Suspension ford focus 2 (front and rear) needs repair

The suspension of the Ford Focus 2 is quite reliable, technical characteristics of the Ford Focus 2 show it. It has a long service life, but if you repair the suspension of the Ford Focus 2, then some problems often arise. To fix the damage personally is not easy. In view of this, if you choose this model, you will have to immediately look for a good service station.

передняя Suspension Ford Focus 2

The average cost of a serious repair of the front suspension Ford Focus 2 is equal to 13 thousand rubles. Repair rear suspension Ford Focus 2 will cost 23 thousand rubles.

What is the reason for such a tangible price difference?

The fact is that the design of the front suspension Ford Focus 2 is quite common and simple. It consists of a spring strut with a spring, a lever equipped with a ball tip, a stabilizer rack and a steering tip. This is a well-known type of "MacPherson". By the way, there is not far, there is also a Ford Focus 2 fuel filter, just under the hood.

With the rear suspension Ford Focus 2, the situation is much more complicated. It is a multi-spring (on each side there is 1 longitudinal and 3 transverse levers), independent. Among other things, the suspension is equipped with an anti-roll bar and telescopic shock absorbers.

What is the service life of suspension parts for Ford Focus 2?

Front suspension Ford Focus 2

In the front suspension of the Ford Focus 2, the silent block at the lower arm is considered the weakest link. Even in the service station it will not be replaced, since this requires specialized expensive equipment. All this means that if the silent block has flown, you will have to change the lever. Suspension arms are designed for about 80-100 thousand km. run

Suspension Ford Focus 2

Shock absorbers have the same service life. If there is a need to replace them, at the same time it is worth changing the thrust bearings.

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The service life of the racks of the stabilizer and steering tips - 110-130 thousand km. run

The wheel bearing serves approximately 50-60 thousand km. It is changed along with the hub.

Rear suspension Ford Focus 2

The service life of the silent blocks of the trailing arm is 80-110 thousand kilometers. To replace them will need to disassemble the suspension. That is why the repair of the rear suspension Ford Focus 2 is more expensive.

However, silent blocks are the most fragile parts in the rear suspension. The remaining parts will last longer, shock absorbers - about 90-130 thousand km, stabilizer bars - 130-140 thousand km.

задняя Suspension Ford Focus 2

How to determine the condition of the suspension Ford Focus 2?

It is best to check on the overpass or pit, lifting each wheel alternately. It is recommended to carry out this action every 20 thousand km. run or after the car received a strong blow, driving through a deep hole.

First you need to start with the wheels.

  • unwind it with your hands. The rotation of the wheel should be uniform, without extraneous sounds and jamming.
  • grab the wheel from the bottom and top, the upper part must be pulled towards you, and the lower part to the other side. Repeat the procedure, but vice versa.

When you do this, knocks and backlash should not be. In a situation if there is a backlash, you should ask your partner to press the brake and check the backlash again.

Now there is no backlash? This suggests that the wheel bearing is out of order. Is there a backlash? So the reason for the other parts of the suspension. The next thing we check in this case is the ball bearings.

Ball bearing check

Insert a strong screwdriver between the steering knuckle and the suspension arm, squeeze it. Is there a backlash? So it's time to change the support. If the cover is cracked, it is necessary to replace it.

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Silent blocks the levers of the rear and front suspension Ford Fox 2

Slide the lever eye with a screwdriver inserted between the subframe and it. If it has moved easily enough, the silent block needs to be replaced.

suspension scheme Ford Focus 2

Rubber bush at the silent block should not bulge, cracks should also not be.

Ball joints at anti-roll bar struts

Move them by hand. The occurrence of backlash indicates that it is time to replace the stabilizer.

Examine the protective shawls of the shallow high stabilitator. Covers should be elastic and not have tears and cracks.

ford focus 2 suspension

Telescopic front suspension strut, shock absorbers, rear suspension springs Ford Focus 2

If oil leaks from the shock absorber, it is defective.

The telescopic stand requires replacement if the rubber element at the upper support has shrunk or collapsed.

Springs must be intact. Buffer compression buffer, rubber bushings and pads - must be without gaps and cracks and without any deformation.

And then a video about repairing Ford Focus 2 suspension: