Japanese subcompact cross nissan kicks performed in

Японский субкомпактный кросс Nissan Kicks исполнили в аэродинамических мотивах This dwarf front wheel drive crossover японцы собираются в скором времени поставлять на российский авторынок, а пока parquet boy с успехом конкурирует в своем сегменте на латино-американском рынке, регулярно обзаводясь новыми усовершенствованиями. Последнее из них - это новый аэродинамический дизайн, который, конечно, для кроссовера с таким силовым агрегатом, как корове седло. Но, похоже, японские дизайнеры решили позиционировать эту модель как неотъемлемый атрибут молодежной субкультуры, а это значит, надо быть ярким, впечатляющим и неотразимым прежде всего внешне. Что ж, в этом ключе они потрудились на славу. Nissan Kicks is a new global model of the Japanese company Nissan in the segment subcompact crossovers. Sell ​​it going in more than eighty countries. Initially, Kicks was positioned as a more budget car than the Nissan Juke. But its new modifications for the price are much higher than dealers charge for its direct competitor. The Japanese started selling the Nissan Kicks in the Brazilian car market almost a year ago, and there it became so popular with locals that in the summer it was chosen as the official car of the Olympic Games last year. Sold there Nissan Kicks at a price of eighty-five thousand brazilian reais. If you convert them into our wood, you get more than a million six hundred thousand rubles. Not at all a small price for a modest front-wheel drive. compact crossover! For example, the cross-hatch Chevrolet Onix in the local market is half a million cheaper, although the technical characteristics are not inferior to Kix. Why then Kicks sales grow faster than Onyx? Yes, because the youth, which is focused Kicks, more interesting is a more glamorous and modern design, which is precisely what distinguishes this parquet boy, especially after the last design implementation. By the way, additional decorations are not included in the base price, they need to be purchased separately, in the form of a so-called aerodynamic package. And this beauty stands in the form of a protruding lower lip of the front bumper, threshold covers, side moldings with a car brand, a pseudodiffuser on the rear bumper and a wider spoiler on the tailgate, translated into our money, sixty thousand rubles, in short, a piece of bucks - and your package In addition to the above, the package also includes such trifles as door visors, designed to protect against the wind, and additional roof rails. There is not enough of a pair of fake exhaust pipes in order to admire incompetent girls with the pseudo-power of this car. Японский субкомпактный кросс Nissan Kicks исполнили в аэродинамических мотивах Permeability of this parquetry after such designer improvement, it definitely goes down, because you won't be able to knead dirt with such bumpers, and you won't park to any curb, but Kicks with a gasoline 1.6-liter aspirated 114 horsepower and a variable speed transmission are not designed for off-road and any road extreme. But effectively drive up to the girls who dream of taking the boy of their dreams, this is just for this handsome man. With a new aerodynamic bodywork, it is simply irresistible. Only this image moment of Kix explains the prices that the dealers are fighting for him from the Brazilian workers. And if the workers are such fools that they take, it’s already their problems, Brazilian workers, not managers Nissan.

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