New "niva" can be rearranged to the cart duster

New The topic “What will be the new“ Niva ”and whether it will be at all” over the past few years has not been discussed only, probably because of its antiquity, the grandmothers on the access benches. The future of the present legend of the Soviet, and then the Russian car industry for AVTOVAZА is a non-trivial task: to score on a model because of its physical and moral old age and to start creating something new in this segment is unlikely, at least because of the issue price and the price of a serial model. Niva is relatively cheap with its off-road virtues, today you can create something like this, but this price does not fit in anymore. Foreign-made compact SUVs like the Suzuki SX4 range from over a million, even as standard. Niva is twice cheaper, which means it is twice more attractive for a poor Russian. And since the majority of the poor Russians in the country, automakers cannot ignore this circumstance if they offer a model to customers at prices that they cannot afford, so easily and through the world to go. New Manual AVTOVAZаseems to have decided to radically modernize the current Niva to the new generation state. Nicolas Mor, the current president of the office, said the other day that new Lada 4x4 will be a dream car for a real man, brutal and nimble. But this phrase is nothing new. The same exactly thoughts have been heard over the past few years and in the promises of former leaders. AVTOVAZаHowever, the cart, as they say, is still there.

New information obtained from close to AVTOVAZу sources say that the developers are close to thinking that in the very near future to transfer the Lada 4x4 to the Renault-Nissan technology platform, but to put it more simply, they want to rearrange the Niva from the old truck to Duster. Moreover, the possibility of installing a transverse engine is being studied, because this is today the global automotive trend. New AVTOVAZ seriously concerned about the composition of the development team of the new Niva. It is known that more than half of the engineers of this team will be involved in the project "Lada 4x4 NG"from the Reno-Nissan Alliance design bureau. They will create cars with unique off-road indicators, and the model will focus not on our car market, but on foreign ones. According to Nicolas Mohr, there are only two cars of this class in the world today, this is our Niva and the British LandRover Defender. Therefore, there is no talk that the novelty will change drastically in The worst side, for example, will receive only front-wheel drive, it is impossible to drive.It will be exactly the SUV, compact and all-powerful on the offroad, to the envy of all competitors. New Appearance New Lada 4x4 uniquely fit into the X-style, characteristic of all new cars AVTOVAZа. And this is a serious step away from the traditions. Cult cars in world history have usually consciously preserved their external image for decades. Moreover, they even return to their image many years after the last release. Do we know the new Niva after its prototype appears? Hardly. The Russians will survive this. If only from this the price of new generation Lada 4x4.

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