The fastest trucks in the world


Not only sports and racing cars are designed to set new speed records. There is a whole galaxy of riders and professionals who are trying to set their own unattainable speed records on trucks. Making a really fast truck is incredibly difficult. These machines have a huge mass, they are difficult to manage, they lack effective aerodynamics. But there are brave souls who are trying to get the most out of their car. Because currently there are speed records among the fastest trucks in the world. Record holders have nothing to do with mass production. That is, they are not intended for everyday use and for performing the direct functions of a truck.

The fastest truck in the world

TOP fastest trucks in the world.

Но в нашем рейтинге оказались и серийные машины, которые обладают наилучшими скоростными характеристиками, что позволяет им справедливо считаться самыми быстрыми грузовыми автомобилями в мире. Изучив все самые актуальные и быстрые грузовики, вы сможете решить для себя, какой из них заслуживает статуса лидера в такой номинации. Это будет серийный, но значительно уступающий в скорости лидерам, грузовик, либо же специально доработанная машина, которая не выполняет функций грузовика, но способна развивать запредельные скорости.Читать далее про самый быстрый грузовик в мире-->

World leaders

To call the fastest truck in the world is not difficult if you start from the purest of the highest achievements in terms of speed. But objectively jet machines, which can only travel in a straight line for short distances, since they simply immediately end up with fuel, are not quite fair to call the fastest trucks. This position is supported by recognized leaders in the mass production of trucks. We are talking about companies Scania and Volvo.

Therefore serial and one-of-a-kind cars entered our rating of the fastest trucks. In the first case, cars are available to everyone. In the second, we are talking about special projects, where there is a truck at the base, but in fact it is a cardinal reworked car, on which practically nothing remains of the production version. The leaderboard looks like this:

  • Scania;
  • Volvo;
  • Shockwave;
  • Hawaiian Eagle;
  • Phoenix.

Now we will consider each of the presented cars, find out what is their maximum speed and how many km of engineering can be accelerated to how many km / hour. And you can already make your own conclusions regarding which of the applicants really deserves to be called the fastest truck in the world.


Многие автомобильные концерны разрабатывают собственную линейку грузовых машин и различной спецтехники. Одним из признанных лидеров считается компания Scania. Потому наш рейтинг мы открываем их серийным грузовиком, который носит название Awesome. Тягач шведского производства впервые увидел свет в 2005 году в рамках специальной автовыставки в городе Ганновер. Машину дважды называли грузовиком года, что позволяло Scania опережать своих главных конкурентов в этом сегменте. Здесь речь идёт о компаниях Volvo и Mercedes.

Scania Awesome

Awesome – это мощные современные тягачи, которые обладают перечнем важных характеристик и возможностей. А именно:

  • the design was developed taking into account operation at the increased and constant loadings;
  • cabin compartment is designed to withstand shock and vibration effects;
  • improved steering;
  • Modified suspension, allowing the car to pass difficult road sections and off-road without any problems.

Хотя Awesome выпускается достаточно давно, в плане скорости и других значимых характеристик автомобиль остаётся одним из лучших в мире. Если говорить сугубо про технические характеристики, то здесь стоит выделить следующие моменты:

  • Scania installs a turbocharged V8 engine that develops 730 horsepower;
  • the volume of the power unit is 16.4 liters;
  • torque is at around 3500 Nm;
  • the total weight of the train is 40 tons;
  • предельная скорость, которую способен развивать грузовик Awesome, достигает 200 километров в час.

Among the production trucks Scania has almost no competitors. The car is able to develop impressive speed, but at the same time the economy remains at a decent level. Engineers did not stop at what they have achieved. Soon they managed to increase the power already to 1000 horsepower. Also, some refinements were made to the technical component. Engineers had to reduce the weight of his truck, which now has 4.5 tons. But the maximum speed increased to 212 kilometers per hour. In parallel, such a machine is capable of carrying 105 tons of cargo, which the competitors have not even dreamed of.

Mean Green

The most interesting development performed by Volvo. Their truck is not the speed leader among traditional or classic trucks. But in its separate segment of hybrid machines, Mean Green is the undisputed favorite. When creating the machine used the most advanced technologies in the field of hybrid power plants. Among all hybrid trucks, Volvo owns the leadership. Under the hood of the car is a combination of a diesel internal combustion engine and an electric motor. At a distance of 1 kilometer car can accelerate to 153 kilometers per hour. The record for speed on a hybrid will be 236 kilometers per hour.

Volvo Mean Green

Such indicators should not be surprising, if you look in more detail at what exactly is located in the engine compartment of this hybrid monster. Here they used a diesel power unit D16 from Volvo paired with an electric motor for 200 horsepower. And the total power reaches 2100 horsepower. A lot or a little, judge for yourself. Volvo executives point out that hybrid technology has an obvious future. The probability of transition to a purely electric traction in the field of trucks is insignificant. But the combination of traditional internal combustion engines and electric motors gives objective advantages, as well as confidence in the future. So say the representatives of the Swedish company, whose words are very hard to believe. If Volvo is able to streamline the production of full-fledged hybrid trucks, this will be an important step forward for all the automotive industry. In the meantime, we are talking about single copies.


