How to ride a robot and how to use it

Motorists who decide to buy a car with a robotic gearbox often wonder how to drive with such a system? In the article we will look at how to use the robot box. Automatic robotic gearbox, the everyday name box robot - is the usual manual transmission, which included a compact electronic unit, electronic clutch control and automated gear shifting. The robot box combines reliability, comfort and fuel efficiency. Today, almost all automakers equip their cars with such boxes, each of them has its own unique design and patented name. What is the most interesting "robot" cheaper than the classic automatic transmission.

How to drive at work

Robotic gearbox


  • 1 About the device
  • 2 The principle of the robotic gearbox
  • 3 Dual-clutch robotic gearbox
  • 4 Do I need to warm up the box?
  • 5 The beginning of the movement to rise, to overcome it, descend
  • 6 City conditions / stop, parking
  • 7 Other modes
  • 8 General recommendations

About the device

One of the branches of the development of mechanical transmissions led to the creation of a robotic gearbox, which combined the reliability of the “mechanics” with the convenience of the “automaton”. Due to the fact that all the work of the driver was performed by actuators - servo drives of the unit, increased performance. Now the electronic unit itself takes care of the gear shift. All that is needed from a person is to set the selector in the desired position, as in a checkpoint and enjoys the ride.

There are robots with manual shift. For example, a 2-Tronic box can serve in three modes. The first is an automatic when a person does not touch the transmission at all. The second is a semi-mechanic, in case the driver wants to control the clutch independently, for example, when overtaking another car and at the same time is in automatic mode. The third mode is completely manual, where everything depends only on the driver.

As for lovers of fast driving, then a cam robotized gearbox is just right for them. It is the fastest of all types of robotic boxes, you can switch speeds in 0.15 seconds. Machines having such a box contain a clutch pedal, but it is used only when the vehicle starts to move. Further, switching occurs in a sport bike, without using a clutch.

How to ride a robotic gearbox correctly

Preselective gearbox

RKPP могут иметь electric or hydraulic clutch drive. In the first variant, the “organs” are servo-mechanisms (electric motors). As for the hydraulic, then everything is based on the hydraulic cylinders. Such automakers as Peugeot, Fiat, Renault, BMW, Volkswagen, Citroen and others equip their robotic boxes with a hydraulic drive. As for the electric drive, the following companies work with it: Ford, Opel, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi. The rest of the Korean manufacturers do not dare to introduce robots, due to the complexity of the design and maintenance.

The principle of operation of the robotic gearbox

Manual transmission has the same principle of action as the mechanical transmission. It has the same three shaft: driven, intermediate and leading, the same gears and gear ratios. As mentioned above, the robots are driven by servos, other than actuators. These devices enter and disengage the gears of the shafts, and also connect and disconnect the box with the engine flywheel. Control over the process took over the electronic unit, sending commands to the hydraulic drive or electric motor. Based on the signals of the input sensors, the block forms an algorithm that controls depending on external conditions and implements it through actuators. All that remains for the driver to switch is the petal gear selector.

How to use the robot box

Automatic transmission with torque converter

Dual-clutch robotic gearbox

Since in the first robots the clutch switching time is slow (up to 2 s), resulting in lags and jolts in dynamics, it was decided to eliminate the problem by creating a robotic gearbox with double clutch, which translates speeds without breaking the power flow. Technology originated in the late 80s of the last century. The bottom line is that the two clutches work alternately, and not both at once. Together with the dual clutch, the pre-selection boxes contain two more input shafts.

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The algorithm is as follows - while the first gear is in effect, the start signal goes to the second. Thus, the torque passes first to the drive shaft, while the next one is waiting for its turn, being already switched on through the second primary shaft, but still separated from the drive shaft. Thus, the switching time is minimized, which cannot be done on the manual transmission with manual control. Due to the operation of the two clutches, driving on a vehicle is smooth and soft, however, in a constructive sense, such a device is quite complicated and its maintenance can be costly. Observe such a technical solution, perhaps on the DSG, S-Tronic, SMG and DCT M Drivelogic boxes, usually on BMW sports cars.

