Proper engine tuning chevrolet niva will increase power by

Tuning engine Chevrolet Niva can be done in several ways. To begin, consider the option of a complete change of the engine, as well as the intake and exhaust.

Engine tuning Chevrolet Niva

The first step is to remove and disassemble the engine Niva Chevrolet, then change the crankshaft and piston rings. After that, the volume of the engine will increase to 1.8 liters.

After such a revision of the cylinder head is necessary to change the injectors and throttle unit. Next, you need to increase the diameter of the receiving tubes and change the catalyst to the flame arrester. After all of the above, you can replace the control unit. All these actions contribute to the increase in engine power Niva Chevrolet.

Tuning the engine Niva Chevrolet improving cylinder head and engine geometry A great option for tuning the engine Niva Chevrolet is to change the cylinder head (cylinder head) and fix the geometry of the engine. After such transformations, the filling of the cylinders with a combustible mixture will improve.

Shniva engine tuning

To begin with, it is necessary to increase the diameter of the pusher well, the valve, as well as the intake and exhaust channels. Then boldly cut the old valve seats, and the diameters of the well under the pusher increase. For camshaft, solid pushers with a diameter greater than 1 mm are required.

Then you need to make new seats for valves. But first you need to measure the holes for the saddle. Then these saddles are placed in nitrogen, cylinder heads - in the furnace, and the cylinder head seats are installed in place.

Next, you need to assemble the cylinder head, check that the valves are tight. This simple procedure will increase the engine power of Chevrolet Niva by 10%.

Chip tuning of the engine Chevrolet Niva

Chevrolet Niva engine chip tuning

And of course, a chip tuning of the Chevrolet Niva engine is considered a very effective way to increase power. This type of tuning changes the software characteristics of the machine, without interfering with the operation of the engine by mechanical means. Chip tuning increases the engine power Niva Chevrolet by 10 percent, while it is considered the most inexpensive method of tuning.

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Installation of the turbine on the engine Chevrolet Niva

This type of engine tuning Niva Chevrolet easily increase engine power by 30%! The price of the turbine on the Chevrolet Niva is about 67,000 rubles, along with the installation.

engine tuning Chevrolet Niva

Installing a turbocharger allows you to increase the torque of the motor at low and medium speeds. Turbine allows you to increase power, torque and makes the engine more economical.

Generally for Shnivy, the GARRETT model GT17 is perfectly suited for turbocharging, the characteristics of which meet all the requirements. After the installation of this turbocharger, the characteristics of the flow of the engine torque were seriously improved (an increase of 35% was found in the area of ​​low crankshaft rotational speeds).

Engine shnivy with a turbine on the bench tests showed:

  • increase engine power up to 105 hp (factory engine - 80 hp);
  • an increase from 120 to 170 Nm of torque.

engine tuning Chevy Niva

Thus, the improved power unit Chevrolet Niva allows you to accelerate from 5 to 100 km / h for 5-6 seconds faster. Other possibilities of a powerful engine have become available: you can install wheels of larger diameter, drive off-road in fifth gear and much more. Fuel can be used as before - 95th gasoline.

So, there are several standing options for tuning the Chevy Niva engine, the main thing for you is to choose the best one in terms of cash costs and in terms of installation complexity.

And then a video about the completion of the engine Chevrolet Niva: