but the main thing with the windshield is not to overdo it, and the side and rear windows can be tinted to the maximum. Tuning of the cabin VAZ 2114 is a replacement of seats for sports, comfortable and more comfortable seats. All this also needs to be done when tuning the VAZ 2109.

VAZ 2114 tuning photo

In general, the interior gives a stylish look LED lighting and a new dashboard. By the way, it is not so easy to remove the instrument panel of the VAZ 2114, and even more so, to modify and improve it. In general, the new instrument panel VAZ 2114, the price of which does not exceed 15,000 rubles, generally looks modest, so it still requires an overlay on the instrument panel so that the designations of the instrument panel VAZ 2114 on the speedometer looked more beautiful than in the standard panel.

A lot of things can be changed and put: a modern speaker system with 3 subwoofers, a display to install with a GPS navigator, a sports steering wheel or simply beautiful, and of course, beautiful rugs - nowhere without them.

And in general, any changes will be for the better, because the design of the VAZ 2114 is simply miserable and boring, so it must be urgently changed; for this, the tuning of the VAZ 2114 is in full swing.

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By the way, many tuning enthusiasts of the VAZ 2109 think that the installation of the VAZ 2114 panel on the VAZ 2109 will make the nine more beautiful from the inside, maybe they are right, but this is a controversial issue.

And finally, the video where the tuned VAZ 2114 has done to Toyota Land Cruiser:

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