Mercedes 124 body goes well today

In this article we will talk about what you need to know when buying a famous car - Mercedes (124 body), which many gentlemen are very fond of. Even after it stopped producing cars, it does not lose its attractiveness.

Mercedes 124 body

It should be noted that in the CIS countries and directly in the dealerships to buy this luxury car was not possible. But now it can get anyone in a second-hand condition.

We will not be able to tell you the exact price, because it depends on a variety of factors: the year of production of the car, equipment, condition, etc. But the most important criterion for the price remains both the external and internal condition of the car. If you want to take a reliable and not broken car, which was monitored and looked after, then get ready to pay a price equal to $ 10-12 thousand. This is a very small price for a German car, especially when compared to the price of a Mercedes Gelendvagen.

It is also worth noting that any purchased used car will require investment from you, but how they will all depend on your preferences and the condition of the car.

You should not worry about the quality and availability of automotive parts and spare parts, because not only their analogues, but also original samples are available on the market today. And also nobody canceled dismantling where it is always possible to find spare parts for every taste.

Now let's talk in more detail about the cost of the most problematic parts, as well as the proper care of the Mercedes 124 body with a 103 engine, which is distinguished by its reliability and power. Knowing about the range of prices for the main parts of the undercarriage, fuel system, you will be able to understand whether you can manage to maintain this luxury sedan.

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Mercedes 124 body 103 engine

What you should pay special attention to in the process of acquiring a Mercedes 124 body


The body remains the most important element that you should pay attention to. It should not be serious damage, corrosion and other defects.

Detailed inspection is best to start with the weakest points: thresholds, inspect the cup racks, metal under the moldings, carefully examine the bottom, as well as all the jacks for the jack, the space near the doors and under the front wings. But in some cases it will be necessary to disassemble, for example, part of the wing or remove the moldings.

Почти на всех автомобилях Mercedes 124 body, которые были произведены до 1993 года, имеется такое слабое место - жучки над фарами.

In case of detection of damaged places with swollen paint, pay special attention to this, as under the paint, most likely, there is already corrosion.

Next, we proceed to the verification of the marking of glasses, if there is a photo of a Mercedes in 124 of the body, presented on the website before the sale, they should be carefully examined: inspect all the places listed above. If you can not see anything, ask the seller to take a photo of all problem areas, including the marking of glasses.

Now we examine the paint on the car: it was homogeneous without various shades. If in one place the paint is less glossy or no glare at all, then most likely there was a blow or damage to the body.

Mercedes 124 body photo

Then we proceed to inspect the grille, if chrome has already begun to climb, then this confirms that the grille is not native, but most likely made in China.

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Possible reasons for replacing the grille:

  • accident or accident;
  • the original grille was damaged during operation, flying stones, debris, etc.

Open the hood and check the integrity of components and assemblies, check the VIN code with the one written in the data sheet. Also, knowing the VIN code, you can determine whether the nameplates were in the trunk according to the manufacturer’s equipment. If nameplates are provided, but they are missing, then most likely the car was hit from behind.

Also, if you chose a modification with a electric mesh, then you should pay attention to its performance and integrity. After all, the repair of this element will require significant financial costs.

Mercedes 124 body suspension

We check the hydropneumatic suspension, then go to the state of the shock absorbers so that there are no leaks. Inspect carefully the pipes from the accumulator to the shock absorbers. Despite the relatively high ground clearance of Mercedes cars, problems with the suspension can occur, so this case should be checked.

Then we sit behind the wheel and start moving. Listen carefully so that there is no extraneous noise from the suspension. If you hear a ringing metallic knock or bryakany, then most likely problems with the accumulator.

Mercedes 124 body 102 engine


We drive the Mercedes 124 onto the inspection pit and inspect the gearbox carefully so that there are no leaks, and check the backlash of the steering column.

Mercedes engine 124th body

If we are talking about an older engine, then we start this 102nd Mercedes engine 124 body, gently open the lid, where the oil is poured, but without removing it. In case the lid starts to bounce, this means that the exhaust gas recirculation valve is dirty. It can be cleaned or replaced.

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Inspect the fan blades to avoid damage. Check the pump and measure the compression of the motor.

mercedes 124 convertible

Then we start the engine again and listen to its work. If there are minor knocks on a cold engine, but they are not on a warm one, then the motor is fine. Otherwise, hydrosensors that have to be replaced are faulty.

After that, we very carefully inspect all the wires that go from the engine to the computer so that they are not damaged. Since the original cost about 1000-1400 dollars, and analogues can be purchased for 500-600 dollars.

This concludes our detailed review of the Mercedes 124 bodywork. Good luck and good shopping.

And finally, a video instruction on how to use Mercedes 124 body: