Discontinued sales of the compass model in russia

Jeep decided not to sell Compass in the Russian Federation

The Russian office of Fiat-Chrysler Automotive has decided to stop selling the Compass model in Russia, reports Izvestia.

Jeep Compass

At such a step, the company was driven by extremely low sales results - by the end of 2015, official Jeep dealers implemented only 72 crossovers, which is 89.7% lower than the previous period.

The reason for the low demand was the price increased by a third. Before withdrawal from sales, the cost of Compass in Russia was 1.75 million rubles, and this, to put it mildly, is not the most interesting offer on the market.

Sinking sales of “Compass” and a much more modern mid-size crossover Cherokee, which debuted on our market 2 years ago. And from the more compact segment, “Compass” says hello to the new Renegade, to which they will make a special bet in Jeep.

As of January 2016, the dealers had no more than 15 “Compasses” in all of Russia.

"In the near future they will be implemented, and we completely switch to sales of Jeep Renegade", - explained the representatives of the brand.