New infiniti qx80 - infiniti ku x 80 2018: price,

What is the fundamental difference between a full-size Japanese SUV from its counterparts from other Asian countries, for example South Korea and China? Perhaps the best answer to this question is provided by the Nissan (Infiniti) -based European unit, which is preparing to release a new QX80 (photo below). And the answer is simple: comfort. The new SUV, which belongs to the middle price category, will be equally convenient for relatively compact residents of Asia, and for larger Europeans and Americans: there will be enough space in its cabin for seven adults, and in terms of ergonomics, Infiniti Q. Toyota models are a breakthrough, almost unprecedented for Nissan.

Photo: new Infiniti QX80 2018

Photo: new Infiniti QX80 2018

Strictly speaking, the new Infiniti QX80 (photo below) is not a completely new model, as declared by the manufacturer. However, there is no obvious deception: the car was designed on the basis of the QX56 off-road vehicle, which was prematurely discontinued, the last samples of which left the assembly line in 2014. Infiniti explained its decision by the sharp decline in the popularity of the model, partly due to the more aggressive marketing policies of Toyota and Suzuki, and partly due to a lack of initiative on the part of the manufacturer. One way or another, the auto company has already paid off for its mistakes, having for some time lost its leading position in the segment of full-size SUVs.

Thus, the 2018 Infiniti Qu X 80 (photo below) can be considered, depending on the selected chronology, a new generation of QX56 or a completely new model. Both opinions have the right to exist, but out of respect for the manufacturer, it is more logical to speak about the release of a new car, having only an indirect connection with its “predecessor”.

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