Which is better crossover - bmw x5 or volkswagen touareg


Popular car classes attract major manufacturers. BMW and Volkswagen - one of the best engineering companies in the world - could not ignore the niche of mid-size crossovers. This class of transport is in demand and widely distributed, so there is high competition in it. Many companies are trying to stand out from others and create the best crossover - not so much for popularity in a niche, as for the promotion of the concern itself. But not everyone succeeds.

BMW X5 и Volkswagen Touareg

Competition BMW and Volkswagen for the title of the manufacturer of the best crossover and a large number of fans lasts for more than 10 years. They released a model in class in 1999 and 2002, respectively. Both the X5 and Touareg are constantly updated. There are new generations and restyling, which make cars more modern.

Читать далее о том, что лучше BMW X5 или Volkswagen Touareg-->Водители, которые ищут лучший премиумный среднеразмерный кроссовер, сталкиваются с выбором между BMW X5 и Volkswagen Touareg. Оба автомобиля — актуальные, комфортабельные и проходимые. Оснащаются передовыми функциями и имеют отличный дизайн. Тем не менее, между моделями есть разница — иногда она заметна только в подробном сравнении.

Description BMW X5

This model is the first in a long time SUV among BMW products. The first generation X5 came out in 1999 and was designed to drive on any type of road. Permeability was achieved due to high ground clearance, all-wheel drive with a constant value and independent suspension. The car was presented at an exhibition in Detroit, and in free sale in Europe hit in 2000.

Third, the current generation of the BMW X5 was born in 2013. The crossover platform, as well as the wheelbase, almost did not change throughout the history of the line. Only suspension geometry underwent major refinement - springs and shock absorbers were only reconfigured for the sake of greater comfort. The body became stiffer, wider and lower, and also longer. The mass of the crossover has decreased by 150 kilograms compared with the second generation. The appearance of the third version of the BMW X5 has become more relaxed, some details have been borrowed from the BMW 3, and the design is generally similar to the “younger ones” in the direction of the X1 and X3.

The latest generation BMW X5 was one of the expected cars in 2013. The model also became one of the best for this year. The best version offers a 4.4-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 450 liters. with., and the most economical has 218 horsepower. All configurations have all-wheel drive and automatic transmission. In comparison with the second generation, the third received a large amount of electronics.

BMW X5 2013

Description Volkswagen Touareg

The debut of Tuareg took place in 2002 in Paris. Its name refers to the Middle Ages. Tuareg is a “knight of the desert”, that is, a nomad who lives in the Sahara. The model is a crossover representative category and personifies the new concept of Volkswagen. Touareg combines the characteristics of a full-fledged SUV, the dynamics of a sports car and the comfort of a family.

Актуальное, второе поколение Туарега вышло в Мюнхене в 2010 году. Модель всё также делит платформу с Порш Кайен, но корпус стал немного длиннее и шире первой версии. Примечательно, что вес автомобиля наоборот уменьшился на 208 килограммов. Это позволило улучшить управляемость и экономичность в топливе. Второе поколение кроссовера Volkswagen выглядит более харизматично. Design передаёт силу и мощь, а в более дорогих комплектациях подчёркнута премиальность. Изменился и интерьер модели — теперь в салоне сочетаются более высокие уровни комфортабельности и технологий, чем в первом поколении. Туарег оснащён кожаными сидениями, которые «запоминают» положение (аналогично с рулевой колонкой и зеркалами заднего вида) и 4-зонный климат-контроль.

Unlike many, especially budgetary crossovers Volkswagen Touareg perfectly copes with the role of an SUV. It has excellent road characteristics, a large number of auxiliary functions for driving over rough terrain and rational angles and bends of the body to overcome the slopes and hills. The most expensive equipment of the Tuareg is equipped with a 3-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 244 horsepower, automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Restyling of 2014 brought a new design of body parts to the line.

Volkswagen Touareg 2010

Comparison BMW X5 and Volkswagen Touareg

The X5 and Touareg are premium German crossovers, some of the best in the niche. The choice of many drivers comes down to their opposition. In order to find out which car is better suited to certain requirements, you need to make a detailed comparison.

Configuration and cost

The price range of versions of the BMW X5 is 3800000–5260000 (6240000 with all the additional options) rubles. The standard equipment of the premium crossover includes an automatic climate system, an electrically operated glass sunroof, airbags (front and side), as well as power accessories, audio system and alloy wheels. The second generation X5 engine is made of aluminum. The available engine versions are: petrol engines of 3 and 4.4 liters with a capacity of 306 and 459 horsepower, respectively; diesel volume of 3 liters and a capacity of 218, 249, 313 and 381 liters. with. to choose from. All models are equipped with a five-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. The crossover is equipped with almost all auxiliary running gear systems that are only possible in this class of vehicles. These include stabilization, ABS, braking system in corners and control of braking dynamics, maintaining exchange rate stability and others.

The price of the Volkswagen Touareg is 2,600,000–3,750,000 rubles (4,140,000 fully loaded with all options). This mid-size crossover also belongs to the premium class, although it is cheaper than its competitor from BMW. The model is also equipped with power, media system, four-wheel drive with air suspension, ABS and cruise control, airbags and a tipping sensor. There are 3 engine versions: 1 petrol for 3.6 liters and 249 horsepower and 2 diesel engines with a volume of 3 liters and a capacity of 204 and 244 liters. with. to choose from (depends on configuration). The model copes with the tasks of an SUV is not worse than the X5. At the same time, the equipment of the maximum configuration of the Volkswagen is much richer than the minimum BMW - this is at a price that differs by only 50,000 rubles (also in favor of the Tuareg).

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BMW X5 Features:

  • Body - SUV;
  • Length - 4886 mm;
  • Width - 1938 mm;
  • Height - 1762 mm;
  • Clearance - 209 mm;
  • Weight - 2250 kg;
  • Trunk volume - 620 liters;
  • The volume of the fuel tank - 85 l.

Properties Volkswagen Touareg:

  • Body - SUV;
  • Length - 4754 mm;
  • Width - 1977 mm;
  • Height - 1703 mm;
  • Ground clearance - 201 mm;
  • Weight - 2077 kg;
  • Trunk volume - 580 liters;
  • Fuel tank capacity - 100 liters.


Both mid-size crossover look modern in the European tradition of the automotive industry. Compare BMW X5 and Volkswagen Touareg is still worth it - there are both visual and technical differences of the body.


The premium BMW X5 crossover owes its popularity to its body design. His appearance combines restraint and elegance, but at the same time has a little aggressive nature. It is these qualities in the back that X5 drivers appreciate. The last restyling of the BMW led to the fact that the appearance became sportier - mufflers and the rear bumper have changed. The new, “predatory” design attracts almost every motorist. The X5 supports the image of the real SUV - big wheels, a formidable look, chrome-plated parts and inspiring, larger than average dimensions. Available in 2 versions of the body design, which differ in wheel arches (unpainted edging or lining in body color), as well as grille slats (matte silver and chrome glossy trim). The characteristic features of the last generation are narrow head optics, a more stylish bumper, a long hood and vertical “nostrils”. The current version of the crossover looks more presentable and modern.

Volkswagen Touareg внешне выглядит менее агрессивным, чем BMW X5. Классический дизайн Туарега более сдержанный, спокойный и традиционный для линейки кроссоверов Volkswagen — он почти не меняется со временем и сохраняет свои характеристики от одного поколения к другому. Модель смотрится чуть менее массивно, чем конкурент, но причина тому — более плавные линии, так как параметры кузовов у автомобилей близки. Тем не менее, они чем-то похожи, особенно если сравнивать с другими моделями премиальных среднеразменых кроссоверов, например, Mercedes ML. Design последнего поколения Volkswagen Touareg также придерживается концепции бренда. Внешность дополнили новыми деталями наподобие новой решётки радиатора и фар сложной формы.


One of the important aspects of premium cars is a comfortable and functional interior. Such crossovers are distinguished by expensive materials and design, as well as spaciousness and convenience of the interior. In the cabin is most of the electronics from the traditionally rich niche equipment.


The interior of the BMW X5 is almost no different from what it was in previous versions - all the same Bavarian comfort familiar to the drivers of the line. For new owners, the interior may even seem too exquisite: brown leather upholstery, black ceiling, rough wood inserts. In the prestigious crossover is not felt asceticism.

Saloon BMW X5

Salon Tuareg in the last generation has become more due to the increase in the size of the crossover. Added space and comfort. Upholstery materials correspond to the level of premium cars, but at the expense of a small number of small parts, it looks strictly and creates an atmosphere of minimalism.

Salon Volkswagen Touareg

Ergonomics and materials

Inside, the BMW X5 has a two-stage dashboard. On the top tier is a wide screen navigation system. The control panel, like the whole interior, is distinguished by its functionality and luxury. One of the options for the crossover is a system for projecting data onto the front glass of a car. So in the field of view of the driver gets information about speed, navigation and other important aspects - do not have to keep your head down.

Special attention in the cabin Volkswagen Touareg deserves a functional steering wheel. Thanks to the simple design, it is very easy to control the functions of the car.

Convenience and fit

Saloon BMW X5 имеет один из самых высоких уровней комфортабельности среди всех престижных кроссоверов. Рулевая колонка, кресла переднего и заднего ряда подробно настраиваются. Благодаря высокой посадке в салоне водителю удобно следить за положением на дороге. X5 последнего поколения имеет более вместительный салон — по заказу он оснащается третьим рядом кресел.

Many drivers claim that the Touareg is perfect for a premium level crossover. Comfortable seats with lumbar support, plenty of landing space and expensive trim materials. As with the X5, the boot capacity can be effectively increased by folding the seats.

Road performance

Abilities on the road - one of the main criteria for mid-size crossovers. Any car in the classroom, including the premium one, first of all needs to cope with bad roads and demonstrate good dynamics.

Power and acceleration

The main innovations in the latest generation BMW X5 relate to the chassis. The entire range of engines has become more powerful, environmentally cleaner and more economical at the same time - great progress in the lineup. The buyer will have to choose from engines with a capacity from 218 to 450 horsepower. Petrol engines have changed a lot - the best is now 4.4-liter twin-turbo with the ability to adjust. The engines accelerate perfectly (100 km / h in 5 seconds in the best configuration) and allow you to maintain speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour.

BMW X5 Engine

The new version of the Volkswagen Touareg has received a whole line of modern engines - diesel and petrol. The crossover can pick up speed of 230 kilometers per hour, accelerating to a hundred in 7.6 seconds. These figures are noticeably worse than the BMW X5, but still provide enough potential on the road. Engine power - from 204 to 249 horsepower.

Brake system

BMW X5 is equipped with large brake discs on each wheel, as well as dynamic control system. In a critical situation, when the driver presses, he wants to abruptly stop the crossover, the function significantly increases the force when the pedal is actively pressed. The system of descent from the hill provides a smooth descent at speeds up to 12 kilometers per hour - the entire mass of the vehicle is securely held.

Brakes Volkswagen Touareg not bad cope with the task, but do not cause delight. Nevertheless, monoblock mechanisms with six pistons in the V8 trim levels are quite effective.

Volkswagen Touareg Engine


Drivers say that driving a BMW X5 in the city is very difficult. The reason is in sensations, since this crossover is “cramped” in the streets. It seems that the surrounding people are specially traveling slowly - the safe and comfortable speed of the X5 is much higher than that of many other cars, especially compact ones. In general, BMW is easily controlled in any conditions, aided by various additional functions.

