Top trucks for work


If you are interested in what kind of truck is better to buy for a living, then you need to focus on practicality and inexpensive operation of the vehicle. Entrepreneurs want the truck to bring maximum profit and demand a minimum of expenses for themselves.

trucks for earnings

Trucks for earnings

Не всегда новая машина себя оправдывает по экономическим соображениям, поскольку на её покупку уходит внушительный бюджет. Современные большие грузовики повышенной тоннажности стоят от 4 – 5 миллионов рублей и выше. Стоимость некоторых моделей легко преодолевает планку в 15 – 20 миллионов рублей.Читать далее о лучшем грузовике для заработка-->


To determine which truck fits best in your case, you need to understand the tasks assigned to the vehicle.

After all, some want good cars for urban freight, while others want a better truck from the category of medium and high tonnage, that is, to work as a truck driver.

All trucks can be divided into three categories.

  1. Low-tonnage. Typically, these cars are used to transport goods weighing up to 3 tons. These are food, furniture, building materials, etc. Compact trucks, in some cases minibuses, are used for these purposes. If the cargo is oversized, preference should be given to models with an open board. Closed cargo compartments are focused on the transportation of rapidly deteriorating or dimensional goods.
  2. Medium tonnage. Loading capacity parameters make 5 - 10 tons. For this class of truck, the minimum body volume is 35 cubic meters. Designed for large cargo and goods of greater weight.
  3. Large capacity. These are trucks with a load capacity of 10 tons and above. The standard large-tonnage car has a cargo compartment of 80 cubic meters. But there are larger models.

If you buy a car for work, then you need to rely on the characteristics of the truck itself.

Criterias of choice

Good trucks are selected based on key criteria that are most beneficial for the owner.

  1. Load capacity It can be 1 - 20 tons. The choice depends on what category of goods and in what volume you transport. If this is a small delivery service or transportation within the city, choose small trucks. For truckers fit trailed models.
  2. Loading volume. It tells you how much goods you can transport in one flight. Usually the minimum volume is 9 cubic meters and can reach 120 cubic meters.
  3. Body. It happens open, closed, intended for the transport of medicines, etc. Food, for example, is transported only in bodies with a refrigerator.
  4. Year of issue. Some will say that a truck is better to take a new one. But not all start-up entrepreneurs have money to buy a truck with a cost of 1 million rubles or more. Trailed large cars cost at least 4 - 5 million rubles. Because you need to acquire an efficient truck, which can be released 5 - 15 years ago.
  5. Condition. Before buying, you should evaluate the current state of the car. This concerns the technical part. If the engine and body are in order, then the truck will last for many more years. To buy a car that requires serious repair is economically unprofitable.
  6. Budget. Rely on the real budget you can spend. Debt or borrow a car is not worth it. It is better to start to take something cheaper, and as the business develops, change the truck to a newer model.
  7. The cost of maintenance and operation. The main criterion that determines the amount of financial investments necessary for the maintenance, scheduled maintenance and operation of the machine. Plus, the cost of spare parts, their availability and complexity in carrying out repairs are taken into account.

You already decide what is best to buy for work specifically in your case.

Lead Candidates

Consider several trucks of different tonnage categories and determine where to start your freight business.

Each category has its own leaders. So let's start with a small tonnage.

The best little ones

The choice is extensive, because for small traffic you can even take a minibus for earnings. The choice depends on your requirements and financial capabilities.

  1. Gazelle. The most common Gazelle type Farmer, Duet, 3302, etc. This truck has many modifications that allow you to choose the car with the optimal type of driver's cab and cargo compartment for your type of business. Machines available and reliable. But you need to take only the models of recent years. Optimal buy a new Gazelle, because it is inexpensive. Parts available with service no problems. Cost-effective car, but over time it is better to replace it with something more modern and comfortable.

    gazelle truck next

    Economical and comfortable Gazelle

  2. A new generation of gazelles, which came out recently. Great car that surpassed the predecessor in all respects. You can buy a used or new model for earnings, depending on the budget. Economical, convenient for the driver and has many modifications, adapting to a particular type of transported goods.
  3. Cargo car version of the company Ford is in high demand in the field of transportation. Equipped with reliable and economical engines, provides a high level of comfort for the driver and passengers. Good suspension, throughput due to clearance. For Russian roads and earning them the best way. In service, the Gazelle is more expensive, but repairs are less frequent for the Tranzit.

    ford transit truck

    Cargo car variation from Ford

  4. Excellent option for work from the Volkswagen company. The German auto giant knows a lot about assembly quality. Their Crafter chassis comes in a variety of designs. It can be an isothermal body, a version for transporting bread, an awning design, with a manipulator and a refrigerator. The car is reliable, durable and very comfortable for the driver. It should be a truck from 1.7 million rubles.

    vw crafter truck

    Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% A great option for the Volkswagen Сrafter

Average tonnage

If you are interested in trucks with increased carrying capacity, then choose among medium-tonnage models.

