2013 chinese crossovers

Today we will talk about such an interesting topic, as crossovers come from China. 2013 was quite productive for Chinese SUVs and crossovers. There are new Chinese crossovers, conquered a very large segment of the market. What kind of Chinese car can be called the crossover of the year?

2013 Chinese crossovers

В целом, 2013 Chinese crossovers выразили общемировые тенденции в кузовном дизайне. Но есть в них и своя изюминка. Конечно, китайцы не стали изобретать велосипед, и некоторые заимствования заметны, но сотрудничество с европейскими кузовными ателье дало свои плоды. Машины стали куда более самобытными.

Новые 2013 Chinese crossovers

So, what kind of new 2013 Chinese crossovers attracted public attention?

2013 new Chinese crossovers

Chinese crossover Changan CS35

Russians are already used to Chinese cars. Adapted to their features and are quite willing to buy. For example, Changan CS35 has become very popular in the country. And entered the top five best-selling Chinese crossovers.

Changan is a company founded a century and a half ago and one of the four leaders of its country in the production of cars. These are five factories, four hundred assembly sites, one and a half thousand research centers and five large research institutes in Japan, Great Britain, the USA and Italy.

2013 Chinese crossovers цены

In the top-end configuration, the new Chinese crossover Changan received cruise control, leather seats and steering wheel, electric sunroof, a decent on-board computer and parking sensors.

 New Chinese 2013 crossover Chery Tiggo FL

The next "beast" in this company - updated after restyling Chery Tiggo FL. In Russia, it is sold under the Vortex brand and is assembled at TagAZ. So far, sales of this car have not reached the desired level. And the matter is that the main competitor of Renault Duster. With a Frenchman in this category it is quite difficult.

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новые 2013 Chinese crossovers

So far, 2013 Chinese crossovers prices are at an average level. For example, for a brand new Tiggo manufacturer asks for a little more than half a million rubles, and for Lifan X60 (a car for real kids) - 499 thousand rubles. Chinese SUVs and crossovers began to be in demand in our country.

2013 new Chinese crossover

By the way, Lifan X60, despite the lack of all-wheel drive, attracted the Russians. Perhaps its appearance. After all, the new machine was not copied. Its design is a completely unique development of manufacturers. By the way, these Chinese crossovers in Ukraine also sell well and many Ukrainian residents ride the Lifan with pleasure.

The time has come for the Great Wall M4 Chinese crossover

Есть и другие новые 2013 Chinese crossovers, которые стоит упомянуть в этой статье. Это Great Wall M4, который приехал в Россию ещё летом и многим понравился дизайном.

chinese crossovers 2013 Price

Great Wall M4

True, some complain that in the basic configuration there is no air conditioning and audio system. However, the price - from 515 thousand rubles speaks for itself.

Серьезный китайский кроссовер BEFORE XO0 2013 года

Стильный BEFORE XO0 может похвастаться более серьёзными характеристиками и комплектацией. Машина получилась очень интересной. Да и двигатели, которые ей достались – от 2 л. и мощностью 146 и 154 л.с. – вполне оправдывают цену. Коробка – 6-ступенчатая автоматика.

2013 Chinese X80 crossovers


Очень и очень достойный 2013 new Chinese crossover для этого ценового сегмента. К тому же, топовые комплектации продаются с полным приводом. Ориентировочные цены на машину – от 600 до 700 тыс. рублей.

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And of course, the JAC S5 is a superb, inexpensive 2013 Chinese crossover.

Slightly cheaper will cost the Russians one more novelty of the market - the Chinese JAC S5 crossover-SUV. This car can be a long time to blame for the fact that its design is very similar to the Korean Hyundai ix35. Plagiarism plagiarism, but under the hood of a Chinese full copy (among other things, licensed) of a 176-hp Mitsubishi engine

2013 Chinese crossovers


For 2013 Chinese crossovers, the price ranges from 490 to 700 thousand rubles. The scatter is large enough, but the equipment bundles are very different. Some models are presented in all-wheel drive version. By the way, all-wheel drive crossovers will join the ranks of 2014 Chinese crossovers, so while we can wait, but not for long.

Chinese crossovers in Russia would be great to occupy the segment of budget cars, if not for competitors. The main Russian competitor in the budget price category of the Chinese is still the good old Niva, which costs around 350 thousand rubles.

2013 Chinese crossovers

Geely MK Cross

Ближайший по цене «китаец» - Geely MK Cross за 379 тыс. руб. Добиться такой цены для россиян удалось, благодаря сборке машин в Черкесске. Далее идёт Joining indies. На эти китайские кроссоверы цены стартуют с 389 тыс.рублей.

2013 Chinese crossovers

Joining indies

Many, considering the Chinese, are seriously thinking about buying a Hunter UAZ, or Chevrolet Niva (430 and 449 thousand rubles). For 479 thousand you can buy Renault Duster, with which competes the new Chinese crossover Lifan X60. He is now worth a little less than 500 thousand. Even in the basic configuration, the car will have a brake-force distributor, an engine with a capacity of 128 horses (Indis has only 83, and Niva has even less - 81hp). The manufacturer gives a five-year warranty. Apparently, he believes in the reliability of his brainchild.

It is worth remembering, and the Chinese crossover Gili Emgrand X7. The machines are serially assembled in Belarus at the joint venture BelAZ and Geely. In Russia, the car will be sold under the name Geely Emgrand EX7. Right now we will see a video review about her: