Top ten roadsters rating


In the modern view, cars for 2 seats, including the driver, with a sporty bias are called roadsters. This is a sports gigs. Such a term is rightly considered a marketing ploy aimed at emphasizing the sporting character of cars.

Overview of the best roadsters

At first, roadsters were not positioned as sports cars or something prestigious. They tried to make them as cheap as possible by making one row of seats, a removable roof, windows made of film instead of glass, etc.

Читать далее о лучших родстерах-->Именно доступность сделала родстеры популярными в своё время. Их было легко купить, переделать под гонки или сделать из них настоящий хот-род. Потому родстеры стали двухместными спортивными авто, имеющими открытый верх. От кабриолета их отличает наличие только одного ряда кресел и уклон в сторону спорта, в то время как кабриолеты являются люксовыми, дорогими и премиальными версиями базовых моделей. Родстер выступает как отдельная линейка, обычно имеющая уменьшенную платформу.

Best of its kind

We tried to make the top 10 roadsters. Every buyer has his own idea of ​​a good car. Because only you can decide which of the roadsters will be the most preferred choice. Choosing one of the ten cars presented, you are doing the right thing. Nevertheless, we have gathered the best representatives of our segment.

Top 10 includes:

  • at the same time two creations of the company Lotus. These are the Exige and Elise models;
  • three representatives of the legendary manufacturer Porsche;
  • German hit in the face of the Audi TT;
  • Japanese car that remains in the top. This is the Mazda MX5;
  • British Jaguar named F-Type SVR;
  • the modest Italian Fiat and its model 124;
  • another Brit Jaguar, but this time the Convertible from the F-Type;
  • Tesla's electrical recorder, named Roadster;
  • powerful and aggressive Vider from the company Dodge;
  • Compact, but frisky Smart with a clear and simple name Roadster.

Now let's see what each of these cars represents. Perhaps this will help you decide on your own favorite.


Audi is able to do not only high-quality, but also fast cars. One of the most prominent representatives of the family of roadsters can rightly be considered a model of the TT in the corresponding body. The roadster version has a soft folding roof, great design and sporty features.

Audi TT

The car produced in 1999, a year after the appearance of the coupe version. Since then, the German company sells about 20 thousand copies a year. Agree, these are impressive indicators for a machine of this type.


The MX 5 double car has been produced by Mazda since 1989.

Mazda MX5

The model is considered to be a cult, since many at the mention of the roadster there is an association with this car

Since the release of the MX 5, it has become a whole family. These are compact, high-spirited and incredibly beautiful cars. At the same time put on them rather modest power engines. This approach to the production makes cars affordable and in demand.


The official premiere of the SVR series of the F-Type series was held last year at the Geneva Motor Show. This charged two-door creation is available in coupe and roadster. The top of the latter is made of soft materials.

Jaguar F-Type Series

Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% In Russia, this handsome British sold since April last year, but alas, only in the coupe

A 5.0-liter engine with a capacity of 575 liters is installed under the hood of a fast horse. with. So the designation of a charged sports roadster fits him more than well. On such a kid, you can accelerate to 314 kilometers per hour.

Whether the roadster will appear in the domestic market is still unknown.


About Fiat in our market say not so much. Although this Italian automaker has a great roadster. He wears a simple index of 124.

Fiat 124

Family 124 appeared in 1966. The manufacturer himself was surprised how popular and popular these rear-wheel drive cars became. Since 1974, production 124 stopped.

The Fiat company decided to bring the legendary model back to life only in 2015. And their choice fell on the compact sports double version of the car.

The novelty fell in love with an interesting Italian design, good technical characteristics and affordable price. On such a roadster certainly not ashamed to ride in the summer. Attention around you provided. Not without a share of envy.


The German company Porsche offers a fairly large selection of sports cars. Among them are representatives of the family of roadsters. 3 models deserve special attention.

  1. 918 Spyder. Fast, incredibly powerful sports hybrid, under the hood of which the usual motor and electric power plant are combined. Debut took place in 2013 in Frankfurt. Made the model until the summer of 2015. The model accelerates to 325 km / h or to 151 km / h, if you drive only on an electric motor. It takes 2.8 seconds to accelerate from zero to hundred. But the claimed consumption of only 3 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.918 Spyder
  2. Boxter. Mid-engine car for two seats. This roadster was released in 1996. Since then, its popularity does not fall. The model has experienced several generations, but retained the original unique history and philosophy.Porsche Boxster
  3. 911. The car is presented in 3 variations of the body, including the targa. This is a kind of roadster. 911 has become legendary figures that need no introduction.Porsche 911


Another British representative of the family of roadsters from the company Jaguar. But now we are talking about the F-type Convertible.

Jaguar Convertible серии F-type

The roadster first appeared in 2013, and at the end of 2014 it was presented in an updated form. This is a real work of automotive art and created for lovers of this sports drive.

In 2016, another modification appeared that retained recognizable contours and exterior. Changes affected the new hood. For the rest of the criteria the roadster was kept the same.

Under its hood was originally a 5-liter engine with 495 horsepower. The roadster, unlike the coupe, has only an 8-band automatic, but no manual gearbox. In 2016, the Jaguar offered another 550 liter engine. with.


Lotus is present in our top with two cars at once.

  1. Exige. This model roadster appeared in 2000. Specialists and ordinary car enthusiasts noted the incredibly bold and beautiful design combined with a sporty character and the same technical parameters. It is installed on a 3.5-liter engine with a capacity of 350 horsepower with the ability to accelerate to 274 kilometers per hour. From a place to a hundred leaves no more than 3.8 seconds. In the Russian market, there is a version of the coupe and the Roadster S Roadster itself.Lotus Exige
  2. Elise. If you are looking for the most affordable sports roadster in the domestic market, then look at this model. Posh car with a sporty design and characteristics. First published in 1996. In 2010 was the last restyling. The latest variation has three versions of equipment, the most powerful of which received a 220-horsepower engine. The starting price of the model starts from 2.4 million rubles.Lotus Elise


If standard petrol engines do not interest you, but you want something modern and technological, then your best roadster will be a Tesla product.

Roadster Tesla

The model was simply called the roadster

The release began in 2008, and the last revision took place in 2014. Engineers increased battery power and created more power reserve.

Behind the intriguing sporty appearance are no less sporting characteristics. The ordinary roadster is equipped with an engine of 251 liters. with., and the sports version received 291 liters. with. Acceleration from them is 3.9 and 3.7 seconds, respectively, from zero to a hundred. Maximum speed is at 201 kilometers per hour.

It takes 3.5 hours to fully charge Tesla batteries.


It would be wrong not to include a Viper from Dodge in our top. Double sports car is made in the best traditions of American sports cars.

Dodge Viper

Under the hood there is a powerful power unit, in the interior there is a minimum of frills and a maximum of practicality, and the appearance speaks about the carnivorous sporting character of the car.

The first concept Viper showed back in 1989. Since 1992, Viper has become a full-fledged representative of the automaker Dodge. Since then, about him know all over the world.


Completes our list of roadster, which can be found quite often on our roads. This is a roadster from the company Smart.

Smart Roadster

The prototype of the novelty was shown in 1999, and four years later the full-scale release began. The machine is compact, sports in its external and internal characteristics.

A serious achievement of engineers was the excellent build quality. According to this indicator, Smart is almost the best roadster in the world. So it is no wonder that prices for it do not fall even in the secondary market.

How do you feel about roadsters and is there one of them most loved ones? Be sure to write about it in the comments, ask actual questions. We are pleased to discuss.