The Volkswagen Touareg, as well as the BMW X5, is very easy to drive. Both premium crossovers are controlled simply and efficiently, but there is an important difference. The Tuareg, like many Volkswagen cars, has problems with the gas pedal. When you press it to half, the throttle does not respond at all - there is no overclocking. If you push the pedal "too" hard, as if it has some kind of border, the Touareg starts to accelerate very much. Moreover, this property is especially noticeable in the latest generation of the premium Volkswagen crossover. In the previous version, the gas pedal worked much better. Volkswagen Touareg has several functional modes. The choice depends on the effort on the steering wheel. At the same time, accuracy, information content and response time always remain high.

Volkswagen Touareg Rack


Minimum equipment BMW X5 provides acceleration to hundreds of 6.5 seconds, and the highest speed reaches 235 kilometers per hour. It's not entirely clear why the crossover needs such characteristics, but it is one of the most dynamic in the class, including in the premium segment.

Touareg in the minimum configuration accelerates significantly slower competitor - 100 km / h it reaches in 8.4 seconds. However, this dynamic crossover enough. For fast driving and responsiveness of the system, you can use the "sport" mode - it increases the speed, but makes the engine consume more fuel. It should be noted that the modes of the Volkswagen Touareg are really working and switching between them makes a big difference. So, the "sport" reduces the list, but makes the car more sensitive, which affects the comfort - almost every unevenness of the road is noticeable.

Luggage compartment Bmw x5


When driving, the BMW X5 electronic sensors analyze the speed of movement, the angle of inclination, the acceleration and the position of the crossover itself in space. Based on this information, Adaptive Drive controls shock absorbers and stabilizers, adjusting the chassis for current driving conditions. The drive also works in a way that changes the thrust force on different surfaces. The combination of these functions allows you to easily move in the most difficult conditions (such as loose snow), even on cheap tires.

Volkswagen Touareg also copes with bad roads. This helps electronic four-wheel drive with the distribution of energy - like the BMW X5. If one of the wheels of the Tuareg slips, the system brakes it, distributing power to the others. Volkswagen is also equipped with a center differential lock, has a reduced number of transmissions and is equipped with one of 2 suspension options - spring or pneumatic. The latter provides increased comfort and dynamics when driving on the highway. Depending on the speed, the crossover ground clearance automatically decreases from 300 millimeters with less than 60 km / h to 190 mm with 180 km / h.


The BMW X5 has a rather stiff suspension. Premium crossover is not very well suited for frankly broken roads - it lets know about a large number of defects, although it almost does not affect the comfort of the trip. In addition, if you use standard, 18-inch wheels, irregularities are almost not felt. So, the X5, without much shaking, can cope even with large holes, but the easiest way is to go around them - maneuverability allows you to do it at high speed.

If you do not take into account the uncomfortable gas pedal, it is very convenient to ride the Tuareg - especially for passengers. All road irregularities are compensated by high suspension and ground clearance, without causing strong wobble. The main thing in management is to gently press the gas (this ability on Volkswagen will have to be trained). Then the clutch limits will not interfere with comfort.

Volkswagen Touareg off-road


The BMW X5 Connected Drive program offers customers a variety of systems for protection and comfort. The function provides the following security measures: switching the lighting to the far and near depending on the situation, monitoring the distance when parking, rear view camera and all-round visibility, cornering lights, and so on. There is also a side view system. Coupled with a massive body and 6 airbags, these options make the crossover very secure.

Like BMW, Volkswagen Touareg is equipped with 6 airbags and a variety of support functions. The latter include both special belts and fasteners in the cabin, and electronics - tire puncture indicators, a stabilization system, protection against blocking when braking the engine, and so on. The parking option tracks obstacles at a distance of 120 centimeters in front of the crossover and 150 in the back.

BMW X5 off-road


From the detailed comparison it is clear that both prestigious mid-size crossover made with high quality and thoughtful. Choose the best you need, depending on the requirements of the driver. A big role can be played by the cost of cars, which differs by one and a half times in both the minimum and full trim levels with all the options.