The japanese launched a mass production of the new

Японцы запустили серийное производство новопоколенного вседорожника Honda CR-V At one of the American automobile plants of Honda (EastLiberty Auto Plant) started the mass production of the new generation кроссовера Honda CR-V. These are only flowers, in total, this SUV will produce as many as ten automobile plants scattered around the world. In particular, there are three such plants in the United States and its neighboring Canada. At EastLiberty Auto Plant, which has been assembling Honda cars since the late nineties of the last century, today Acura RDX SUVs are coming off the assembly line, next year they will begin to release an updated, seven-seater Acura MDX. In the year, the auto company produces about 240 thousand cars.

Новопоколенный Honda CR-V  start selling in the States in a month. Under the hood, the new one has a one and a half liter turbo engine with 190 horsepower. The second engine in the line was a 2.4-liter gasoline aspirated 184 "horses." Both that and other motors are "paired" with a variable-speed transmission.

Before our car market a new generation crossover Honda CR-V  will reach only by the summer of next year, the "Russian" model will be assembled just at the EastLiberty Auto Plant. It will be exclusively all-wheel drive crossover. Under the hood, as the Japanese say, the engines from the line of the last generation of the model will remain - 2.0 and 2.4 - liter aspirated, though reflashed. This will add them a dozen or two "horses." Today's motors in CR-V Russian version  can squeeze out 150 and 188 horses, respectively. Японцы запустили серийное производство новопоколенного вседорожника Honda CR-V After the change of generations, nothing drastically new in the exterior of the Honda CR-V crossover appeared. Thus, a slight "facelift" in the form of an updated grille, frontal optics, which has become exclusively LED. New equipped with a package of winter options, such as heated parking space brushes "wipers" and an electronic parking brake.

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Новопоколенный Honda CR-V crossover Received a new multimedia system with a seven-inch touchscreen, synchronizing with any smartphone. There is a Yandex navigator charged with maps of more than two hundred and fifty Russian cities. Navigator monitors traffic jams and announces their presence by voice.

The novelty has received a more ergonomic, and hence a spacious interior than the predecessor. The interior is made of more expensive materials, which of course will affect the final price. Японцы запустили серийное производство новопоколенного вседорожника Honda CR-V Honda CR-V configuration  will be able to remotely start the engine, a keyless cabin opening system, interactive monitoring of blind spots that displays the results on the screen.

About the price tag on the new Japanese while they do not say anything. Current Honda CR-V crossover worth in Russia from 1530 thousand wooden. Under the hood of this front-wheel-drive version of the crossover is a two-liter, one-and-half aspirated, paired with a six-speed manual gearbox.