How to easily start the car in the cold: the best ways


Winter-winter is clearly on the threshold. Night frosts are clear proof of this. It's easier for a person: he dressed himself, drank warm tea or coffee, or warmed up in other ways, and only the owner can take care of the car. We often start the car in the cold. Consider in this article what you need to do if this misfortune "put a foot up for you" at a completely inappropriate time.

Sometimes you need to make a lot of effort to start the car in the cold

Sometimes you need to make a lot of effort to start the car in the cold

Кроме того, поможем разобраться, как дополнительно помочь любимому автомобилю еще до наступления сильных морозов, и таким образом, свести к минимуму возникновение проблем.Читать далее о том, как завести автомобиль в мороз-->

How to facilitate the engine start in the cold

Whichever option you choose, you should take into account that these actions need to be done continuously throughout the period of low temperatures.

  1. Take away the battery at night in a warm room. This option has a serious “plus”, but “minus”, of course, in the weight of this device. Wear it every day, especially if you live far from the parking lot, not everyone can.
  2. Before switching on the engine, press the high beam button several times. A little engine heating is provided.

But this is basically a half-measure, consider a more detailed workshop how to start the car in the cold with the least effort:

  • A little bit remember auto racing. I guess you noticed how fast the racers switch speed. So let's try to do something similar. Pressing the clutch, try to quickly shift gears. This contributes to the fact that the oil in the transmission will not be so viscous.

    Fast gear changes will help reduce the viscosity of transmission oil

    Fast gear changes will help reduce the viscosity of transmission oil

  • Make sure that all electrical appliances: fan, heated mirrors, rear window, including the stove with car radio were turned off. You will be fine without a “civilization” for a few minutes, and the battery will not spend energy on them.
  • The parking brake must be off.
  • The key is inserted into the ignition lock, but do not turn it; the gear selector lever must be in neutral.
  • After turning the key, wait until all the indicators go out.
  • Squeeze the clutch and start the starter in just ten seconds.
  • If everything is in order and the engine starts, hold a little grip until you hear that the rpm is stable.
  • But even in this case, it is necessary to release the clutch carefully, otherwise the engine will stall. If there was a failure, do not despair, we start the car in a frost a little differently. There is such an interesting technique. The gas pedal is fully depressed, the ignition is turned on (for 5 seconds) and the pedal is released rather slowly.
  • And only after that you need to start the car in the usual way.

Consider alternatives that are recommended by experienced drivers, specialists and instructors driving schools. Why is it important? It is not always possible to remember the sequence of actions proposed above, so additional tips on how best to start the engine in the cold will always come in handy:

  1. Press the gas and simultaneously turn on the ignition for a few seconds: the purge of the combustion chamber is assured.
  2. Then briefly start the starter to prevent it from overheating and, further, as usual.

A good option (if you have time) is to warm the battery in a warm room. Additionally, it does not hurt to recharge it: the features of this device are that at low temperatures it loses its properties. Currently, it is not a problem to purchase household recharging and, thus, save yourself from a number of problems, especially in the cold. This advice is more relevant to gasoline engines.

Video on how to start the car in the cold:

Universal way

“Friend's help” is a great way if the battery is “dead” and there is no possibility to reanimate it. In another car with a normal battery, disconnect the terminals and connect both power sources with thick wires. Observe the principle: strictly the pros and cons among themselves. Otherwise, winter fireworks are guaranteed.

Friend help

Friend help

Within 10 minutes, the weaker device is charged. At the same time, the short-term activation of the engine of a “healthy” car will help to enhance the effect. In principle, this time is quite enough to achieve results.

After that, it is necessary to turn off the engine and, without removing the wires, we start the problem engine, as a rule, it “comes to life”. But it is important not less than 5-10 minutes, depending on the external temperature, to warm up the motor. After that, turn off the "heart" of the machine, the wires are disconnected.

What to do with a diesel engine

For a start, everything is the same as with a gasoline engine: warming up or recharging the battery. As an option that is applicable to any car: transportation to a warm garage. The use of fuel designed for low temperatures is the best prevention of the problem.

Dedovsky method: pour boiling water over the fuel tank and filter. Alternatively, use a regular hair dryer.

Now advanced technology: install a preheater. It is autonomous, but highly effective. Chimprom's interesting offers: a special depressant-dispersant additive removes a potential problem.

What will help the motor in the cold

  • Be sure to change the coolant.
  • The same applies to engine oil in winter: use synthetic or semi-synthetic options.
  • Check the candles, if they are covered with soot, even cleaning does not always give a good result, it is better to install new ones.
  • A well-charged battery is required. That he is responsible for the normal operation of the starter.
  • Watch the fuel level. Do not allow a drop below half the tank. In this case, the appearance of condensate.

    In winter, pay more attention to engine maintenance.

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If someone tells you that the best way to eliminate a problem with starting up is to keep the car in a heated garage, believe me, this is perfect rubbish. In any case, if you exploit the car throughout the year, you will have to leave it near work, supermarkets, or just in the yard, so our advice will help solve this problem.