How to tint the car yourself

In the car, you can easily see cars with dark glasses. The popularity of dubbing film is quite understandable, because after installing it, the car gets several significant advantages. In particular, the driver is no longer the object of universal attention, because it is simply not visible. In addition, the interior will not heat up and fade under the influence of the sun. Let's try to figure out what is toning.


  • 1 General information about dubbing film
  • 2 How best to glue dubbing film
  • 3 What is required for applying a dimming coating
  • 4 How is car tinting done?

General information about dubbing film

In general, the blackout film has a special metallized composition. Its huge advantage is the different degrees of blackout. It is possible to install an almost transparent coating (95%), but there is a film in which this parameter is not more than 5%. Currently, they produce tinting of various shades: from classic dark to extravagant acid. The process of applying the film is identical for any level of darkening.

Tinted car windows do it yourself

Illustrative example showing the effect of a dubbing film with different transparency

Why do many motorists prefer to install on their cars tint? We single out a few of the main advantages of the film:

  1. If the glass is damaged, the fragments will not scatter around the cabin, but will remain on a darkening coating. This is a significant plus in the piggy bank security.
  2. Expensive upholstery and other finishing elements do not fade from sunlight.
  3. The risk of stealing things from a car is reduced, since forgotten briefcase, bag or other valuable items are simply not visible from the outside.

Most car owners darken glass in an effort to create their own personal space. When you are in a tinted car, there is a feeling of comfort and separation from the outside world. All this is in the plane of psychology, but it is this factor that is decisive. Also, many owners of "dark" cars believe that tinted windows improve the appearance of the car.

Opponents of toning no less than its fans! Such motorists consider the blackout film dangerous. In their opinion, toning reduces visibility, which is especially important at night. Among other arguments against the film stand out its prohibition at the level of laws, as well as the prospect of obtaining a fine. In fairness, it should be noted that many of these arguments are highly controversial. After all, the main thing is to achieve the desired light transmission, and this can be done even with toning!

Checking tinting inspector

Abuse tint yet should not

The installation of the blackout cover is made by many service stations, but this service costs quite a lot. The output can be self-tinting car windows. If you know the basic rules of film application, the process will seem very simple and affordable. The film itself and additional tools for its application can be purchased in specialized departments. The main thing is not to hurry, and then everything will work out for sure!

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How best to glue dubbing film

When gluing blackout film you need to follow some rules. The first is that the film is applied to the inside of the glass. Otherwise, it will quickly wear out under the influence of external factors (precipitation, mechanical touches, etc.). Next you need to accurately select the degree of future blackout, as well as the shade of the film.

You should not get involved in the darkening, because poor transparency will play a cruel joke when passing the technical inspection of the machine. The laws clearly spelled out the rules governing the transparency of automotive glass, the non-observance of which will lead to the forced removal of tinting. So, rear windows (including side windows) can be darkened with any films, except those having a mirror effect. As for the front side windows, they must pass at least 70% of the light, and on the frontal this figure is at least 75%.

Tinted car do it yourself according to GOST

How can I tint a car according to GOST

Before you glue the tint, you need to find a clean room in which there are light sources. If this is not done, then the film will have many small folds and air inclusions. Inexperienced motorists always remove the glass before coating. In fact, it is not necessary to do this, it is enough to dismantle the inner door trim. The best option would be to install the toning together. This will allow coating the glass from the first time, which will significantly increase the quality of adhesion.

What is required for applying a dimming coating

В первую очередь необходимо приобрести пленку. Tinted car windows do it yourself начинается с  посещения специализированного магазина. Как правило, покрытие продается в стандартных рулонах с определенной шириной и метражом. Автомобильные стекла бывают самых разных размеров, но, как показывает практика, одного такого рулона хватит для оклейки всех боковых поверхностей. Если нужно затемнить все стекла, то лучше сразу приобрести пленку с запасом.

What you need to tint cars

Car tinting tools

In the same store where the film is sold, you need to buy a special spatula. Most often it is made of rubber or soft plastic, as hard material can damage the tint. It is better to ask the seller which spatulas are the most convenient and easy to use. A very sharp knife is also needed, with which the film can be cut to the required dimensions. The stationery knife is an excellent solution, as it has removable blades.

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Still useful clean towels and warm water. Before applying the film, it is necessary to clean the glass from foreign substances and wipe dry. It is important to apply such a fabric that does not leave small villi, otherwise the film will stick poorly. It is better not to use any specialized glass cleaner. They form a thin layer that prevents a good adhesion of the film to the glass.

The last in the list, but not least, is a hairdryer. This device will help to achieve high quality when applying the film and eliminate all possible defects when pasting. Immediately it is worth making a reservation that the usual home hairdryer will not work. You need an industrial device that has the necessary characteristics!

How does the car tinting with their own hands

First, it is important to determine exactly how the film will be applied: in place or after dismantling the glass. If the first option is chosen, then it is necessary to remove the door trim in advance. Then follows the stage of cleaning the glass surface. When the glass is washed, you need to look at it again under the light. Perhaps somewhere in the corners there were greasy or oily stains that will worsen the quality of gluing.

Как затонировать машину самому

In the process of gluing tinting does not need to feel sorry for the soap solution

Then you need to cut the film on the shape of the glass. Someone just puts tint to the windows, but you can make a special piece of paper. In any case, it is better to leave a margin of at least 5 mm to avoid rejection of the film. All surplus can be removed after complete smoothing. Before gluing, tinting should be applied to the glass soap solution. It is prepared simply: soap or shampoo is added to the water and the resulting liquid is poured into a container with a spray.

Directly drawing film is better to do from the center. Sticking the middle, you can gradually smooth the coating in the direction of its edges with a cloth. For better gliding, it is recommended to periodically sprinkle soap solution on the surface. When the entire dubbing film is smoothed, it is necessary to remove excess soap and carefully remove the air bubbles with a spatula. This is also done from the center to the edges.

How to glue tint

Air from under the film must be expelled from the center to the edges.

The final step is to remove excess film and dry tinting. After trimming, you need to gently warm the film, which will allow it to adhere best to the glass.

This information is enough to understand how to tint the car yourself. By adhering to these recommendations, you can apply a dubbing film with high quality without spending much money Special mention deserves the application of tinting on curved glass. In this case, you need to pre-form the film. To do this, tint is applied to the glass and heated with an industrial hairdryer. This is done without removing the protective layer!