Comprehensive tuning of the volga 31105 - complete

Before proceeding to the stages of the implementation of GAZ 31105 tuning, we note that all the Volga thirty-first series provide a fertile field for the application of talents and skills of those who are familiar with technical improvement. The piquancy of the situation is added by the fact that the Volga 31105 is literally one step from the retrostatus. If you correctly make the Volga 31105 tuning, then increased public attention to it will be guaranteed.

tuning Volga 31105 photo

Here is the tuning of the Volga 31105

And now - let's go directly to what can be changed in the car to make it truly perfect.

Finalization of the appearance of the Volga 31105

gas 31105 tuning

Gas 31105 after tuning

To modify it, you can use body kits, moldings, new grille, optics, alloy wheels with knitting needles that are shod in low profile tires and so on. The choice of all this, if taken in stores, is not very wide. However, you can always apply for individual manufacturing parts.

For example, you can take a photo of the Volga 31105 tuning, come to the master, show what you want to receive and wait for the result of his work. Or - experiment with the interior, engine, suspension and brakes.

Volga 31105 tuning

Volga 31105 tuning in the style of "alien against a predator"

Tuning Salon Volga 31105

gas 31105 tuning фото

Tuning salon GAZ 31105

After working on the de-cluttering of the cabin, catching "crickets" and the elimination of squeaks, you can proceed to improving the instrument panel. For example, you can replace the standard backlight LEDs with a diffusing effect. This will allow you to choose the right color and brightness of the backlight. And this will make the tuning of the salon GAZ 31105 more complete.

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Another element of the lighting refinement can be the installation of new cockpit lighting, which is sometimes done during tuning of the VAZ 2109. The ceiling lighting, located both on the ceiling of the cabin and on the backs of the front seats, will fit perfectly into the GAZ 31105.

GAZ 31105 Chrysler tuning

Chrysler tuning GAZ 31105

On the market you can find ready-made tuning kits for the salon with an extended set of accessories. Usually it includes decorative elements of the steering wheel, covers for the gear lever and lining the center and dashboard. However, if you want to get an exclusive version, then it is worth making such a kit individually - this will make the tuning of the Volga 31105 salon something that someone will repeat, admiring its perfection.

Tuning engine Volga 31105

As an option, here you can not particularly suffer and just install the engine from any foreign cars of a similar class, for example, Chrysler. In this case, you will only need to install new mounts, as well as order an adapter that connects the gearbox to the drive shaft. The result is a real GAZ 31105 Chrysler tuning at the completion of all the work.

If this option does not suit you, then you can handle the intake and exhaust channels of the cylinder head with a sandblaster. This will improve the filling of the cylinders with the fuel mixture. After that, you can replace the valve springs, setting in their place more rigid, for example, from the VAZ 2108.

Turning to the valves, reduce their weight and chamfer, which will allow to expand the valve timing, fill the cylinders and improve their ventilation. And in order to achieve the maximum effect from tuning the engine, then replace the pistons with forged sports type, the fuel pump with an imported version, the camshaft with an analog having a higher valve lift.

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Tuning suspension GAZ 31105

In order for the suspension to better extinguish shocks while driving and to ensure constant contact of the wheels with the road, no matter what speed the car has, it is worth making some changes in its design. In particular, during GAZ 31105 tuning, you can install two-section springs and gas-filled shock absorbers, as well as steel spherical hinges, in order to increase the controllability of the vehicle.

Brake tuning GAZ 31105

The main drawback of regular brakes can be called the fact that drum brakes are on the rear wheels. And, to correct the situation, you can replace them with disk.

We advise you to look at the photo of GAZ 31105 tuning to decide on what you really want to get. And - do not forget about the video, which can give an idea, for example, about how the engine will sound after making all changes to it.

And, in general, on this with tuning you can finish and enjoy the result of works - your own or masters.