How to ride a robot


Do I need to warm up the box?

Переходим к рассмотрению вопроса как ездить на роботе в особенностях эксплуатации. Многих волнует, требуется ли прогревать RKPP зимой? По сути, робот не нуждается в прогреве, но ну думаем это лишним, не будет. Потому что во время застоя масло в коробке стекает вниз и под действием мороза густеет. Чтобы его прогреть для нормального функционирования следует просто постоять несколько минут с заведенным двигателем, в это время селектор переводить не требуется. Затем трогаться с места стоит плавно, двигаясь равномерно без рывков с минимальными оборотами необходимо проехать где-то километр.

In the summer, one minute will be enough for the oil to spread through the system. If you do not warm up the car, the oil can badly lubricate the bearing, and this will cause incomplete flattening of the disk, basket and friction with subsequent overheating.

Some useful tips:

  • in the winter season also should not be slipped - this will lead to decalibration of the executive system;
  • do not fall into a snow ambush, you can get stuck;
  • take studded tires because stickies will let you down;
  • leave the car to sleep at the speed of "E" with the engine off;
  • if the road surface is bad, get off without gas from the second gear. E->M и «+».

    How to ride a robotic gearbox correctly

    The device is a robotic gearbox (Manual transmission)

The beginning of the movement to rise, to overcome it, descend

Некоторые машины с RKPP не оснащены функцией помощи старта на подъем, по этой причине необходимо самому научится правильно двигаться в таких ситуациях. С коробкой роботом нужно вести себя точно так же как и с МКПП. Ставим селектор в режим «А» и медленно давим на акселератор, попутно убирая машину с ручника. Это поможет автомобилю не скатиться назад. Перед этим желательно потренироваться, чтобы прочувствовать и понимать, в какой момент сцепление начало включаться и можно снимать с ручника.

If you need to climb the mountain in winter, it is better to switch to manual control by setting the first gear or the “M1” mode. Remember that the pressure on the gas should be maximal, this will not cause slipping. When there is a gyroscope in the car, an automatic mode is taken on the rise, then the box will start switching to the necessary gears itself. The robot itself determines the position and begins perekchelkivyvat speed - mostly at low. Depending on the situation, you can switch the lever to the "M" mode and fix the current speed. When you are not satisfied with the speed, you can choose the one you need, and you should not lower the speed below 2500 and exceed 5000. You do not need to do anything during the descent, it will be enough just to switch the selector to mode “A” and remove it from the parking brake.

How to use the robot box

Scheme of work Manual transmission

City conditions / stop, parking

There are opinions that the robot box gets along less in conditions of the city with traffic jams, and this reduces its service life. Tip: after a complete stop of the machine, the selector should be set to the "N" mode neutral, put on the handbrake and then turn off the engine. If the stops are short-term, then it is not necessary to switch the selector to the neutral mode, you are in position “A”. Since the clutch remains squeezed when it is stopped, it is better to turn off the engine at traffic jams or traffic lights with a delay of more than a minute.

Other modes

There are additional applications of systems, in addition to the main ones considered. So, some robotic boxes are equipped with a position - sport and winter, otherwise the name “snowflake”. The "Snowflake" mode is needed to create a smooth ride on a slippery path. It provides movement, with the second transmission, transferring smoothly to a higher speed. The position of "sport" creates a transition to higher gears at high speeds, which allows quick acceleration.

How to ride a robot

Robot Box Machine

General recommendations

How to ride a robotic gearbox correctly мы рассмотрели, теперь дадим несколько практических советов:

  1. At the start, you should not squeeze the gas, when you need to add speed the pedal must be pressed confidently, but smoothly.
  2. It is better to carry out initialization in the service center several times a year - this will minimize jerking and jerking.
  3. During acceleration, follow the manual transmission logic.