Rating the best car mats


Car mats are often not bought as a matter of necessity, these are plebs, which exist in the world of other, equally popular car accessories. The importance of car mats immediately given to determine the purchase and selection of the optimal model. Of course, they are not as important as the purchase of, for example, a battery, however, they cause a lot of questions, exposing the buyer to difficult choices. Especially valuable is the availability of high-quality car mats in inclement weather, when the street completely slush and dirt, which carry with shoes in the car is highly undesirable. In the material below, all types of existing floor mats are considered, the advantages and disadvantages of each model are given. In addition to the capabilities and properties of certain autorugs, specific representatives of the specified goods, sold on the Russian market, are considered.

Top car floor mats

Rating the best car mats.

Конечно, нельзя аргументированно назвать единственную модель автоковрика, которая без исключения подойдёт абсолютно всем транспортным средствам. Этого сделать даже в теории невозможно, ввиду чего в материале рассмотрены те варианты ковриков, которые оптимальны для машин В-класса. Как правило, это автомобили массового потребления, которые чаще остальных приобретаются современными автолюбителями. Практика показывает, что покупку качественных ковриков осуществляют далеко не многие, оставляя это приобретение «до лучших времён». Разберёмся с тем, какие коврики лучше в машину купить, а от каких стоит отказаться.Читать далее про лучшие автомобильные коврики-->

Features of autofinals depending on type

The choice of material for the future acquisition is often the primary issue that every motorist tries to answer independently. It is worth considering that the decision should be made depending on the climatic conditions in which the vehicle is operated. In regions where a cold climate prevails, harsh winters, textile, nap and rag mats will be quite suitable. In warmer regions or in the spring and summer, experts recommend changing fabric mats to rubber, PVC or plastic products. Such car mats especially collect dirt and dust.

On the car market there are completely different types of car mats, which can be designed either for the cabin or for the trunk. Wherever a motorist plans to put a product, he should pay attention to the safety and comfort of the purchased goods. Safety autorun lies in its ability to fully cover the floor in the car, closely adjacent to it. In this case, a properly selected mat will not cause discomfort, it will not prevent to operate the pedals. A safe autorug prevents the feet from slipping, in addition, its outer side must have special attachments that allow it to rigidly engage the floor of the car. The lack of fasteners should indicate the need to choose other mats in the car. It is also better to refuse to buy goods with velcro, such elements, as a rule, do not provide reliable fixation. A movable autorug can interfere with safe driving, triggering incorrect driver behavior.

Types of car mats

Often the choice of a motorist is burdened with a huge variety of models of floor mats presented on the car market. In many ways, these devices are similar, in particular, in their main purpose - to prevent the accumulation of debris, to make cleaning faster and more comfortable. However, you should explore all the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed models in order to understand which cars are better to buy.

Polyurethane and rubber mats

To uniquely determine for yourself which car mats are better, it is worth considering the distinctive features of polyurethane and rubber products. The first type of coating is more durable, does not have an unpleasant odor. In turn, rubber competitors are always the same thickness, have the same patterns on both sides.

When purchasing a rubber product, it is preferable to choose a product with non-slip spikes. This autorug has a gain not only in thickness but also on all sides, it is easy to install. The coating created from polyurethane is distinguished by its lightness and smoothness, occasionally sliding on the floor of the cabin. This element of the decor is preferably used in the warm season, in the cold they dubeyut, lose elasticity.

Polyurethane and rubber mats

Of course, compared to more elegant 3D mats, polyurethane and rubber analogues look simpler. True, superior to the above products for practicality. Many motorists stop the choice on a rubber product due to the possibility to use car mats at any time of the year, in any weather, despite the fact that the purchase does not have to give fabulous money. Rubber goods are quite cheap.

Textile floor mats

Opinion about which mats are best purchased in the car, can change the purchase of textiles. Such a product is attractive for its aesthetics. In addition to performing the main function of collecting dust, nap mats adorn the vehicle. On sale you can find textiles of almost any color that will fit perfectly into any salon. Such a rug is distinguished by good moisture absorption, lack of puddles. The original product is able to absorb about two liters of water (which will affect its price). Drying such an automat requires cleaning with a brush. Despite all the advantages and nice appearance, in the cold season it is extremely difficult to clean them, they quickly wear out and lose their former attractiveness.

