Koreans have published a photo of the cabin of the new kia

Корейцы опубликовали фото салона нового кроссовера Let KX7 There is just over a month before the start of sales in the Middle Kingdom a new mid-size crossover Let KX7. At first, he will begin to conquer the Chinese car market exclusively, and later ... about this until the Koreans say absolutely nothing. The car has a definite similarity with the crossover sold in Russia Kia Sorento Prime. And this is not surprising, because Let KX7 built just on the platform of the latter. The exterior design of the new product is noticeably more modern than that of the “elder brother”; Kia Sorento Prime as a result of the upcoming restyling. Platform with Sorrento Prim Let KX7 was officially presented to the mass public at the end of November at the motor show, which was held in Guangzhou, China. The exhibition stand was then decorated with a dull-toned crossover, and the attempts of journalists to look inside were not successful. And now the Chinese have allowed the curious to look into the interior of the new SUV. Корейцы опубликовали фото салона нового кроссовера Let KX7 When compared to the interior Sorento Prime, that salon Let KX7 designed in a more strict design, although there are quite original elements, such as quilted tops of seat backs or diagonal buttons on the center console. Корейцы опубликовали фото салона нового кроссовера Let KX7 The steering wheel is strongly shaped like that of the American Ford Mondeo of previous generations, but it is a multifunctional steering wheel, with buttons on both spokes. The climate system unit is exactly the same as the new Rio sedan. Touchscreen multimedia bulging above the main console - a tribute to modern fashion. Salon seven-seater, the last row of seats can be folded to the level of the floor of the luggage compartment. And you get a very spacious trunk, where you can shove a sofa, not a sofa, but a refrigerator easily. Above the head - a two-section panoramic "window". Корейцы опубликовали фото салона нового кроссовера Let KX7 The photos presented top of the range Let KX7, it runs under the hood of a two-liter gasoline engine with a turbocharger. The corresponding power is two hundred forty honest "horses." The engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. There are four-wheel drive. In addition to the turbo version, there will be a complete set with both a two-liter 163-strong aspirated and a 188-strong 2.4-liter. The basic assembly will be exclusively front-wheel drive, but also with the named automatic transmission. Корейцы опубликовали фото салона нового кроссовера Let KX7 The new KX7 will be produced at the Chinese facilities of Dongfeng Yueda Kia. The model may not come to our Russian car dealers, as well as somewhere outside of China. In particular, we have nothing to do with it, because it sells too strong a competitor for a novelty - Kia Sorento Primwhich in a couple of years will update dramatically.

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