Why do i need a car heater from the cigarette lighter

The Russian reality is that the cold season here lasts on average almost half a year. At the same time, you feel comfortable feeling everywhere, including in the car. However, a regular heater does not always cope with its work, it is necessary to additionally buy a car fan heater from a cigarette lighter.

Thanks to such a device, time is saved to warm up the cabin. Also, with a significant icing of glass, you can direct a stream of warm air to them.


  • 1 The need for additional heating
  • 2 Types of heaters
  • 3 The principle of the device
  • 4 Rules for choosing heaters
  • 5 Using pre-heating
  • 6 Advantages and disadvantages
  • 7 Popular Products

The need for additional heating

For the work of a regular stove in all cars uses the heat generated by the power plant. However, in order for the motor to go out into its normal temperature mode of operation for heat transfer, it is necessary to spend time waiting for a quarter of an hour or more. Only after this period begins heating the stove. But even in this case, a dilemma arises, at the solution of which it is necessary either to warm the air in the cabin, or to provide visibility to the driver by warming the windows.

how does a car fan heater work from a cigarette lighter

Complete set of fan heater

A car cigarette lighter heater helps to solve both problems immediately after switching on. For a result, this compact device lasts 10-15 minutes. It can be placed in any convenient place., even opposite the rear window, if the standard heater does not cope or knocks. Also, the device will heat the rear passenger cabin, when installing it in this part of the cabin.

Types of heaters

The main types of heaters used in cars, use the following principles of temperature increase:

  1. additional car heater with THANKS (a method of obtaining heat in the cabin, based on a heated metal tube);
  2. using ceramic heating element (более дорогой, но безопаснее и эффективнее традиционных THANKS);
  3. infrared heater (used for point heating).
how does the additional heater inside the car warm

Warm air

В THANKSах потоки воздуха разогреваются за счет прохождения рядом со спиралью, изготовленной из высоколегированных сплавов на основе вольфрама или нихрома. Используется в последнее время значительно реже остальных вариантов, так как shows low efficiency.

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In the second embodiment, the heating element is a ceramic base in high resistance. By compactness and greater economy the system is used much more often.

Infrared devices are used only for warming up small local sites in the cabin.

The principle of the device

The car heater from the cigarette lighter consists of a heating element and a fan enclosed in a plastic case. Automation is used to adjust the device, which is responsible for preventing overheating or combustion of the device.

It works on the principle of a heat gun, sucking in cold air with a fan and driving such a stream through the heating element. The heater is made with a ribbed surface, providing maximum contact area with the air mass.

how to use an additional heater inside the car

Use as a hairdryer

Fastening on the panel is carried out with the help of legs, on a suction cup or with a clothespin. For use as a hair dryer on the devices there are retractable handles. To change the direction of the flow of warm air in the heater movable blinds are built in.

Rules for choosing heaters

When choosing a device, you must be guided by the main characteristics that will be in demand during operation. Available devices have a capacity in the range of 150-300 watts. Choosing a more energy-intensive device, you need to take into account the parameters of electrical equipment and electrical wiring in the car.

When choosing the type of heater, it is necessary to select a more efficient and safer type. This is most often the device with a ceramic structural element.

Presence will be several adjustment modes and the ability to automatically turn off after heating to a predetermined temperature. The difference in price between regulated and unregulated devices is insignificant.

why do you need a car fan heater from the cigarette lighter

Installation in the cabin of an additional heater

To get to all corners of the cabin, you need long cord. If it is too short, for example, less than 1 meter, then the heater will not work as a hair dryer. Also, with a short cord, it will be useless for passengers in the back seat.

In addition to technical characteristics, you need to choose famous brand manufacturer, providing a long warranty on the heating device.

Use of heating

For irregular heating additional "stove" in the cabin is the most acceptable option. After all, if you make changes in the design of the heating system, then such an alteration will cost much more than the purchase of a cabin autoheater.

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Favorable option for use in passenger cars are instruments with a maximum configuration, which includes:

  • remote control;
  • preheating;
  • battery charger for autonomous work;
  • system of automation.

The cost of the kit will be higher than a separate heater, but this complex will justify all investments. If the power is provided from high voltage, it is necessary to use inverters to help lower the voltage to the required level.

Advantages and disadvantages

Из трех видов обогревателей положительных свойств больше у керамического отопителя. В отличие от THANKSов, он не выжигает кислород в салоне, быстрый нагрев его пожаробезопаснее, а также возможна плавная регулировка.

On the purchased model must be installed overheat protection. It will provide profitability and safety during operation.

how does the best car heater from the cigarette lighter

Varieties of Interior Heaters

A significant advantage will be the presence of several ways of mounting the unit, because not all cars have the same torpedo design, where it is supposed to mount additional airflow. Therefore, the more legs, handles and latches in the design, the better.

It is desirable to choose a device with the possibility of autonomous operation of the fan, so it can be useful not only in the cold season.

The additional heater also has negative sides. For example he increases noise level in the cabin, and some devices require installation with drilling or screwing screws. This damages the surface in the cabin.

Also, the "minus" is charging charge from regular electrics, and not completely autonomous work. When driving in cars with a small engine size, this factor may be noticeable. For multi-liter cars this is not a big obstacle.

Popular Products

Most heaters in domestic stores imported from China. So, YF-800, consuming 160 watts costs about 22 euros. German Alca will cost 32 euros and will issue 150 watts. Both devices are connected directly through the cigarette lighter. The Norwegian Warmup Termini 1350 can be additionally connected to 220 V. It is equipped with a charger, remote control and 1.35 kW power. The cost of such a heater is 130 euros.