Textile floor mats

3D mats

Recently, modern 3D car mats have become very popular. Many experts argue that this is the type of car accessory that is ideal for almost any car. Such a floor protects the floor of an iron horse from dirt accumulations, while 3D car mats will serve the car owner for a long time and faithfully. As practice shows, their service life is much more typical of goods. 3D-rug is a universal cover that can be used in any weather, regardless of whether it is cold outside or hot. 3D car mats are as comfortable and safe as possible, the accumulated dust does not fly through the cabin, and the appearance of such a product is more than attractive. Buying such an automat helps to create an individual style of interior space.

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Universal car mats

When choosing a rug for your vehicle, a motorist often tries to find the most attractive and at the same time budget option. In order not to suffer from an unpleasant odor in the cabin or other shortcomings of the car, experts recommend giving preference to universal products. Products oriented to the Russian consumer must be flexible at temperatures from -50 ° C to + 50 ° C. Mats made of thermoplastic elastomer fully comply with these requirements. If along with these rugs to use carpet liners, then you get a universal option suitable for any time of year.

Best car mats in 2018

In order to highlight the best model from the list of autorugs options on the Russian market, a study was carried out, during which many well-known universal products were checked, which, according to manufacturers, can sit well in any car, will not be rolled up and hammered under pedal compartment.

Not bad in use are Autoprofi floor mats, a set of which will cost a motorist 1,800 rubles. As practice shows, in the B-class cars, these mats fall quite neatly. The product is not equipped with special places for hooks, as it is considered universal, suitable for a large number of vehicles. The compartment on which the left leg can be placed, we do not have slots, however, a special marking is provided. The automat has low sides, about 1 cm. Due to its versatility, the product does not fit perfectly, which is why it will not work for some machines.


The second model under consideration is AVS Comfort VK-02, a pair of such rugs costs about 130 rubles. Due to the low price, the product is not of high quality - it is thin, has low wear resistance. True, the good water absorption is remarkable, due to which they can be used as additional equipment during the slushy period of the year, covering the main floor mats.

AVS Comfort VK-02

The ranking of the best autorugs of 2018 continues the Auto-Tsomfort model. A kit of this kind will cost a motorist 890 rubles. Despite its versatility, not all passenger cars will occupy the “correct” position. Wear resistance is weak, but the water absorption is high.


The fourth model under consideration is Euromat 3D. Kit almost 5 thousand rubles. equipped with a markup that does not coincide with every special hook. The presented model should fit perfectly into all Korean B-class cars. As a rule, even with a normal position on the floor, he will not be able to please the buyer with decent wear resistance. The product from pile and foam rubber quickly becomes useless, at the same time badly copes with moisture absorption.

Euromat 3D

The fifth contender for the title of best is Klever, a set of which will cost 2,000 rubles. The product is not able to hide the compartment to rest your left foot. However, all the hooks can be arranged in the correct order. The automat has a polymer thrust bearing, it is distinguished by its endurance (wear resistance) and is not very good absorbency.


As for Novline automat, the cost of which reaches 1.7 thousand rubles, this is a polyurethane product, which is not the best way to sit on the floor of the vehicle. It is not equipped with holes for reliable fastening, it has poor-quality fixing elements. At a normal height of the sides (2 cm.), It is difficult to remove the mat from the machine to get rid of accumulated water.


A product from the Seintex company, which has high sides, costs about 2 thousand rubles. With a good location on the floor, the mat will be difficult to fix, which is prevented by the molded protrusions covering the hooks. This product has a section where the left leg can rest, and high sides (3 cm).


A similar product - model Seintex Grid, standing about 2.3 thousand rubles. With a relatively small price, the buyer will receive a product in which you have to independently make holes for hooks. However, in these holes will subsequently accumulate water, which, when removing the carpet, it will be possible not to spill on the floor. The sides of this product reach 1.8 cm.

Autorug for 4.6 thousand rubles. can be sewn from almost any skilled craftsman. Such a product is made solely by the standards that a motorist takes from his cabin. It is equipped with special holes designed for hooks. For a relatively high cost, you can make an autofin that is ideal for absolutely any car. The product will have a rubber base, can be equipped with a heel. In addition, it is possible to tailor carpet in the trunk or create a unique patch. Such products are characterized by high wear resistance and excellent absorbency. This is an expensive, but perfect fabric option.


Завершает рейтинг лучших ковриков в салон автомобиля изделие Autopilotза 2,4 тыс. руб. При отличном расположении на полу транспортного средства крючки мешать не будут, при этом автоковрик оснащён специальным вырезом под ручку. Товар имеет хорошую износостойкость и среднюю впитываемость воды.


Comparing car mats and choosing the perfect product is an ambiguous matter, because each vehicle will suit completely different models. The above material will allow you to understand what aspects to pay attention to when choosing the optimal floor mat for a vehicle.