Here there are leaders in terms of benefits for the carrier.

  1. This is a machine with a load capacity of 5 tons from the company MAN. Used versions cost from 800 thousand rubles, and for the new car will have to pay 2 times more, that is, about 1.5 million rubles. The car has low fuel consumption and requires 16 liters per 100 kilometers.

    man tgx truck

    Load capacity 5 tons of MAN truck

  2. Mitsubishi medium duty vehicle. Available in new and used form. Differs in the increased reliability and simple repair. The content of such cars is affordable, and the process of transportation is comfortable and safe.
  3. Модель среднетоннажного грузовика от ГАЗ. Domestic product with a load capacity of 4.5 tons. Модель очень популярна за счёт доступности, ремонтопригодности и долговечности. Это грузовик, который будет служить не один десяток лет, если понадобится. Имеет три откидных борта, что упрощает процесс загрузки и выгрузки товаров. Есть версия с кабиной на 7 посадочных мест. ГАЗ выпускает несколько вариантов кузова, помимо открытого борта, включая фургоны для перевозки быстро портящихся товаров. Базовая комплектация стоит примерно 1,2 миллиона рублей. Здесь есть смысл взять именно новую модель.

    gaz 33086 truck

    Domestic product with a load capacity of 4.5 tons

  4. HD 120. Beautiful truck from the company Hyundai. Its plus is that the manufacturer has adapted the model for Russian conditions of operation. Load capacity is 8 tons. There are isothermal, manufactured goods vans and cargo platforms. The machine is functional and is offered at reasonable prices. The new truck costs about 2.5 - 3 million rubles.

    hyundai hd-120

    Perfect Hyundai truck hd-120

  5. ELF 95. Isuzu functional midrange, which is offered with onboard platforms, manufactured goods and isothermal vans. Plus there is a version of a dump truck, tractor, car tow truck with a crane manipulator (three types). Load capacity is 9.5 tons. For the open-board version, the manufacturer is asking for 2.25 million rubles.

Large capacity category

If you need heavy-duty vehicles designed for transporting large loads over long distances, then you will have to choose from the highest category of trucks for the cost.

From the point of view of operating profitable for the carrier, there are several leaders in the segment.

  1. KAMAZ. Time-tested KAMAZ, which is considered almost the most popular trucks in the world. KAMAZ produces many other variations of the body, including manufactured goods vans and trailers. Machines are actively used as car carriers. It all depends on what type of goods you need to transport. Reliable, durable, affordable to repair and operate.

    Kamaz truck full-tonnage

    Large-capacity KAMAZ

  2. Space. The model from the company MAZ, which wears an index of 5440. An excellent choice for truckers, long-distance transport with large quantities of goods. The best version could be the 5440M9 truck version. This is the latest version of the tractor unit, which fully complies with Euro 6 standards. The beautiful design will not yield to a number of European leaders. There are different configurations that affect the cost. Expanse costs from 1.5 to 4 million rubles.

    truck maz space

    Excellent selection of truckers

  3. MAN increased efficiency truck. It has excellent technical characteristics, a decent level of fuel consumption and simplicity in terms of maintenance. The truck tractor is equipped with a comfortable modern cabin where the driver will be able to rest like at home. The mass of the car, depending on the equipment, is 18 - 44 tons. The price starts from 5.3 million rubles. But the price is fully justified. With such a budget, the TGS will be the best choice among large trucks.

    man TGS truck

    Man tractor truck

  4. Trucks increased tonnage from the company Mercedes. The truck is adapted to the difficult conditions of operation, has excellent German quality. Drivers are provided with the necessary comfort and functionality for confident driving and good rest. Equipped with technical solutions focused on reducing fuel consumption.

    Mercedes Benz truck

    High tonnage truck

  5. Model truck from the company MAN. Available in the secondary market, but if you wish, you can take the new version. Great truck with good performance. Consumes about 25 - 30 liters of fuel. It has a comfortable, functional cabin, thoughtful section for the rest of the driver. Behind the wheel to be comfortable, ergonomics of the cabin allows a long time to go non-stop. In the secondary market costs from 1.5 million rubles.
  6. One of the best options in the combination of efficiency and comfort will be the model P360 from Scania. The car has a payload of 20 tons and is sold at a price of 4 million rubles in the secondary market for a sample 2014 - 2015 release. With an empty trailer fuel consumption is 20 liters. A full load requires 25–30 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

    scania p360

    Economical and comfortable Scania

Choosing a truck to work, focus on key criteria. The machine should be profitable, and not take away all the money for maintenance, repair and other expenses.

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