New generation lada 4 × 4 will be assembled on a new

Новопоколенную Lada 4 × 4 соберут on a new platform Manual AVTOVAZ поделилось своими планами по работе с новым поколением российского внедорожника Lada 4x4. Основной тенденцией в этой работе будет унификация платформ. Этот тренд популярен во всем мире, когда производители избавляются от "лишних" технологический решений в угоду каким-то универсальным предложениям. AVTOVAZ Today it works with as many as five automotive platforms. This is quite a lot, when compared with the foreign auto industry, expensive and unpopular. The funds spent on each of them can be spent on the development of new technologies, so the management of AVTOVAZ is going to abandon the two platforms in the very near future and leave only three, which will also be significantly upgraded, in fact, becoming new platforms. Just one of these new technological solutions will be based the new Lada 4x4. From existing platforms for new generation Lada 4x4 the platform of the new generation Shniva would be most suitable. At least it would be quite logical. But when management talks about platform unification, then you start to expect some kind of surprise. But what if? But what if, at last, the archaic, in fact Soviet, devices like Shniva and Niva suddenly change? After all, could new cars appear on our conveyors? Externally, at least, quite European. Today, around the world and in Russia in particular, the demand for crossovers, можно даже сказать, бум, поскольку статистика продаж в этом сегменте начинает существенно прогрессировать. Руководству AVTOVAZ просто не нужно упускать эту волну, на гребне которой можно очень удачно продавать новопоколенную Lada 4x4 on a new platform. Новопоколенную Lada 4 × 4 соберут on a new platform In addition to the Niva platform, work on unification will be carried out with all models that are collected AVTOVAZ. Для нее привлечены не только все светлые умы AVTOVAZ, но и специалисты концерна Renault-Nissan. Newborn Niva will definitely leave the four-wheel drive, without which it will cease to be of interest to anyone at all. Colleagues from Renault-Nissan suggest considering Duster-wheel drive and hydro-volumetric transmission for our SUV. AVTOVAZ, among other things, he thinks about “crossing” the all-wheel drive hybrid powertrain. In general, the state of the new generation Lada 4x4 Today, it can only be folded from some questions and uncertainties. What it will be in perspective, time will tell. Today, no one will postpone promising decisions on the back burner due to the ever-growing competition, so we will soon witness either the complete transformation of the Niva, or ... or its death, since time takes archaic cars with us without any regret. Новопоколенную Lada 4 × 4 соберут on a new platform Well, today Lada 4 × 4  can be purchased both in the three-door and in the five-door version, in addition, the Urban version is available, I mean the urban version of the Niva. The SUV has no alternative under the hood for years how much the 1.7-liter gasoline aspirated with 83 horsepower. Worth Niva ranging from 466 kilorubley.

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