Is it allowed to perform overtaking at a pedestrian

One of the most important areas in the way of motor transport is a pedestrian crossing. When crossing it, drivers need to be extremely attentive. It is important to take into account the boundaries of this zone in order to avoid possible punishment. What a fine for overtaking at a pedestrian crossing, every responsible driver should know.

Basic concepts

Before understanding the essence of the issue, it is worth understanding the terminology, since “overtaking” and “advancing”, in fact, are different concepts. This fact affects the size of the punishment and possible sanctions.

In the current traffic rules, each version of overtaking falls under the concept of "advance". However, these terms are not identical, therefore not all advances are overtaking.

Advance is called the movement of a single vehicle with a speed limit greater than the average speed of a vehicle moving in the same direction.

The second definition is slightly different. We give it further.

Overtaking is understood as a maneuver of advance, accompanied by departure to the oncoming lane.

what is the penalty for overtaking a pedestrian crossing

Before carrying out such actions, a motorist is obliged to ensure the safety of the maneuver being performed, by exercising maximum caution. Be sure to keep under control the oncoming lane. The space on it should not only be free, be viewed for a long distance, but also have enough free space.

Overtaking maneuver cannot be allowed in the following cases:

  • on the vehicle ahead, the driver turned on the left turn signal;
  • a car moving in the same direction began to overtake before you;
  • a vehicle moving behind you demonstrates your intentions and starts to overtake first.

If one of the factors is present, then you should not begin a dangerous maneuver.

Разрешается ли выполнить обгон на пешеходном переходе

Sometimes drivers are interested in whether the rules allow an advance in the area designated for pedestrians to cross the road. Professionals conditionally admit this fact. But if the question is specifically, for example, is it possible to overtake at a pedestrian crossing, the answer will be definitely negative.

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To make drivers easier to navigate and get ready from a distance, all pedestrian crossings on any roads are marked with special markings and road signs on the side of the road. In such a dedicated special area, it is imperative to give in to those who are moving in the perpendicular direction.

In the current traffic rules for all cars it is strictly forbidden to overtake on a zebra. No exceptional circumstances are foreseen.

Otherwise, there is a substantial penalty for overtaking at a pedestrian crossing. In addition, that the motorist will write out a significant fine, he faces deprivation of a driver's license for a long time.

is it allowed to overtake at a pedestrian crossing

According to the rules, the inspector has the ability to deprive of rights for a period of 4-6 months in the first case. Also, the amount of the fine comes to 5 thousand rubles. If the violation turned out to be repeated, then you can remain without an important document for a year.

At the unregulated pedestrian crossing, which is located outside the settlement or directly in it, there is a similar responsibility as on the regulated. The treatment will be identical.

Some tricky rules help you not to get penalized:

  • approaching the specified section of the path, you want to reduce the speed limit;
  • Immediately before the zone of the sign and the zebra stop;
  • we stand until pedestrians have completed their journey to the other side;
  • We start moving gradually, making sure that no other pedestrians appeared on the road.

If you do not comply with the traffic rules at the intersection of the transition, you can get a fine of 1500 rubles.

The traffic police inspector may consider the maneuver completed when there is the following situation:

  • Overtaking started 5 m. before zebra and completed 5 m. after it;
  • the event began outside the transition zone, and stopped directly in it;
  • the event began at the transition, and ended outside the zebra.

Also referred to the violation of the driver’s departure to the oncoming lane and returning back to his lane due to the inability to overtake. Be careful!

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