The germans will demonstrate the new electric cars

Немцы продемонстрируют новые электромобили Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf

The International Electricity Forum, which will continue from tomorrow to Friday, will be, among other things, an arena for demonstrating new electric cars volkswagen golf. In total, two versions will be presented: "purebred" electric car Volkswagen e-Golf and hybrid Volkswagen Golf GTE. Данное мероприятие будет проходить в Москве. Поклонники автомобилей с электрической and hybridной тягой, да и просто любители марки Golf, смогут попробовать эти авто в деле в рамках организованного немцами тест-драйва. Немецкий автоконцерн является официальным партнером этого форума. Немцы продемонстрируют новые электромобили Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen e-Golf under the hood, it has only an electric motor, which, on a single "refueling" of its batteries, will allow to drive about one hundred and ninety kilometers of asphalt road. On the ground, of course, there will be a completely different distance, but that's not the point. 190 kilometers without recharging, yet not enough, considering that today there are already developments that allow you to travel even seven hundred kilometers without connecting to the electrical outlet. It is clear that the cost of an electric vehicle that will overcome seven hundred kilometers on one charge and Volkswagen e-Golf completely different. But Volkswagen is still positioned as a people's car, and therefore should be affordable for the majority. This electric vehicle consumes 12.7 kilowatt / hour of energy for every hundred asphalt. To accelerate to sixty kilometers per hour electric car Volkswagen e-Golf  It takes only 4.2 seconds.

Немцы продемонстрируют новые электромобили Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf GTE

The next version of the Golf, which will be demonstrated on the forum, is called Volkswagen Golf GTE. This is not a regular electric vehicle, electric and gasoline engines get along under its hood. Gasoline engine has direct injection. Together, both engines are able to show the power of 204 horses. For one hundred kilometers of run, the power unit consumes only one and a half liters of fuel. Energy is eaten at the same distance - 11.4 kWh. Up to one hundred kilometers per hour Volkswagen Golf GTE will accelerate in just 7.6 seconds. The capacity of the gas tank will be enough for 940 kilometers of asphalt, fifty of which can be traversed solely on electric power. Немцы продемонстрируют новые электромобили Volkswagen Golf In early October, the first charging stations for electric cars began to open in Moscow. EZS is located on a paid city parking, which is on Bakhrushin street. The project was implemented by the Moscow Government and with Rosseti PJSC. In total, it is planned to launch a hundred and fifty electric charging stations in the capital.

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