Replacing the distributor on daewoo matiz do it yourself

As you know, the distributor or breaker ignition distributor is one of the main elements in the ignition system of any car. If this unit fails, it will be impossible to start the engine. In this article we will consider the procedure of replacing the distributor with your own hands on the example of the Daewoo Matiz model.

Replacing the distributor for DEU MATIZ do it yourself

Drammers for Matiz are produced by two companies DELPHI (DAC) and MANDO. And, if you change the entire ignition distributor breaker, then it doesn’t matter which device manufacturer you install on your car. But if there is a need to replace the rotor (slider) of the distributor or its cover, then here it is necessary to be more careful. The cover of the distributor from MANDO will not fit the distributor of ignition from the DAC and on the contrary, the cover of the distributor from DAC will not fit the device from MANDO. A similar picture with rotors (runners).

Remove the distributor on the Daewoo Matiz

Recall, the distributor on the Daewoo Matiz, is mounted not in the classic vertical position, but in the horizontal. So let's get started:

  • lift the hood;
  • disconnect the positive terminal from the battery and unscrew the 3 bolts of the air intake and the air filter element. Remove it.
  • remove the pipe (hose) connecting the throttle and the air filter, before removing it, disconnect the two small pipe that are included in it;
  • disconnect high-voltage cables from the ignition distributor cover, but before that, mark their positions with, for example, a marker;
  • remove the block with wires from the breaker;
  • using the key-head 12 unscrew the bolts of the distributor distributor ignition, and remove them;
  • slightly turning the ignition distributor interrupter, pull it towards you. At the time of pulling out the distributor, engine oil (about 100 grams) can spill, so as not to spill the oil, you can raise the car with a jack so that the oil flows into the right side of the motor. When dismantling the distributor ignition, pay attention to the distributor tramler - his antennae are not in the center, but with a slight offset. Therefore, when mounting a new device, put the limit switch in exactly the same position;

Replacing the distributor for DEU MATIZ do it yourself

  • Install the new switchgear; tighten the lower bolt, but not all the way. Do the same with the top screw.
  • Connect the high-voltage cables in place, while adhering to the order of their connection.  Subsequent assembly steps are performed in reverse order. After the distributor is installed, it is necessary to adjust the idle speed of the engine, as well as the ignition. If the ignition is set incorrectly, the signs will be the same as in the case of a faulty timer. If everything was done correctly, the car will function properly.
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Replacing the distributor for DEU MATIZ do it yourself

However, for absolute certainty, visit the service station, let the experts accurately check the ignition advance angles, which could get off when installing the distributor. A car may lose power with a greater consumption of gasoline.