Payment for parking in moscow by sms

Emergency measures of the authorities help to unload the central part of the capital from unauthorized parking and streamline the placement of cars. One of the methods is the introduction of a larger number of paid parking lots and their differentiated cost. At the same time, a positive quality is the expansion of ways to pay for parking.

Guests of the metropolis do not always know how to pay for parking in Moscow from a mobile phone or with an electronic wallet. It is necessary to use step-by-step instructions to help deal with the existing methods of non-cash or cash transfer of funds. Consider each of them in more detail.


  • 1 Current conditions
  • 2 Using parking machines
  • 3 Cash Payment
  • 4 Sending a short message
  • 5 Internet payment
  • 6 Purchase of a subscription
  • 7 Operation of bicycle terminals
  • 8 Mobile applications
  • 9 Voice service
  • 10 Use the service for free

Current conditions

The basis for the emergence of orderly paid parking in Moscow, the rules were taken in European capitals and major cities. Priority is then implied in the following order:

  1. Comfortable pedestrian traffic.
  2. Free public transport.
  3. Convenient travel of moving cars.
  4. Open parking cars on the street.

Based on this list, it is clear what the Moscow government and city hall donate. Several zones have been introduced in which different hourly tariffs are provided. You can find out the exact tariff for payment in various ways, for example, on an information table located under a sign or by visiting the website of the Moscow government.

Use of parking machines

Before using paid parking in Moscow, you need to know that there are many methods for making a payment, one of which is the use of a parking machine. This device works exclusively for receiving non-cash payments for parking a car.

The visual interface of interaction with the device in many ways resembles the work with the payment terminals of Eleksnet and QIWIHowever, unlike them, there is no bill acceptor on the front. The absence of this attribute makes it impossible to use cash.

how to pay for parking in Moscow from a mobile

Consider all methods of payment for parking in Moscow through the parking meter. Today there are two options:

  • Bank cards. It is preferable to use cards with chips, which provide a contactless communication system.
  • Parking cards. Their citizens buy in the retail network, for example, in the outlets of payment for mobile phones.

Using the service is simple:

  • select the item "Pay parking";
  • we enter the number of the car in the format A123AA177;
  • we enter the number of the parking where the car is written under the sign;
  • click the button "Pay";
  • we attach or insert a bank / parking card in the space provided;
  • a fixed amount is debited from the account;
  • pick up the printed receipt and keep it for at least 2 months.

The printed receipt is a confirmation of payment for the service. If for some reason the system crashes and you get a fine for unpaid parking, you can use your check to prove your own case

Cash payment

You can pay for parking in Moscow in cash. To carry out the procedure help payment terminals Qiwi. You can find their location on the main page of the payment resource. You need to act on the following algorithm:

  • we are looking for a terminal no longer than 15 minutes;
  • on the title page, select the option "Payment for parking";
  • we enter information on the car and the place of the parking;
  • we start banknotes in the bill acceptor so as to minimize the balance, because the change is not available;
  • We confirm the payment.

Payment in cash when purchasing a monthly or annual subscription. Its cost depends on the area in which the outdoor parking is located.

You need to know that this technique is the least popular and in demand, unlike other methods of depositing funds, such as paying for parking from a mobile phone.

Sending a short message

If there is enough money on a mobile phone, citizens have the opportunity to pay for parking with this money. Payment for parking in Moscow via SMS is very popular due to its simplicity and convenience, as the mobile phone is always at hand.

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how to pay for parking with a bank card via the Internet

To send SMS use the following rules:

  • in the body of the letter, the parking number in the city, the state car number and the required parking time in hours (all separated by a *) are indicated sequentially, for example, 750 * F123FF177 * 3;
  • text is sent to the single number 7757;
  • we wait in response to the payment confirmation with a reply message;
  • in case of early termination of parking, we send the letter “C” or “S”, after which the unused amount is returned to the mobile;
  • if it is necessary to prolong the service, we send X1 for an extension for an hour, X2 for an extension for two hours and so on.

You need to know that you can pay for parking in this way for no more than 24 hours, and the mobile operator charges an additional fee for providing the service.

