Rating the best air fresheners for cars


The comfort in the car is provided not only by the comfortable seats and the perfect interior, but also by the freshness of the air and the constant pleasant aroma. Vehicles, regardless of their status, have a peculiar technical smell, which during the operation of the car is supplemented with various admixtures of exhaust odors or cigarette smoke in the presence of bad habits of the driver or passengers. To eliminate unpleasant odors and fill the interior with freshness at the present time, automobile fragrances, which are represented by a rich assortment in the markets, allow.

Best car air fresheners

How to choose an air freshener for the car.

О правильности выбора ароматизатора в машину мало кто задумывается до тех пор, пока сам не «обожжётся» на покупке в случае приобретения непригодного товара, который ещё больше усугубляет запах в салоне, не удовлетворяет пожеланий автовладельца. Определиться, какой лучше освежитель воздуха купить для своего авто, поможет информация, представленная в этой статье, где подробно расскажем об ассортименте автотоваров, их видах и формах, популярных производителях и ароматах.Читать далее про лучшие освежители воздуха для автомобиля-->

Types of car air fresheners by filling

The main task of the air freshener is to create a comfortable aromatic atmosphere in the car, since often the car owner in a car has to spend a significant part of his time due to the specific work or personal circumstances. Buying a poor-quality or ineffective product often leads to the need to frequently change the refresher, as the functionality of some of them is limited to a period of several weeks.

The problem of how to choose an effective flavoring in a car is solved by first studying the range of automotive products on the market. So that the purchase was not in vain, and the products pleased the car owner with a pleasant aroma for a long time, initially we select the appropriate product according to the criterion of the typology of air fresheners, which differ in filler. Depending on what type of filler will be purchased fragrance for the car, depends on the duration of the life of the selected fresheners.

The range of air fresheners in the car is represented in the advantage of products with aromatic fragrance, which is a gel, granular, liquid or natural basis. Which of them are the best will help to understand a detailed overview of the types of air fresheners, taking into account their price category and characteristics.


Gel освежители представляют собой ёмкости стеклянного или пластикового типа с крышкой, в которой имеются отверстия для распространения запаха по салону. Источником аромата является вещество в форме геля. Продукция этой категории характеризуется равномерным распространением аромата на протяжении всего срока службы, который составляет около трёх месяцев, средней ценовой политикой и невысокими критериями испаряемости. Из недостатков потребители отмечают возможность их замерзания при минусовых температурах за бортом.

Gel освежители


The flavors of the granular form, also called purse-like, are bags that are filled with a substance in the form of granules. This type belongs to the category of expensive automotive products, as it is characterized by a prolonged period of operation of more than four months. Unlike the previous type of product, such air fresheners are practically not exposed to temperatures, they are highly effective.



The basic distributor of fragrance in this type of air freshener is the substance in the form of a liquid. This kind of flavors is most in demand among domestic consumers due to the budget price of products. Easy to use: installed in the cabin on a torpedo or duct, the power of distribution of aroma is regulated by a valve that allows you to control the smell, or shut it off, if the machine is not in use. Among the shortcomings, consumers note high criteria for liquid evaporation in the hot season and the possibility of its freezing in winter. With rational use can aromatize salon for several months.

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Fresheners with natural filler

Most often, these products are presented to the consumer in the form of flax original bags, which are usually placed on the rearview mirror. As a filler, natural coffee beans or herbs can be used with a pronounced aromatic effect. When buying such bags, consumers are advised to refrain from purchasing goods that are filled with herbs with a sedative effect that affect driver attentiveness and concentration.

Fresheners with a filler


In addition to categorization by type of filler, air fresheners for a vehicle also have a distribution by type, on which the style of influence of the fragrance on unwanted odors depends.

The first group of products is designed to neutralize the unpleasant smell in the car, an advantage in the form of smoke bombs is produced. Manufacturers of neutralizing flavors claim that to eliminate the repellent aromas, it is enough just to buy goods from this category and place them in the salon according to the instructions. According to consumer reviews, this type of air fresheners does not meet the expectations of the car owner only in the case of well-established unpleasant odors. If there is an unbearable smell in the car, then only high-quality general cleaning can help to cope with it.

The second type of air fresheners is characterized exclusively by a camouflage effect: products emit pleasant aromas that interrupt the bad amber in the cabin. As practice shows, this type of flavoring is the most popular among consumers and effective in action, especially if a good quality product is selected.

Air fresheners with aroma

Release form

The rating of automotive fragrances is influenced not only by the criteria of product efficiency and the operational period, but also their design performance, which in a certain way influences the implementation of a choice. Consider the basic forms of air fresheners, which are in a decent range of available on the market and are in significant demand from buyers.


Gel and liquid flavors are mainly produced in the form of kegs made from a variety of materials, in a predominant amount of glass or wood. Installed such products on the ventilation grille. The range of flavors in the form of barrels is very diverse, which allows you to choose an alternative version of the product for each driver, depending on his financial capabilities, taking into account the wishes of product design.


Cardboard figures

The most primitive and inexpensive, however, popular, despite the short period of action, are air fresheners in the form of cardboard figures. The history of the existence of these flavors has already crossed the fifty-year milestone, while their prevalence in the market has not decreased so far. Such products are often mounted by drivers on the glass of the rear view, at the same time fulfilling both the role of flavoring and the function of decorating the cabin. Fresheners in the form of cardboard figures are products made of cardboard, impregnated with flavored emulsion. Initially, such elements were produced exclusively in the form of "Christmas trees", but today there are cardboard fresheners in a variety of designs.

