Comparing ford focus and opel astra - we bet, gentlemen


As always on the pages of our site, we reduce only worthy opponents in a duel. Today's review is no exception. Your attention will be presented a comparison of Ford Focus and Opel Astra.

Ford Focus and Opel Astra - cars that often occupied leading positions in sales

Ford Focus and Opel Astra - cars that often occupied leading positions in sales

Let's figure out who is better

The best car that the buyer voted for the ruble. In other words, enjoying the greatest consumer demand.

Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Ford Focus и Opel Astra-->Оба sedanа, представленные в нашем обзоре, а это Ford Focus 2.0 и Opel Astra 1.4 Turbo, попеременно становятся лидерами продаж в своём классе вот уже который год подряд. Ценовой диапазон колеблется от 19 до 23 тыс. долларов, а зависит от оснащения и комплектаций. Но кто же из них лучше? Сейчас мы с вами попробуем разобраться.

On clothes meet, exterior

Acquaintance always begins with an assessment of appearance. We will not deviate from this rule. We estimate the exterior of our duelists. What can I say, the designers of both automakers did their best.

In the profile of the Focus there is swiftness, balance, clarity of lines. The rear overhang is now shorter than the predecessor of the second generation, which only added to the harmony of appearance.

The appearance of the car Ford Focus

Формы Opel радуют глаза своими плавными переходами. Конструкция спойлера подобрана идеально под контур кузова, придаёт sedanу ещё больше спортивности. Вызывает непреодолимое желание сесть в авто и мчать на запредельных скоростях.

Bi-xenon headlights of both rivals are not satisfactory. However, as the form of light-optics, ideally inscribed in the "faces" of cars, as if giving them some meaningful expression. Reviving them.

The appearance of the car Opel Astra

Well, the first round of the Ford Focus vs Opel Astra ends in a draw. Let's see what the rivals oppose each other further.

Inner peace, interior and volume

Ford's shortened rear overhang undoubtedly made it more beautiful. But beauty, as we know, requires sacrifice. In this case, the volume of the luggage compartment was brought to the altar of beauty. The small trunk of the Focus on 370 l brings an effective score to the opponent, with its 460 liters of volume.

The Astra Salon is cozy, in space it wins over the Focus - another point in the asset. But this advantage ends. The quality of plastic in the trim Opel is much lower than Ford.

Inside the car Opel Astra

The second point Focus acts out for ergonomics. Here everything is at hand. Most control buttons on the steering wheel Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, and easy to use. The devices are conveniently located in front of the driver, it is quite readable. What can not be said about the Opel devices, their too small scale makes you strain your eyesight. And to the control unit mirrors need to go far.

Both sedans are equipped with high-quality capacitive displays with good resolution. Noise isolation at a decent level, as well as a heated and adjustable seats. It is more convenient, again, fordovskie chairs, the load on the lower back is less, and the support from the sides is more noticeable.

Already in the basic configuration of the Focus and Astra there are airbags. Opel has 4 airbags, ABS and ESP. Ford has a “mini” with only 2 front airbags and an anti-lock system. Another two side airbags and stabilization system will be able to pay about $ 600.

In the cabin of the car Ford Focus

Again the round ends with a draw. Two points Opel gets for the trunk and spaciousness of the cabin. Ford for the quality of materials and ergonomics by one point, respectively. But the fight is not over, rivals are eager to prove their superiority on the track.

Reliability, power, speed

With the synchronous start of cars Opel playfully begins to lead. This lasts for a few seconds, after which the autos are aligned. Here is the reason in the work of “Pavershift”, established on the Focus. The first seconds of the start of the variator works in an unreasonable, sparing mode. The second drawback of the robot is excessively slow downshifting.

Astra's six-way automatic transmission behaves differently - shifting works at low speeds. And when dialing above 130 km / h, the inclusion of the next gear takes place with considerable thought. When you turn on the Sport mode, this effect is not so noticeable, but it still exists.

ManufacturerFord Motor CompanyAdam Opel GmbH
Country cityRussia / VsevolozhskSaint Petersburg, Russia
ModelFord Focus 2.0Opel Astra 1.4 Turbo
Year of production, start / end2011 / in production2009 / in production
Type of кузоваsedansedan
Number of doors / seats04/504/5
Length mm45344658
Width, mm18231814
Height mm14841500
Wheelbase, mm26482685
Track front / rear, mm1544/15341541/1551
Ground clearance, mm150165
Type ofgasoline with direct fuel injectiongasoline turbocharged
Locationfront, transversefront, transverse
Number and arrangement of cylinders4, in a row4, in a row
Number of valves1616
Working volume, cm319991364
Max. power, hp / rpm150/6500140/4900–6000
Max. torque, N • m / r / min202/4450200/1850–4900
Transmissionrobotic six-speedautomatic six-speed
Drive unitfrontfront
Front suspensionindependent, spring, McPhersonindependent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspensionindependent, spring, multileversemi-dependent, spring, with the mechanism of Watt
Front brakesdisc вентилируемыеdisc вентилируемые
Rear brakesdiscdisc
Tires215/50 R17225/50 R17
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km
- urban cycle9,28,7
- country cycle4,95,1
- mixed cycle6,46,5
Performance data
Maximum speed, km / h202205
Acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h, s9,410,3
Curb weight, kg13481393
Gross weight, kg19001935
Trunk volume, l372460
Toxicity rateEuro-5Euro-5
Fuel tank capacity, l5556

The work of the power units of both cars leaves only positive impressions. With a turbocharged engine, the Astra or Focus, with its aspirated, has good torque at medium and low revs. Acceleration in these zones occurs smoothly, without strain. For power, as well as dynamics, a score of both competitors. Here they are at the same height.

When cornering, the Astra rolls harder than the Focus. And with a protracted bend in Ford, the front end doesn’t push so much. At high speeds, the Opel is more sensitive to minor flaws in the road or small pebbles under the wheels; it often requires returning to the straight line.

Honored point gets focus for driving at high speeds. But the movement on the city highway allows Astra to recoup. Where slow driving or stopping in traffic is required, unit Opel more friendly. Automatic not annoying, like a Ford variator, more inclined to high gears.

Focus steering is more precisely tuned, more informative than Opelevsky. Therefore, brings an extra point to Ford. Opel, we note for less fuel when driving around the city.

This last round was also completed with a draw, three points each in the assets of the fighters. But who is the winner in our tournament, Ford Focus or Opel Astra? Let's count the number of points scored.

Contest results

So, we believe that we noted Opel:

  • appearance;
  • luggage capacity;
  • salon space;
  • power, engine dynamics;
  • the work of the “automaton” in the urban cycle;
  • thrift when driving through the city.

Test drive car Opel Astra:

Now the results for Ford:

  • экстерьер;
  • quality of finishing materials;
  • ergonomics;
  • the work of the power unit;
  • driving at high speeds;
  • steering.

Test drive the car Ford Focus:

We see the same number of points scored, our fight is over with a draw of 6 to 6. None of the opponents could win. But this only confirms the statistics of their equal popularity.

What can I say, the requirements of the consumer to the car are different. Some are more satisfied in one, and some in another car. Therefore, choosing which car to buy - Opel Astra or Ford Focus, you need to start from what we want to get.

If a spacious cabin and a more spacious trunk, as well as cost-effectiveness when driving through the city, this is embodied in the Astra.

If you don’t overcome the speedy drive, and the ergonomics and quality of the interior trim are your priority, your path lies to the Ford dealership.

Additions to the article in the comments are welcome. Write about your priorities when choosing a car. All smooth track.