Renault kwid stand in line for more than six months

За Renault Kwid стоят в очереди больше полугода Hindus have found a revelation in compact cars. Produced here budget Renault Kwid enjoys wild popularity among the local population. Apparently, the role is played not only by the low price, but also the quality of the "kid" KvidaSince the queue of those who want to buy it and have already pre-ordered the Hindus stretched for eight months in advance. How could marketers of this model screw it up? Maybe they can be fired and the amount saved symmetrically can be even cheaper. Renault Kwid? Orders for compact french hatchback Indian brand dealers began to take literally a month ago. And in this short time, more than twenty-five thousand avtomobilchiki have already been prepaid. It is clear that the stock at that time was sold like hot cakes at lunchtime. Lucky in seventh heaven, waiting for his baby quid bite your elbows with envy.

Under the hood at Renault Kwid there is a three-cylinder, 8-liter gasoline engine, but an outstanding fair 54 horses. Implemented model in six trim levels. Basic sold in terms of our money for 260 kilorubles. Most advanced Renault Kwid equipment will cost the buyer 355 thousand.

За Renault Kwid стоят в очереди больше полугода Basic version of quid has a cloth lined interior, unpainted plastic bumpers, steel rims. There is no air conditioning, which is especially sad in such a hot country like India, but there is a stove, which strongly resembles our Russian approach. In the most expensive assembly, labeled as RXT, the front windows are electrically operated, there is a condo, a multi-touch screen multimedia combine and a navigator, the developers did not skimp on the immobilizer and on the implementation of keyless access. За Renault Kwid стоят в очереди больше полугода Approximately the same demand has developed today  Hyundai Creta compact crossover, Korean automakers had to revise production plans for this car two times in the last year so that customers would languish in queues less.

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The following year, the Indians will abandon their bait for interest in compacts and to us. They will set for sowing a city car Bajaj dogs in the amount of three hundred pieces. Cost is a miracle of Hindu auto-construction thought from a quarter of a million wooden ones. It seems that compacts in Russia will not roll. They are too close for the broad Russian soul, despite their price budget.