Compact cross vitara brezza in march 2016 scored 172

Compact cross Vitara Brezza in March 2016 scored 172 thousand orders

Sell ​​compact crossover Vitara Brezza Indian buyers started this spring, but only less than half of the requests made for this car are satisfied. SUV is officially called as Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezabecause it is produced by a non-Japanese eminent manufacturer Suzukiand its Indian subsidiary is a company Maruti Suzuki. On the model in general, not cheap compact crossover in India is a big rush. Of the 172 thousand applications made, slightly less than half were satisfied. The producers themselves did not expect such a demand, otherwise they would have expanded production adequately to expectations even before the start of sales or immediately after they flooded the bids. Actually Maruti Suzuki Today, it is actively engaged in this now - plants are stamping a demanded model almost around the clock, in the mode of maximum load. From March to October 2016, the Indians bought up about sixty thousand compact crossovers Vitara Breza. Parketnik Vitara Breza shipped so far exclusively for the indian buyer. Under the hood of the car is a 1.3-liter diesel engine, capable of demonstrating the power of a herd of ninety heads. Transmission is used mechanical, five-speed. Drive, of course, only the front. Steering right. Closer to the spring of the future, in 2017 the model's motor line is diversified by a gasoline unit of the same volume. About its power is not reported. Compact cross Vitara Brezza in March 2016 scored 172 thousand orders This car is worth in the Indian car market as much as seven hundred twenty thousand local rupees, which after conversion at the current rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation gives a rather big sum of almost seven hundred thousand rubles. And this for the front wheel drive low-power dwarf! What does Maruti Suzuki for that kind of money? In the basic assembly of the compact crossover, one driver's airbag is offered, front windows are electrically operated, there is a standard audio system and air conditioning for cooling the atmosphere in the cabin. The maximum assembly is equipped with cruise control, a multimedia device with an integrated navigation system, moisture and light sensors, and a rear-view camera. Maximum grade received two options for painting the body. More precisely, for the extra money you can order an alternate color. Compact cross Vitara Brezza in March 2016 scored 172 thousand orders Official World Presentation of the Compact Crossover Maruti Suzuki Vitara Breza It was held in February this year at the Indian Auto Expo. Hindus will hardly supply this model to the Russian car market. Although judging by local demand, the SUV definitely will not remain just an Indian model, it will inevitably go beyond the country’s border to other markets. Hindus are also enterprising.

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