We are moving away from mass production and moving to the real world of speed among trucks. Traditional car racing is far from interesting to everyone. Many are attracted by the prospect of looking at trucks moving at incredible speeds. Some simply look at them, others create similar masterpieces. Such a creator of an extreme truck was Karl Heep, who decided to definitely beat the world speed record. After completing his career as a race car driver, he suggested to his comrade Robert Slaiglu to create a truck that would be the fastest in the world.

Their collaboration began in 1987. They took the diesel truck as a base and started building something incredible out of it. Initially, they got a huge car with amazing dynamics. With a weight of more than 8.5 tons and a length of more than 9 meters, the results shocked everyone. The first record mark, which submitted to the developers, was 254 kilometers per hour. Then there were failures, breakdowns, long recovery, again problems with the engine, repeated repairs. But the car still went out over the track over and over again to set another record. It was such an uprising practically out of the ashes that led to a change in the name of the car, which henceforth began to be called Phoenix, that is, in honor of the Phoenix bird.


The engine burned, the parachute did not open when braking Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% But this did not stop the truck, which again and again showed that it has no equal speed. The year 1992 became significant because they managed to beat their previous record at almost 100 kilometers per hour. Updated Phoenix managed to accelerate to 341 kilometers per hour. In 2000, the truck was again at the start. At this time, many years of work have led to the fact that the car has developed a speed of 371.6 kilometers per hour. A year later, Phoenix showed a record of 403.8 kilometers per hour. Only the creators of the project themselves know how difficult it is to add 10 - 20 km / hour. To achieve such progress, engineers had to carry out a huge amount of work, do all sorts of calculations, think about security and not only.


Achievements of previous trucks seem insignificant to you when you learn about this monster called Shockwave or Shock Wave. At the heart of this record holder is a regular tractor from the 80s, many well-known under the name Peterbilt 359. But after significant improvements from the original, there is almost nothing left. Until a certain point, he was considered the fastest truck in the world. But it was ahead of one car, which will close our rating. The main creator of the unique Shockwave project is the former racer Les Shockley, who has assembled a whole team of specialists and engineers to set a world record and surpass all previous achievements.

Shockwave Peterbilt 359

Машина оснащается сразу тремя реактивными двигателями, которые стоят на 260-дюймовой базе. Используются моторы Pratt & Whitney J3448. Интересен и тот факт, что ранее такие двигатели применялись при создании военной авиационной техники. Тяга и мощность настолько огромная, что это позволяет проехать 400 метров за какие-то 6,6 секунды. Теперь представьте три реактивных двигателя, мощность каждого из которых составляет 12 тысяч лошадиных сил. Суммарно это даёт 36 тысяч лошадиных сил под капотом. Весит такая машина около 7 тонн. Максимальная скорость экстремального грузовика достигает 600 километров в час.

Yes, this is a purely entertaining machine that goes on the track for the sake of demonstrating speed and competitions with all sorts of high-speed developments. Shockwave had to compete even with airplanes. But the world record could not remain unbroken for a long time. Therefore, we hasten to introduce you to the leader of the rating and the fastest truck in the world.

Hawaiian Eagle

It is under this name that the fastest truck performs on entertainment races. Created a project based on the fire truck. Because the car looks very unusual, and when it starts its acceleration, everyone around it plunges into real shock. To create such a unique truck used a real fire engine of 1940 release. It significantly upgraded, used jet engines and various other developments. It is also interesting that only two jet engines are used here. But the Eagle managed to beat its main rival in the fight for speed records.

Hawaiian Eagle

The current world record for maximum speed is 655 kilometers per hour. These are exorbitant indicators, which are hard to believe. But everything is confirmed officially. So far, the Eagle has no competitors capable of surpassing its achievement. Great interest among people is the story of the creation of the project. The eagle really used to be an ordinary fire truck in the United States. This car was created by Ford specialists. Then in America there were a lot of fire engines of this kind that could potentially turn into the Hawaiian Eagle.

After working his term, the car was sent to a well-deserved rest, it was written off from the fire station. But in 1995, a man like Shannon Seidel was found. A real enthusiast who wanted to do the impossible. He found this old fireman, bought it and began to recover. The reconstruction took 3 years. During this time, almost nothing remained of the old car. Where water tanks once housed, jet engines are now located. The jet engines themselves are developed by Rolls-Royce. Also, brake parachutes were used in the design, since none of the conventional brake systems could have stopped the movement of a multi-ton truck at such an extreme speed.

In 1998, the car was completely ready for testing. Then they managed to break the world record. It happened in the city of Brainerd, USA.

It is difficult to perceive such reactive solutions as full-fledged trucks. These are exhibition machines designed exclusively to entertain the audience and set incredible records. But they can only be operated on specially designed and equipped tracks. Driving on public roads is strictly prohibited. This is where disputes arise as to whether they deserve to be called the fastest trucks, if they can only travel in a straight line and in designated areas. Other representatives of our rating, which are equipped with traditional engines and hybrid power plants, are full representatives of the truck segment. Their speed records can be set not only on the tracks, but also on ordinary roads.