Cardboard figures

Slims with essential oils

Fresheners, the base of which are essential oils, belong to a series of products from the middle price category, while differing by a prolonged period of action. Compact slims are installed on the ventilation grille, they can be mounted both on the horizontal and on the vertical plane. Despite the relative high cost of products in this category, consumers are increasingly making the choice in favor of slims, as they have proven to be excellent in terms of aromatization and efficiency. In addition, at the end of the life of the product there is no need to purchase a new slim, it is enough to buy a replaceable cartridge with aromatic oil.

Slims with essential oils

Seat fresheners

This group of products can be produced in any design, and the refresher filler can be either granular or from the category of gel or natural type. Most often on sale there are flavors for fastening under the seat in the form of jars, zipper pouches or plastic small tanks. Despite the purpose of this product for fastening under the seat, it can be placed anywhere in the cabin, attached with adhesive tape.

Seat fresheners

Top manufacturers

An important criterion when choosing a flavoring machine is a manufacturer of products. The top 5 best include the following manufacturers of air fresheners:

  1. The best in the production of flavors is the company Eiko car. Under this brand, goods of Japanese origin are delivered to domestic markets. The manufacturer is included in many ratings of air fresheners for the car as a leader in the uniqueness of aromas, efficiency, durability, price-performance ratio The bestseller among the flavors of this manufacturer is the line of AIR Spencer products with chalky filler.Eiko car
  2. Освежители воздуха для автомобиля под брендом Contexявляются одними из самых покупаемых на отечественном рынке, представляют собой преимущественно ароматизаторы в форме картонных фигурок. Популярность у отечественного покупателя заслужили благодаря бюджетной стоимости на фоне отличного дизайна продукции и достойного выбора ароматов. Contex
  3. Aeronaromatic products are very popular among car owners due to the excellent tandem of price and quality characteristics. Mainly the assortment is represented by goods with liquid fillings in glass tanks, having an excellent design, which fits perfectly into the interior of both expensive cars and budget vehicles. Aeron
  4. Under the Aroma Car brand, excellent European-quality flavors are delivered to the markets. A comprehensive range allows you to pick up the product to any consumer, as there are both budget products with an excellent choice of fragrances, and expensive air fresheners with a prolonged period of validity.Aroma Car
  5. Affordable pricing and excellent quality indicators are characterized by aromatic products from the company Autodoc. Particularly popular are the liquid category air fresheners intended for installation on the deflector. The manufacturer guarantees a pleasant and persistent smell in the car throughout the entire period of operation, which is not less than six months, while the range of smells includes both neutral flavors and perfumery of a specific class with a perfume of coffee, vanilla, cappuccino. Autodoc

When buying a flavoring agent for your car, experts recommend refraining from purchasing goods of Chinese origin with dubious quality. Most often, they do not meet consumer expectations, neither by aromatization of the salon, nor by the operating period, which casts doubt on the profitability of the purchase.

Features of the choice of aroma: the most popular smells

Having decided on the type of desired product, its characteristics, manufacturer and other quality indicators, the buyer will have one of the most important elements of choice: the selection of a good smell. To make a rating of the most popular fragrances of air fresheners in the car is actually not so easy, since the concept of “pleasant fragrance” for each person is strictly individual. Despite this fact, we will try to provide fragrances that are positioned by car owners as the best air fresheners. The top 5 flavors for cars include air fresheners with such smells:

  1. Icy freshness - unobtrusive and at the same time invigorating aroma allows you to fill the car with a pleasant fragrance without excesses.
  2. Ocean breeze is a smell that belongs to the category of the most common aromas, saturating the car with notes of the elements of the ocean, purity and freshness.
  3. Green tea is a fragrance that allows you not only to fill the interior of the car with a pleasant fragrance, but also helps to recuperate and improve mood.
  4. Cool waterfall. The fragrance is characterized by a spicy, refreshing and unobtrusive fragrance.
  5. The fragrance that duplicates the smell of a new car. It is popular with many drivers, because with a bouquet of amber, which includes smells of wood, leather, with hints of velvet and iron, you can create a modern and dynamic comfort in the cabin.

Bouquets of smells with floral or fruit fragrances are considered to be popular with the fragrance. When buying “flower” flavors, you should refrain from purchasing products with relaxing smells, such as lavender, jasmine, rose or chamomile, which can adversely affect the driver’s concentration and attention, which can adversely affect the reaction rate. Citrus, savory products, which contribute to concentration, are considered to be an excellent choice. Heavy, aggressive odors are also not recommended for use in a car, as they can provoke a migraine with a long-term exposure to a person and quickly get bored.

Let's sum up

Choosing a car freshener is quite a challenging and difficult task, since the mood of the driver and passengers, morale, and attentiveness depend on the aromatic flavor. When buying products for a perfumery car category, it is necessary to be guided not only by the price policy of the flavoring agent, but also by its quality criteria, the duration of its service life, and the directness of its aromas.

The rating of the best air fresheners for the car, presented in the article, will help determine the choice of flavoring in form, filler, brand, choose the best odor option, which positively affects the atmosphere in the cabin. Buy fragrances for the car only from trusted manufacturers, beware of imitations, and your car will be guaranteed a pleasant and comfortable stay.