Internet payment

You can quickly pay for parking with a bank card via the Internet through the official parking portal Use step by step instructions:

  • web resource is opened through a convenient device;
  • To register on a virtual portal, you need to send text from the word PIN to the single number 7757;
  • a short message with an automatic password will be sent in reply within a few minutes;
  • now you can log in to the resource using the password and phone number as a login;
  • the second way is registration through one of the popular social networks;
  • click on the link in the section “Replenishment of a parking account”;
  • we enter the necessary information;
  • We complete the process by clicking on the “Park” virtual button.

Parking is extended by pressing a rectangular button with a triangle turned to the side. To stop parking prematurely you need to press a round button with a square in the middle.

Subsequently, after registration, you can reuse the existing login and password for payment at another time through the existing personal account. If necessary, the entered data of a bank card can be replaced.

Purchase of a subscription

Residents of Moscow can buy a temporary subscription for parking in the capital. It is offered for a month or longer. You can buy this permission on the virtual service or at specialized points of sale.

what are the methods of payment for parking in Moscow

To implement the method, you will have to do the following:

  • collect a small set of documents for the owner and vehicle;
  • provide data to the state institution "AMPP" in Moscow;
  • we make the necessary amount in a convenient way;
  • pick up a registered card or fill in the data in a virtual form.

It should be borne in mind that in areas with high tariffs, this document is not valid;

Operation of bicycle terminals

In practice, this method is used extremely rarely, since the number of such devices is not widespread in Moscow. The technique is similar to working with car parking meters. For payment, you also need a bank card with a sufficient amount in the account.

Mobile applications

Most users of mobile gadgets in their everyday life downloads various applications to their smartphones. A convenient program to pay for parking can be found in stores for popular operating systems:

  • Android;
  • iPhone, iPad;
  • Windows Phone.

To register with these services is quite simple. You need to send an SMS with the text PIN or PIN to the number 7757. The user will be provided with a virtual personal account with a convenient interface. The system will ask to activate GPS for geolocation and the choice of the nearest parking.

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The process starts from the moment of depositing funds and pressing the button with a triangle. You can stop the accrual of the amount by clicking on the square.

If you need to pay a certain amount, for example, 400 rubles through the phone, then in the application in the information line reserved for this we write “PAY400”. In response, a confirmation message arrives. Fill in the parking number, which is located under the blue square sign with the white letter "P". Click confirmation of payment. If necessary, we interrupt the session in order to return part of the unspent funds.

You need to know that the parking session lasts 15 minutes, which is a paid time interval.

how much is the parking fee from a mobile phone

On the possibility and necessity of extending the parking time, the service warns 15 minutes before the deadline. At this time, you can add the amount required by the system to continue parking.

Voice service

From 2016, Muscovites and guests of the capital have the opportunity to use the voice service to pay for parking. In the presence of a parking account, the amount will be debited from it, if there is none, then the money will go away from the mobile. We perform a clear sequence of actions:

  • We call the toll-free mobile number 3210 or an alternative city number +7 (495) 53-95-454, which is paid according to the current tariff of the operator.
  • Click the button "2" to go to the voice menu.
  • We can clearly pronounce the number of the parking zone, the current time and the state number of the vehicle.
  • We listen to the repetition of the information you entered, duplicated by voice answering machine.

In this application several cars can be registered on your account. For quick selection, it is enough to use the codes “first”, “second”, etc. The system independently calculates the state number from the database.

Use the service for free

Parking in Moscow is free for any citizen at a certain time. To do this, set aside holidays and weekends. Some Saturdays or transferred weekdays on weekends can be interpreted as working, so it is worth knowing in advance the possibility of free parking in a certain area.

For each parking space, a rule of 15 minutes applies. If during this time you managed to leave the parking lot, then in such a short time you will not have to pay by law. The situation is monitored with the help of special car-locks. They drive every 15 minutes and fix the car in the parking lot. During the initial fixation, the time of the report is established, if after re-fixing the payment for this car failed, then a violation is recorded.

For non-payment of parking, you will need to pay a fine of 2500 rubles.

The Moscow government has allocated several categories of citizens who have the right not to pay for parking. Such persons include:

  • motorcycle owners;
  • electric vehicle drivers;
  • persons with disabilities while parking at their designated places;
  • parents of large families;
  • participants of the Great Patriotic War and Heroes of the Russian Federation or the USSR;
  • Holders of the Order of Glory or Heroes of Labor.

To confirm this category it is necessary to issue the relevant documents in one of the capital's MFC. The privilege is valid even for those who are registered in another area of ​​the city. In other cases, citizens are required to pay the full cost.