Rating of the most powerful suvs and jeeps in the world

The beauty and power of modern off-road vehicles is all that fans and speed need. The original models allow you to drive around without problems and on the roads of the city, and on the routes, and on dirt terrain. Attractive cars and reliable protection, high-quality study of comfort and safety systems. Therefore, many of the popular cars can compete for the title of “The most powerful SUV in the world”.


  • Top 10 most powerful models of SUVs
  • The most powerful jeep: the rating of the best "all-terrain vehicles"
  • SUV Leader: Brabus G 800 iBusiness

Top 10 most powerful models of SUVs

Modern automakers are trying to conquer the fans with new products with increased power and excellent speed performance. But the companies also take care of the convenience of traveling outside the city, the safety of the driver and passengers. You can explore the most powerful off-road vehicles with excellent indicators of protection and comfort in this rating:

1. BMW X5 M G power Typhoon

The powerful SUV is equipped with a 725 hp engine. The car has a speed of hundreds of only 4.2 seconds, and the maximum speed is 300 km / h (with a weight of 2.23 tons). "Typhoon" has an attractive design: a smooth body gently expands to the bottom. Motor car has a volume of 4.8 liters and includes 8 cylinders with a V-shaped arrangement.BMW X5 M G power Typhoon

2. Bentley Bentayga

Posh Bentley is equipped with a 600-horsepower W12 TSI engine with a pair of turbochargers. Dynamics of acceleration of the model to 100 is only 4.1 s. The maximum achieved when driving on an empty highway is 301 km / h. The SUV has a bright exterior and rich interior: the interior trim includes natural leather and wood.Bentley Bentayga

3. BMW X6 M

Attractive 575-strong "Bavarian" is equipped with an 8-cylinder engine. Accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds, and the highest speed mark for it is 250. The SUV attracts with low fuel consumption: only 11.1 liters in mixed mode. And the presence of a 85 l fuel tank allows long-distance travel on the BMW X6.BMW X6 M

— Volkswagen Touareg 4.2 FSI 4motion

Great jeep for traveling, both in the city and beyond. 360-strong engine model allows you to comfortably travel on asphalt and primer. And the 8-speed automatic gearbox guarantees the quick response of the car to a given speed command.Volkswagen Touareg 4.2 FSI 4motion

— Lexus LX570

The safest and most reliable Jeep LX570 is equipped with a 367 hp engine. Equipped with ventilated disc brakes, includes modern systems of protection and exit from the drifts. The maximum speed is 200 km / h.Lexus LX570

- Mitsubishi Outlander

The budget Outlander jeep is also suitable for traveling within the boundaries of populated areas, and for off-road driving. The model has a high ground clearance of 21.5 cm. Equipped with a 230-hp power unit. The maximum speed is 205 km / h. Acceleration to hundreds of jeep carries for 8.7 s.Mitsubishi Outlander

SUV Leader: Brabus G 800 iBusiness

Brabus G 800 iBusiness

Heavyweight jeep Brabus G 800 iBusiness - the first in terms of power of all presented. The model was built on the basis of the equally attractive Mercedes G65. But unlike the progenitor, its engine with 12 cylinders has a capacity of 800 hp. Complemented by the control unit "machine" with 7 steps. Acceleration to 100 is made in just 4.2 seconds. True, a lot of weight affects the maximum - only 250 km / h.

Equipped with auto 23-inch wheels, which emphasizes its status as the best SUV. On the attached photos you can see the spectacular exterior of the model and the equally stylish interior design. The front panel includes an entertainment system that allows passengers to watch videos while traveling, and the driver to listen to their favorite tracks. Interior trim is made of black leather, the seats are decorated with bright red lines.