Selection of spare parts for vin car code online

Modern online stores strive to clearly meet the needs of their customers. This is especially noticeable on the virtual sites that sell auto parts. Owners of such network resources use all the possibilities of competent selection of goods to their customers. One of the popular operations is the search for spare parts by the VIN code of the car.

It is no secret to anyone that auto companies regularly make adjustments to the design of various vehicle models. Often this happens even without wide notice. In connection with such innovations, the same model, but having, for example, year 2011 and a similar model with year 2016, may have different structural elements.

VIN-code helps to make the most correct choice. This rule applies both to large base units, such as an engine or gearbox, as well as to small things such as wipers, power windows or sidelights.


  • 1 Application of VIN-code
  • 2 Decipher notation
  • 3 Correct search
  • 4 Demanded Services

VIN Code Application

Cars intended for sale on the territory of the European or American continent, have a special marking, which is called Vehicle Identification Number. The most commonly used is the popular abbreviation VIN, which helps drivers quickly find a spare part for the car's VIN code.

Different labeling is available in the Asian region. For example, vehicles manufactured in Japan are labeled Frame no, which means “body number”. It has a slightly different gradation, a different number of characters, and a different meaning.

How to find a spare part by VIN code of the car

Before you order spare parts for the VIN code of the car, you need to know where it is listed in the vehicle. Traditionally, manufacturing companies have this information in several places:

  • the designation has a floor hood, closer to the windshield on the driver's side;
  • when opening the driver's door, you can also see the cipher on the rack;
  • having thrown back the forward left rug it is easy to reveal symbols and there;
  • in the trunk you can also find the code;
  • near the steering wheel there is duplicated information.

Important! All symbols of the VIN-code or Frame are entered in the vehicle passport. They must coincide with the data that are available on aluminum plates, fixed in fixed places.

Digital marking, using this technique, is regulated in our country by the state standard GOST R 51980-2002, put into use since the beginning of 2004. In the world classification, this standardization has been applied since 1981.

Decipher notation

To perform a quick selection of spare parts for VIN, you need to know the features of encryption in this way. The international code consists of 17 characters. For each of them assigned a role. In the encoding are used:

  • all numbers from 0 to 9;
  • 23 large letters of the Latin alphabet with the exception of Q, O and I.
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Three letters are not used in the designation, as in some cases (in poor lighting, with significant wear plates or damage) they can be taken as one or zero. All assigned codes are controlled by the International Agency for Standardization (ISO).

It is customary to divide a long code into several parts. Consider them in more detail:

  • The three initial symbols are called World Manufactures Identification. This WMI designation indicates the place of manufacture of the product and indicates the specific manufacturer. These symbols can be used to identify the class of the vehicle (motorcycle, passenger car, truck or other type).
  • The next five digits are Vehicle Description Section. Part of the VDS code describes the series of cars, model, powerplant, body type.
  • The ninth character is usually digital. In most countries, it is used to control so that attackers cannot replace any other numbers, since its value is calculated using a strict formula. When making changes the result of the formula does not converge. Such protection in American cars is mandatory, but not always used by European manufacturers of vehicles.
  • In the last block, the data is entered by which the assembly plant, the vehicle equipment and the year of its release from the conveyor are determined. This part of American cars includes only digital values, but cars from Europe can have in this block not only numbers, but also letters. The entire last alphanumeric segment is called the Vehicle Identification Section. That VIS helps to determine the auto parts for the VIN code.

How to search for parts by VIN code of the car

Manufacturers often change the information that is included in the VIN. The intact part remains intact. This approach is one of the elements of protection, adding hassle to those who wish to kill the numbers on the car body. A fake will be revealed immediately by an experienced specialist.

In the Japanese equivalent of Frame, it is allowed for each manufacturer to independently set the number of numbers and letters in the codification. It is only necessary to adhere to the rule whereby before installing a dash, data on the manufacturing plant and the model are entered, and then the serial number is decoded.

Correct search

Quick selection of spare parts for the VIN code of the car online is performed on sites that provide this service. To obtain the necessary information, simply enter the data of the desired car in the corresponding window on the page. The service automatically performs the decoding of all characters by itself.

From the existing database, the car enthusiast will provide information on the presence or absence of the required part. Available bases are not laid out in the public domain. In some cases, the request with the VIN-code goes to the manager, who after a short period of time sends the answer to the e-mail.

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where to look for auto parts by VIN code

Sometimes virtual services offer to download spare parts lists available for a specific brand. You must first perform the decoding of your VIN online. This technique has its advantages and disadvantages, but continues to be popular among drivers.

Demanded services

Let us consider in detail several resources that allow you to select spare parts for a car, knowing its VIN-code:

  •– the main resource page allows you to enter an existing VIN or Frame into a special window. When the system determines the car, it will provide a drop-down list of available parts. By the numbers you can immediately order the necessary elements of the car.
  • win-code.rf– on the main page there are two fields. When data is entered into one of them, the search is performed automatically, and when entering information into the second window, the search will be performed by a specialist from the site. You can try both options.
  • - directory performs a search in automatic mode. The row for the data is at the top.
  • - you can search both by the name of the spare part and by the VIN code. For the second case, you will have to go to the link indicated below the search bar. They will be able to verify the data of VIN by make or model of car. Information on spare parts is sent to the duty specialist. He will select the most comfortable options.
  • - the resource does not provide an automatic search. Manager services are offered. A wide range of products allows you to quickly meet demand.
  • - in addition to finding the necessary details, you can get data through the VIN about your own car.
  • - the selected item will be sent by mail to anywhere in Russia. The catalog used is English-speaking, but the names of the parts are Russified.
  • - the names of parts from the English language will have to translate independently.

Resource offers to select parts for your transport by Frame number. It is used for some Asian cars.

It should be noted some of the disadvantages of such services. They do not always work quickly with client requests. In the automatic search results often present all the parts list. Pretty hard or impossible to filter the result. In most cases, the code displays the request details without specific decryption.

Many inconveniences are compensated by the competent work of the support service. In such a situation it is difficult to do without live communication and outside help, especially if the request is made for the first time.