Which suv is over half a million better


Buy an SUV at a price of up to 500 thousand rubles today is quite difficult: along with the fall of the ruble, prices for foreign cars rushed up. However, the products of the domestic auto industry also did not remain at the same level: foreign components went up in price, and therefore they could not keep the value of their developments.

SUVs for 500,000 rubles

SUVs for 500,000 rubles

But, unlike foreign competitors, representatives of the Russian industry still retained several models that are included in the price category "up to half a million rubles." Naturally, we are talking about basic configurations, but the opportunity to purchase a new car, gradually expanding its capabilities, is sometimes a preferable option than buying a used car.

Choosing a full-fledged SUV

So, the list of cars for which you can contact the dealer, having half a million rubles, is quite modest. And therefore, the problem is, what kind of SUV to buy for 500 thousand rubles is practically no - among several available models, the differences are so bright that they fit completely different requirements.



Начать стоит с одного из наиболее известных и популярных в России внедорожников — знаменитой VAZ-2121 или LADA 4×4, которая колесит по дорогам страны (и не только нашей) с 1977 г. Пережив несколько модернизаций, этот автомобиль и по сей день сохранил свою внешность. И хотя ВАЗ обещает, что в 2017 г. «Ниву» ждет рестайлинг, после которого авто может превратиться в кроссовер по цене от 700 тысяч рублей, сегодня она остается самым доступным на отечественном рынке новым полноприводным авто.

The cost of a three-door picking recommended by the manufacturer begins with a mark of 475 900 rubles. The most optimal option included in the specified budget is 1.7 l 8 cl. (83 hp.), 5MT / Luxe / Elbrus Edition. Among the options offered by the automaker, it is worth noting the following points:

  • ABS+BAS;
  • EBD;
  • GUR;
  • front ESP;
  • heated front seats;
  • 16 ”diameter alloy wheels with Pirelli tires.

Having paid 15 000 rubles, the buyer gets air conditioner in addition to everything listed. Whether it is needed in the Niva and whether it is worth overpaying for it, getting out of the budget, or buying an SUV for 500 thousand, within the framework, is up to each buyer to decide for himself.

Among the obvious shortcomings of the car - outdated design, Spartan interior, low-power engine. Fuel consumption for this class can hardly be called high - 9 l / 100 km in the combined cycle. But for the car of these dimensions - this is not the best result. However, the comfort of a car that has not left the assembly line for 40 years is not to be expected. However, excellent driving performance on light and medium off-road is appreciated not only in Russia - the Niva is one of the most popular domestic cars in Europe and South America.

Since it’s impossible to buy a Japanese SUV with a budget of up to 500 thousand rubles, we’ll continue to get acquainted with domestic all-wheel drive cars. In second place is the familiar UAZ 3741 from all over the world - “Loaf”. The car remained the only UAZ model, the cost of which starts below the mark of half a million. Subject to participation in all existing promotions of the automaker, including the Trade-in / Disposal bonus, the purchase of this model will cost the future owner 499,671 rubles. At the same time without discounts configuration 330365-460, the most affordable, will cost more than 600,000 rubles. It is worth noting that this is a modification of the XT6GMD31. Her performance - "single cabin with a board." If you choose another option, the cost will increase.

UAZ 3741

UAZ is equipped with a 2.7-liter injection engine, 5-speed manual transmission and a 2-speed transfer case. Of course, there is no mention of any elements of comfort - of all the benefits of civilization, it is worth noting only the power steering and the driver's seat with longitudinal adjustment, as well as a mechanical change in the angle of the backrest. In this assembly is not provided even the cabin heater. You can choose it among the options for an additional fee.

On this list of SUVs costing up to 500,000 rubles ends. The choice is scarce, but the cost of other cars has passed for this mark. However, given that jeeps are often sold with discounts from dealers, it is worth mentioning them.

500,000 and a bit on top

Opens the list of SUVs up to 500,000 rubles another car from Togliatti. Chevrolet LEVEL, being a joint brainchild of GM and VAZ, retained all the advantages and disadvantages that could be obtained from a Russian manufacturer. So, the main advantage lies, of course, in the price - the minimum cost, taking into account the discount on recycling, is 548,000 rubles. Naturally, there are no airbags, ABS, alarms and other benefits of the modern automotive industry. But the permanent four-wheel drive through a lockable center differential, as well as a 2-speed transfer case is quite possible to conquer off-road on this SUV.

Chevrolet LEVEL

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The “Chevrolet Niva” is equipped with a rather modest engine of 1.7 l with a capacity of 79.6 l. with. Coupled with 220-mm ground clearance and suspension with large moves, the SUV feels good on average off-road. Fuel consumption in the city is not happy - 13.2 liters. But the design of the car and its interior (albeit somewhat outdated) are quite conducive to comfortable use of cars in urban environments.

There are no more models with “honest” four-wheel drive, but if someone decides to choose an SUV at a price of up to 500 thousand rubles, he also considers cars belonging to the SUV class, you should pay attention to the following two models.

New crossover from AvtoVAZ

With all the discounts and offers from the manufacturer and LADA XRay dealers, it costs 519,000 rubles. The minimum grade available for selection is 1.6 liters of 16 cl. (106 hp.), 5MT / Optima. It already pleases the owner with the presence of driver and passenger airbags, ABS + BAS, EBD, ESC, anti-skidding system, as well as a help system when starting off. At the same time, even in the basic configuration, the car will be equipped with a central locking system, an adjustable steering column, an audio system, a EUR, a multifunctional steering wheel. Ground clearance from 195 mm and a modest wheelbase (length 4165 mm) allow the Lada X-ray to move along light off-road, without any problems and discomfort.



This choice, perhaps, ends. The budget competitors of these cars cost 100 thousand more. Therefore, if the proposed options did not suit you, you should pay attention to Chery Tiggo 2, Lifan X60, other Chinese cars (Japanese are even more expensive), and Renault Duster. Their cost starts at 600,000 rubles, but at the same time, cars have richer accessories and a high enough level of comfort for the driver and passengers. And they give you the opportunity to choose from a wide list of options.

And, finally, tell me, have you made the choice of an SUV up to 500,000 rubles after reading this article? Perhaps you know the models that should be added to the resulting list. Tell about them in the comments to the article!