Vw announced the recall of almost two thousand cars sold in

VW объявandл отзыв почтand двух тысяч авто, проданных в Россandand The German carmaker, recently heavily wetting its global reputation with diesel gate, announced the launch of a revocable campaign for cars VW Jetta, VW Beetle and VW Golf. На россandйском авторынке такandх автомобandлей, проданных с 2013 года по сей день, всего около двух тысяч штук. Владельцам этandх автомобandлей стоandт пробandть своand VIN-коды по базе данных офandцandального сайта Фольксвагена, не andсключено, что онand находятся в спandске тех машandн, которые нуждаются в бесплатном сервandсе.

The revocable campaign applies only to cars of these models sold to Russians in the past two years. This was officially announced today in the press center of the Russian representative office of the auto concern. Recalling is carried out on a voluntary basis, that is, if the owner does not want to take advantage of the free opportunity to eliminate the found faults - his business, but he was warned and claims will not be accepted in the future. VW объявandл отзыв почтand двух тысяч авто, проданных в Россandand In what reason for withdrawal? The fact is that in these models of automobiles the pulley is likely to break in the regulator of the gas distribution mechanism of the internal combustion engine. As a result, the phase regulator may become unusable, which would lead to a rupture of the drive belt. As part of the free service this unit has Volkswagen Jetta, Beatle and Golf, which fell under the revocable campaign, will be replaced completely.

Today in our car brand new Volkswagen Jetta can be purchased starting from 790 thousand rubles. Top version of the Jetta will cost the buyer 1 million 230 thousand rubles. Under the hood of a Jetta You can detect one of the two benzomotorov. The first, 1.4-liter, is able to demonstrate the power of 85 and 105 horses, the second, 1.6-liter, can replace a herd of 122 or a hundred and fifty horses. As the transmission can be used as a manual, and robotic and automatic transmission. VW объявandл отзыв почтand двух тысяч авто, проданных в Россandand Ladies VW Beetle Russians can buy their second half for 1 050-1 715 kilorubles. Technically, the Beatle is packed more abruptly than the Jetta, despite its somewhat awkward appearance. These are 1,2-, 1,4-, 2.0-liter gasoline engines. The first on 105, the second on 160 and the third on 210 hp There is no automatic box, only a mechanic or a robot. VW объявandл отзыв почтand двух тысяч авто, проданных в Россandand VW Golf in Russia sold in various versions. It is a sedan and a hatchback. A three-door will cost from 1 154 000 to 1 425 000 wooden, five-door - from 1 197 to 1 472 kilorubles. Motors Golf more modest than the Beatle. These are 1.4 and 1.6-liter gasoline engines, capable of showing power from 110 to a hundred and fifty horses. Robot, automatic and mechanics go together.

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Recently, two models of Volkswagen cars finally left our market. This is a three-door hatchback VW Scirocco and a minivan VW Touran. Everything that was delivered by the suppliers has already been sold out, and the Germans decided not to deliver the cars to us anymore.