Dsg gearbox - what it is, the pros and cons

Usually, everyone is used to seeing a manual or automatic gearbox in cars. But there is a new generation of gearbox - DSG. Its structure includes both mechanics and automatic gearbox. Differently, it is called semi-automatic or dual-clutch gearbox. This type has long been used in sports cars. In the production of conventional cars is still considered a new technology. However, the modern car enthusiast just needs to know about the DSG gearbox - what it is and what the principle of its work is.


  • 1 A bit of history
  • 2 How is the DSG gearbox?
  • 3 What are the special features of a double clutch transmission and a manual transmission?
  • 4 Opinions of experts and users
  • 5 To summarize the above

A bit of history

Developers of automotive iron, the company Borg Warner, decided to create a transmission that combines the qualities and characteristics of the automatic transmission and manual transmission. They created a six-speed box, but it did not work with low-power machines. Later, they came up with a seven-speed gearbox, but the clutch in it was dry, and the robot quickly heated up. After a year of hard work, the company decided to try out its development on Volkswagen cars. The first batch of robots was released with defects, but soon everything was fixed. Now DSG is popular in the modern automotive world.

Dsg gearbox what is it

DSG7 box

How is the DSG gearbox?

At the moment there are two versions of the transmission: six-speed with a “wet” clutch and seven-speed. Each has some features or disadvantages, but about them a little later. 7-speed consists of:

  1. First output shaft.
  2. The second output shaft.
  3. Main gear.
  4. Primary shaft.
  5. Mechatronic.
  6. Oil filter

The first cars with DSG were cars of the Volkswagen AG line. It was they who left the assembly line and publicized the world about this technology. At the factory and to this day made this CAT. So what is a DSG box? It consists of 5 shafts that are connected by gears and 2 clutches. This technology they form a kind of mechanism, which is very different from the classic gearboxes. It is he who is responsible for the rapid acceleration of the car and greater speed, as in machines with mechanics.

What is a DSG box?

DSG internals

Due to the fact that the gear shift is very fast, the DSG gearbox began to be introduced into sports cars, where it is very important.

What is the peculiarity of the transmission with two clutches and manual transmission?

The newest gearbox works very quickly and smoothly. All gears are switched instantly - this is a trump card for racing cars, where speed, above all. The transmission is different from the mechanics. Let's recall the principle of the manual transmission:

  1. When the driver engages the clutch, the engine is separated from the transmission, thereby stopping the flow of power to the transmission.
  2. After moving the gear lever, the gear clutch transitions from one gear to the other, despite the fact that they are different in size.
  3. During this process, the rotational speed of the clutch is gradually aligned, which leads to the inclusion of the next gear.
  4. When the clutch pedal is released, the transmission again connects to the engine, the torque starts, which turns into the rotation of the wheels of the car.
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Each process is not physically felt to the driver, but if an inexperienced driver is driving, then due to the stopping of the power flow from the engine to the transmission, there is a push that the driver feels with the passengers in the cabin. The principle of operation of the DSG includes the process of the work of mechanics and automatic gearbox. There is no clutch pedal. there is 2 automatic clutchesthat regulate odd (first) and even (second) transmissions. Speeds switch with irresistible smoothness. This is facilitated by an electronic transmission control system Mechatronic.

In DSG transmissions are located on different shafts. If in mechanics there was a single shaft, then here even and odd are placed on the first and second output shaft. In this case, the inner shaft is placed in the outer one so that the even gears work from the outer one, and the odd ones are from the inner one.

Advantages and disadvantages

Robotic box DSG

Opinions of experts and users

User reviews on PPC are completely different. We propose to consider in detail all the pros and cons of this gearbox. For example, those who used the technology, she likes. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • consumes less fuel. For a car on the DSG box you need 10.2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, which is even less than a manual transmission;
  • fast and smooth switching speeds;
  • for racing competitions cars with DSG box are obviously suitable, because when you switch on the gear, the next one is ready for activation;
  • robotic box can work as automatic transmissions, and in the mode of manual shifting for the convenience of users (like tiptronic);
  • There is no loss of speed and power (almost comparable to mechanics).

PPC also has a number of negative factorsthat real users noticed while using the box. On the DSG transmission, you can find negative reviews that even discourage motorists from buying a car with a semi-automatic gearbox:

  1. It is inconvenient to use a car during traffic jams, because when one gear is engaged, the second one is already in hold, and it is problematic to brake at a traffic light or on a highway. Therefore, it is recommended to include a neutral gear at traffic lights, which is a drawback.
  2. Due to technology flaws, the car can behave unpredictably when driving on a "lying policeman." There is a strong and sharp vibration of the car when slowing down.
  3. The gearbox is quite expensive. It is not only about the cost of the car, but also the repair and replacement of oil (for DSG-6).
  4. When stopping the car is also not immune from a sharp jolt as in mechanics.


    Passat - 2.0 TFSI gearbox six-speed "automatic" and DSG

Now you know why DSG is being criticized in the modern world, as well as how a PPC installation can turn out when driving aggressively on the roads of big cities.

Let's sum up the above

The DSG semi-automatic gearbox is a modern technology that accommodates the elements of an automatic and manual gearbox in one case. The technology is controlled by the electronic system Mechatronic. Used in expensive or sports cars, where you want to quickly change gear. On the one hand, it is worth taking cars with DSG, but on the other - this is not an option for normal driving on the roads. After all, a car can behave unpredictably, and reliability is an indispensable factor in which every owner of his four-wheeled friend should be sure. The speed and smoothness of switching speeds, less fuel consumption is, of course, good, but everything will recede into the background if the car gets into an accident because of a transmission in a traffic jam or any other accident occurs.