How is the repair of the carburetor vaz 2109

So it happened in our country that, thanks to its pricing and tax policy, a foreign-made car, and most importantly, a high-quality car, is not everyone who can afford.

repair carburetor vaz 2109

The same problems are connected with the replacement of spare parts. If many of our fellow citizens can buy a used car, then with the repair and replacement of units and individual systems, difficulties may arise. But it seldom stopped our people.

The main problems and associated with the repair of the carburetor VAZ 2109

About disassembly and repair of the carburetor VAZ 2109 on the video can be viewed here:

This video demonstrates the work of controlling fuel consumption.

By the way - for lovers of carburetors "Solex", at one time they even released a book:

Solex carburetors for VAZ 2109

A very useful edition for the owners of "eights", "nines" and other cars with these carburetors. The dismantling of the carburetor VAZ 2109 is shown and described here very well. This information is very useful for those who are going to repair or tune the VAZ 2109.

To understand correctly how to disassemble the carburetor VAZ 2109, you can watch some videos, where experts clearly show the whole process.

By the way, the masters remind you that the carburetor is configured last. In the first - the valve and ignition. And not otherwise.

The classics of the genre - DAAZ 2108-1107010 carburetors are standardized on all VAZ 2109 cars. It is difficult to say how good a carburetor is. Breaks, as you know, everything. Even Mercedes and Ferrari.

Such a carburetor was placed on cars with an engine capacity of 1.3 liters.

What do car owners usually complain about?

  • intermittent idle operation;
  • claps and “shots”;
  • "Floating" momentum.
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Usually, violations of work at idle speed are regulated by screws of the “quality” of the mixture and “quantity”.

You may need to carry out an additional repair of the fuel pump VAZ 2109, the carburetor may turn out to be intact.

If you have to do repairs, then get yourself a VAZ 2109 carburetor repair kit in advance, the price of which is very low - about 130 rubles.