The instrument panel vaz 2114 (symbols, description and

VAZ 2114, also known as Samara-2, has a hatchback body type and is equipped with five doors. Favorably different from the previous models of VAZ body design, found its fans and tuning enthusiasts VAZ 2114. The cabin has a new instrument panel VAZ 2114, the symbols on it are discussed below.

instrument panel vaz 2114 designations

Designations dashboard VAZ 2114

The instrument panel VAZ 2114 has the following notation. On the left in the corner is a coolant temperature sensor with a scale and a pointer. There is a red zone on the scale. When the pointer is located in this area, the engine overheats.

Next is the tachometer. Its scale shows the values ​​of engine speed from 0 to 80. There are two zones - yellow and red. When you hit the pointer in the yellow zone indicates increased crankshaft speed. The engine is working properly. When the arrow is in the red zone, you need to pay attention to the operation of the engine itself. This zone indicates the danger in the work.

VAZ 2114 dashboard description

In the upper part of the dashboard in the middle are two arrows. This is a signaling device. The left arrow starts flashing green when the driver turns on the left turn. And the right arrow does the same when the right turn is on. It is the green flashing of the arrow that announces the operation of the alarm at the moment.

Has a dashboard VAZ 2114 designations and vehicle speed. On the right of the panel is a scale with divisions and a pointer. Speed ​​is measured in km / h. The range of the measured value is in the range from 0 km / h to 200 km / h.

dashboard VAZ 2114 manual

In the upper right part there is a fuel quantity indicator with a scale. At the top of the scale there is a gas station that indicates a full tank. Below is the floor of the tank, and then the red zone, indicating a small amount of fuel in the tank. Just below the scale there is a warning lamp, warning by its blinking and light about a small amount of fuel in the tank.

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In the lower right corner there is another warning lamp, which notifies the inclusion of the parking lights. To the left of this signaling device there is another designation, warning with its luminescence about breakdowns of the brake system. Still to the left is the high beam illuminator, which glows with blue light.

At the VAZ 2114 instrument panel, the description of which we present, the device is quite simple, which is why the removal of the panel of partitions of the VAZ 2114 passes without any difficulties. Under the speed scale there is a button for resetting the counter and a board with mileage data for the day and for the entire time before the counter is reset.

The scheme of the instrument panel VAZ 2114

The dashboard is designed so that the driver is very convenient to monitor all the indicators and signals from the vehicle systems. The scheme of the instrument panel VAZ 2114 performs all those functions that lie on this part of the car. This is a high visual visibility of all indicators on the panel, sensors and alarms. Also, the dashboard is very simple and at the same time highly informative.

diagram of the instrument panel VAZ 2114

Useful information that can be obtained through the panel:

  • the condition of the car while driving and its safety
  • information about the state of motion: speed, speed, etc.
  • about the operation of various auto parts
  • other informative information. For example, date and time.

In addition to these functions, the instrument panel VAZ 2114 has all the necessary sensors and measuring elements, with which the driver can learn useful information about your car. The price of the VAZ 2114 dashboard does not exceed 15,000 rubles, so any owner of the nine, who for some reason wants to install the VAZ 2114 dashboard at the VAZ 2109, can buy it.

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The instrument panel VAZ 2114, the instruction of which reads about its visible modifications compared with previous models of cars, made of good plastic and has a modern look. Due to this, the panel does not creak. If desired, you can always find flaws in any model. It is the same with the VAZ 2114 panel, but its shortcomings can be easily and quickly corrected by yourself.

But on the video looks beautiful dashboard VAZ 2114: