How to check traffic fines

In recent years, legislation has increased the responsibility of citizens for improper parking and ignoring traffic rules. Both the size of fines and the amount of sanctions envisaged for its late repayment have increased.

The controlling authorities are simply forced to apply such non-traditional methods of dealing with violators. This is explained by the low percentage of collection of monetary amounts, which are provided for by the volume of the protocols drawn up. By the way, the road police is not the only body that is forced to introduce modern methods of collecting the imposed penalties.


  • 1 Control of the payment of fines
  • 2 Possible sanctions for ignoring penalties
  • 3 Option 1
  • 4 Option 2
  • 5 Option 3
  • 6 Option 4

Control of the payment of fines

In 2015, the state will fight the negligence of unscrupulous drivers with the help of high technologies. Positive practice from such an idea is already in the Urals. The required amount is written off from the current account or bank card of the guilty person to pay off the debt. The advantage of this system is that it is completely electronic, and does not provide for the appeal of violators.

where on the Internet to check the presence of traffic police fines

To avoid such surprises, drivers should be aware of ways to independently verify the presence of traffic police fines.

Tip: such checks of personal status should be carried out periodically. Once a month will be quite enough.

The active implementation of the automatic process of fixing violations using registrars and the further distribution of receipts to the perpetrators demonstrated both positive and negative aspects of this approach.

Mismatch of registration with the actual place of residence, as well as errors of postal services - these are the most common reasons leading to a delay in payment of the received penalty ticket. Unfortunately, such circumstances are far from new to Russian reality. In this regard, even law-abiding citizens may unwillingly receive the status of a malicious defaulter.

Possible sanctions for ignoring penalties

Ignorance of the responsibility of ignoring the norms of the current legislation does not abolish In particular, this applies to penalties. Therefore, the lack of information about the accrued fine will not allow the driver to avoid the proceedings, but to aggravate, and so unpleasant situation, is quite real.

If you rely on the provisions of the law (Federal Law No. 49 of 04/05/13), then the implementation of an administrative sanction is given no more than 60 days from the date of its official publication. The expiration of this period automatically gives the fine overdue status. In addition, a ten-day period is provided for an appeal appeal against the decision. This means that it is possible to bring the driver to liability no sooner than after 71 days.

How can I check the penalties for human rights

Receive notice of penalty

The Code of Administrative Offenses (Article 20.25) provides for the following penalties for late payment of a penalty payment:

  1. The additional penalty is already double the amount and the minimum amount of 1000 rubles.
  2. Administrative 15-day arrest.
  3. Public works up to 50 hours.

The defendant has 80 days to voluntarily execute the judgment.

If this does not happen, the bailiffs are forced to impose coercive measures that will pay off the debt.

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In order to avoid extreme situations, it will be useful to take the initiative yourself.

You need to know that the duties of the inspectorate do not include the driver's warning point about the debts to the state.

which site to check for traffic police fines

Payment via terminal

The good news is that in order to obtain personal status information, it is not necessary to even visit the police. Enough to have access to the Internet. Consider several ways to allow every citizen to check for unpaid fines online.

Option 1

This is the most reliable way to verify debt, for the implementation of which you must perform the following steps:

  • visit the official website of the traffic police;
  • find the section "online services";
  • go to the "check fines" tab;
  • fill in the proposed form dedicated to the data on the vehicle (state number, information from the registration certificate);
  • initiate a generated request;
  • get ready data on the availability of existing sanctions on the requested car.
where you can check the presence of fines traffic police

Receipt for payment of fines through the bank

Option 2

The presence of an active administrative penalty will help to find out “Yandex”.

how to check the presence of fines traffic police

Check through the Yandex.Money service

With it, you can make and redeeming payment. All actions must be carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • go to the search engine page by reference;
  • Click the Debt Verification link
  • from the proposed list, select the desired line, which will transfer the user to the work page (it contains data on penalties accrued in accordance with the traffic rules);
  • in the proposed form, you need to check the fines for the rights or registration certificate;
  • click the "Check" button;
  • the service will make a list of outstanding fines;
  • All information about payments made instantly falls into a common database, the data of which is updated daily.

You need to know that the receipt of information occurs in the service of the monetary electronic system Yandex. Money.

In order to fully utilize the Yandex resource, it is necessary to go through the registration procedure in the system and acquire the “Poison” wallet, which in April this year pleased users with another free service. Now everyone can learn about their violations using an electronic alert system (SMS or mail).

how can you check the rights penalties

Payment of the traffic police fine through Yandex.Money

For a subscription, it is enough to indicate the information available in the driver's license and registration certificate for transport. The advantage of this method is that it allows you to instantly make a payment through an e-wallet or bank card.

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Option 3

Online debt can also be found through the government’s website ( In addition to unpaid driving fines, this resource allows you to learn about the debt to other government agencies.

The main advantage of this portal is that absolutely any citizen can make all the payments available in the country through it.

where you can check the presence of fines traffic police

Check through service portal

Among the shortcomings, the need to undergo a complete registration procedure with the subsequent opening of your own online account can be noted. Without this, full access to the service and services is impossible to obtain.

The debt search algorithm on the government portal will look like this:

  • the user selects the region for which he has assigned his transport;
  • the service redirects to the website of the regional department of internal affairs;
  • the driver must enter information about his own rights or the state signs.

The government portal allows car owners to use the SMS alert service.

Only for the sake of this advantage, you can suffer with a difficult registration procedure. Already on the second day after making a fine, a corresponding notification is sent to the e-mail or registered number.

how can you find out the debt on traffic police fines

Payment through the terminal in the traffic police

When the debt is repaid, the owner of the car also receives confirmation of the implemented financial actions. If the user needs to obtain more detailed information, then it is enough for him to log into his personal account.

The Unified Mobile Platform service also allows you to receive data on fines via SMS. To activate the service, you need to number 7377 send a message "servicereg". Further, to verify the fine, the user should send one of the following messages:

  1. “Fine indicate the Serial Number of the certificate confirming the registration of the vehicle (indicated by the JTS).”
  2. "The fine to indicate the Series VU and Number VU".

When the requested data is received, then following the instructions of the service, you can perform a repaying operation.

The amount of the required amount will be automatically removed from the balance of the phone.

This method has several disadvantages:

  • The size of the commission (5-10%).
  • No receipt confirming payment.

Option 4

To address the issue of how to find out the debt on traffic police fines, you can use the online resource of bailiffs. Simply select the desired region and enter your data. Implementing this method is only possible if the case was sorted out in court, and then registered with the executive service.

You can ignore all the above options and use the traditional method of obtaining data.

how do you personally know the arrears of traffic police fines

Personal information on fines

To do this, it is enough to take TCP and rights, and then at the local traffic police station to request the relevant certificate. If there are unpaid violations, then on the spot you can get the appropriate payment receipt. Further, it remains only to visit the nearest Sberbank or use the payment terminals that are available in many traffic police.