Diy car interior cleaning

It is necessary to take care of the car not only by washing it clean out and under the hood, but also to keep it clean. This is necessary not only for hygiene and aesthetics, but also so that dirt does not accumulate in hard-to-reach places. After all, there it can mix with moisture or condensate and promote corrosion or other negative factors.

In the fight against internal dirt will help dry cleaning the car. You can contact specialized cleaning companies, but their services will cost much more than self-treatment.


  • 1 Benefits of cleaning cars at home
  • 2 Preparatory procedures
  • 3 Car cleaners
  • 4 How to dry the car after internal cleaning

The benefits of cleaning cars at home

A large number of bus stations and specialized companies propose to conduct external washing of the car and internal cleaning. However, not always at such stations, especially at the periphery, professionals work. A small salary and other adverse conditions create a turnover in the company's personnel. Therefore, in this work, mostly inexperienced newcomers, inattentively related to the performance of duties, take part.

how to dry cleaning the car

Using a special brush for cleaning

When carrying out dry cleaning salon with their own hands, the owner can use any chemical means, including professional. You can also scrupulously clean out every inch of space, spending as much time as you need.

Preparatory procedures

Since for cleaning, except for dry methods, wet methods will be used, it is necessary to open the car’s battery terminals. This is done in order to avoid short circuits in contact with exposed wiring.

what is the best salon cleaner

The use of special cleaners

From the glove compartment, cabin and trunk need to lay out all the extra stuff. There should be no small things in the door niches and grooves around the shift knob. It is possible to blow out small debris from secret corners to the outside with the help of a compressor for pumping wheels. His power will be enough.

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If opportunities permit, you can remove the seats from the cabin and clean them outside. So you can better see the dirty spots and get rid of them. Rugs also need to be cleaned outside the car.

Car cleaners

Practically in any autoshop there is a wide choice of cleaning chemistry. Every car owner among this variety will find the best tool for cleaning the cabin on your budget and inquiries. One of the popular products is the versatile Profoam 2000 or Profoam 3000. Grass also has a good offer: inexpensive concentrates that are economical and give excellent results.

how to do car interior cleaning

Dry cleaning car mats

Begin to clean the cabin from the ceiling. To do this, it is required to apply foam or liquid to the intended treatment areas through a mechanical sprayer. According to the instructions, it is usually necessary to sustain a short pause for the passage of a chemical reaction. Then remove all residues from the ceiling with clean white patches of cloth.

You can not use colored fabric for wiping, as it can shed and leave mottled stains on the surface.

The rags should not be wet, as soon as such a napkin is saturated with a large amount of moisture, it is necessary to take a new one. Cleaning the car interior in this way held in one direction onlyBy erasing foam, for example, from the front panel to the trunk.

what to do dry cleaning the car

Using a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle

If any noticeable stains remain, the cleaning in this zone is repeated. Most modern drugs can overcome even very old pollution.

It is urgent to get rid of dry-cleaning spray on auto glass. Chemistry with its reagents can cause damage to tint or transparency.

The best option for the care of glass will be a preliminary rubbing them with soapy water.

A similar method of sequential cleaning is applied to the rest of the fabric interior surfaces. In places of significant pollution allowed to use special brushes with a pile of medium and soft hardness. Also used a more aggressive means for cleaning the car's interior with their own hands, WalZer, which is able to remove stubborn dirt.

how do you do dry cleaning salon

Car seat cleaning

The use of steam vacuum cleaners rarely leads to the desired result. It will be safer to use auto chemical goods.

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If the car owner applies a cleaning agent for the first time, it is not recommended to use it immediately in a prominent place. It is better to conduct an experiment in a far imperceptible corner.

Car interior cleaning with leather surfaces and materials on the door panels is carried out with a mild soap solution. After this operation, it is necessary to condition the skin with an air conditioner to prevent cracking of the material. Replace the soap solution can dry cleaning company Step Up or High Gear. Any of them is applied to the skin through a nebulizer, and then after a pause, it is removed with clean patches of fabric.

what to use a car interior cleaner with your own hands

Glass processing

Glasses are cleaned with FineGlass. To avoid stains, it is desirable to apply the substance to the fabric, and then wipe the glass with it. You can not use the "chemistry" with the content of ammonia, as it destroys the tint, discoloring it, and leaves on the film noticeable cracks over time.

Plastic in the car is perfectly cleaned with antistatic wipes, for example, used when cleaning computer monitors. They do not allow dust to collect and do not wipe the labels on the control buttons.

How to dry the car after internal cleaning

Chemical fumes from cleaning agents harm the human body. It is necessary to get rid of them with the help of prolonged ventilation of the cabin for half a day. You must first disconnect the battery terminals to prevent discharging through burning lamps in the trunk or doors.

Additionally, you can use a car air freshener or flavoring to get rid of residues of unwanted smell.