After the decision to subsidize the mortgage, the government

После решения о субсидировании ипотеки правительство задумалось об автокредитах Given the failures of car sales to the Russian client over the past year, it is not surprising that in the highest echelons of power they attended to problem of car loans. What can the government do when the majority of the population today has enough money for the most urgent needs? The crisis is not known when the end, the threat of possible unemployment scares, and the desire buy a new car on credit It is postponed until better times, which, perhaps, sometime will come. Of course, the ideal option would be lower car prices and an increase in the size of wages, but the latter would suit many even at the current price, but such unpopular measures are not even discussed here. Bad taste. It is better to subsidize from the state budget, paying off bankers, inventing clever schemes, than paying a normal salary for which you could take loans from the same bankers directly.

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, D. Manturov, officially stated that preferential car loans may well be positively considered in the government offices in the near future. Moreover, the relevant question has already been sent to the government by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Officials expect that not only a car loan in its classic sense, but also leasing, will become preferential. For these needs, they expect to find in the budget about three and a half billion rubles.

После решения о субсидировании ипотеки правительство задумалось об автокредитах

Car recycling program already extended to the second quarter of this year. It is planned to allocate up to five billion rubles for it. Combination of preferential rates on auto loans and auto-disposal - this idea is already known in the government, it was discussed before, but then they did not find the necessary means for its implementation. Now it seems to be found.

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Preferential auto loans We were given out two years ago, in the fall of 2013, then two-thirds of the Central Bank refinancing rate was compensated to the banks from the state budget (at that time, 8.25%). It was exactly the repetition of such a program that auto dealers were seeking throughout the past year, in December, when the Central Bank's key rate jumped up a few points, they were particularly actively besieging the government. And they went to meet.

What will be conditions for the upcoming program of preferential car loans, while silent. But there are rumors that they will subsidize at the same rate of two-thirds of the size of the key, which today will be 14 percent. The program will start from April 1 and continue until the end of the year. Car loans for the purchase of cars worth up to one million rubles will be subsidized. The main condition is to prepay a quarter of the price of the purchased car.