One more “japanese” left us: goodbye nissan juke!

We left another one Субкомпактный кроссовер Nissan Жук more will not be delivered to Russian dealers. Today, there are remnants of previously imported "ladies" crossovers. As soon as they are bought up, those who want to purchase a model will only have to lick themselves. According to the latest polls, more than eighty percent of Russians are experiencing a difficult economic situation that they have felt on themselves, while they are not going to change for the better in the foreseeable future. The ruble is falling, imported models are becoming more expensive symmetrically, the demand for them is forcedly reduced, as they say: it sees the eye, and the tooth nymet. The Japanese are not as stubborn as the Chinese, so they are slowly beginning to leave the Russian car market, which, apart from losses, promises nothing to them. Of course, a miracle happened, and oil will rise in price, and the sanctions will be lifted, and wages will increase for an ordinary Russian - in this case Nissan Жук will return again, as, however, and other models that have left us. Practical Japanese about this made it clear unequivocally. We left another one Nissan Жук already removed from the list of available models on the official website of the Russian representation of the brand. Dealers say that they still have enough for a couple of months at the current rate of sales of this model’s car. Is for sale subcompact crossover in the range from 859 to 1407 thousand rubles.

Russian version Nissan Juke crossover it is presented both forward, and all-wheel drive models. Under the hood it is installed 1.6-liter gasoline engine for 94, 117 and 190 horsepower. This line of engines works both with mechanical transmission, and with a variator. In addition, Russian dealers also offer a sports version of the crossover - Juke Nismo RS. It costs significantly more expensive, from 1617 kilorubles. We left another one Deliveries Nissan Beetle in the salons of European dealers of the Japanese brand continues. Actually, the Japanese do not have any reasons for this: Europe loves Nissanand has no problems with the economy. With an average monthly salary of 3-4 thousand euros, any European worker can buy such a device for his wife or daughter without any problems. Yes, and the unemployed with an allowance of 900 euros, too, can. As for the opinion of the Japanese on the possible return to Russia Nissanа Жука and other models, their optimism begins with the end of 2017.

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Recall that since October 2015, the four-door model has officially "left" us Nissan Teana. She left even despite the production completely localized near St. Petersburg. Now this line is reequipped under Nissan Qashqai. It seems to buy better. By the way, Qashqai, Almera and X-Trail enter the most popular twenty-five cars in our country.