All car brands with badges and names

More than a hundred years in the service of humanity are cars. Their first self-made designs were made by self-taught in artisanal conditions. Later, entrepreneurs, for example, Henry Ford, put this process on the conveyor, and gave the maximum possible number of citizens to appreciate the delights of owning their own cars.

It is believed that approximately in the world today there are about fifty thousand models of cars and about five thousand car brands. For this reason, all brands of cars and their icons with the names and photos are quite problematic to place in one article. Imagine a list of the most sought-after and proven brands.


  • 1 Japanese cars
  • 2 American cars
  • 3 Russian car brands
  • 4 German car brands
  • 5 European car brands
  • 6 Korean car brands
  • 7 Chinese car logos

Japanese cars

The country of the rising sun is represented on the automotive map of the world as one of the leaders in this industry. Most concerns have offices around the world.

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Japanese car brands

Logo Honda designed in the form of a stylized letter “H”, the first letter of the name of the founder of the concern Soichiro Honda. The basis of the logo is a square with rounded corners.

Logo компании Toyota more multifaceted. It represents three ellipses. Two perpendiculars depict the letter "T", sometimes their symbol is described as a string, threaded into a needle, hinting at the company's weaving past. Also, these ellipses should resemble two combined hearts: the driver and the car. This pair is surrounded by a common ellipse.

Subaru placed on the logo of the constellation Pleiades. These six stars are visible from Earth even without telescopes. The second point is to merge six companies into one - Fuji Heavy Industries. Even the name of the concern in one of the translations sounds like “gather together”. Initially, the products of the French Renault were used as the basic models of Subaru cars.

Michio Suzuki also raised his company from the production of weaving machines, as well as motorcycles. Suzuki занимает 12 место в мире по объему реализуемой продукции. Logoом является видоизмененная латинская буква «S».

IN Mitsubishiwhich translates as “three diamonds”, no restyling of the logo has ever occurred.

Nissan based on the sun. For more than 8 decades, a company with its logo has been very popular in its homeland and in the world.

American cars

Thanks to the love of North American fans for textured cars and the desire to stand out against the general background, it is easy to distinguish the American car brand by the emblem against the general background.

Logo Ford already familiarly depicts an ellipse with a blue background and the name of the founder Henry Ford, inscribed in capital letters.

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American car emblems

Company Buick repeatedly changed the style of the nameplate, and each time the emblem received intricate shapes. Now three silver coat of arms are located in a circle, placed diagonally. They are symbols of the three most successful models.

Migrated from the battlefield Hummer, простым шрифтом без лишних засечек оповещает покупателей о названии авто. Logo размещен на восьмиполосной решетке радиатора.

Celebrating its centenary in 2016 GMC, also adheres to restraint in the emotions of style, equips its products only with a red three-letter abbreviation of the concern.

In the list of car brands Cadillac falls for the stylishness of its emblem. The name of the company is given in honor of the founder of the lord de Cadillac. He was one of the founders of the industrial capital of the United States, Detroit. In the center of the Cadillac emblem is the family crest of the founders' family.

For logo Chevrolet по легенде выбран узор на обоях одного из французских мотелей. Этот элемент дизайна приглянулся собственнику компании INильяму Деранту.

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Company Chrysler Equipped its logo with wings symbolizing the strength and speed of their cars. The company has been active since 1924. The concern includes brands such as Lamborghini, Dodge.

Logo "purebred American" Pontiac is a red arrow. It is located between two large air intakes.

Logo компании Tesla It is based on the letter "T", changed to the shape of a sword. This is one of the most popular brands of electric cars, named after the Serbian physicist Nikla Tesla.

Russian car brands

Domestic car brands with icons and names also have their traditions and symbols. They are laid in the images that we see on the front of our cars.

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Russian car logos

After the Soviet logo Togliatti automakers in 1994 chose a silver ellipse with a rook in the center. Later chief designer WHA Steve Mattin approved the updated emblem with a blue background and a stylized boat, which recognizes the Russian "B" and the Latin "V". In the boat laid the symbol of the region in which the plant is located. Only on such transport in ancient times on the Volga cargo and passengers were delivered.

The base car brand for the Gorky Automobile Plant (GAS) was a Ford. Even the original style of the emblem resembled the American logo. From 1950 began the era of self-image, conceived as a modified emblem of the region. Now, a deer on a blue background is emblazoned on practically most working Russian cars of both freight and passenger transport, which is used in small and medium-sized businesses.

Emblem "Moskvich"Also has some encrypted meanings. The first is the simple letter “M”, and upon a deeper examination one can find the similarity of this pattern with the elements of the wall of the Moscow Kremlin. Now this logo belongs to the concern Volkswagen.

For products of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ) the logo was coined by the engineer of the enterprise Albert Rakhmanov. In the circle inscribed bird stylized as the letter "U". This sketch decorated the front of the car since 1962. Then he changed a little, appeared in the design of the pentagon. Now we are back to the circle and the bird, and also added the Latin abbreviation of the plant at the bottom. Also the symbol from colorless turned to green.

The color of the Taganrog Automobile Plant is also green. The enterprise symbol is an ellipse with a regular triangle inside.

German car brands

Separately from the rest of the European car brands are German concerns. With their reliability and practicality, they conquered the world, so the logos of these cars are often synonymous with "quality".

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German Auto Emblems

Concern Audi formed from the merger of four companies. This is reflected in four symbolic chrome rings. Some tend to see in these circles also the 4 wheels of the car.

Bavarian automobile company known by the abbreviation BMW began production with the manufacture of products for the aviation industry. Probably for this reason, the propeller was originally present in its emblem. Later, a circle with wide black fields appeared, and the inner part of it was divided into four sectors in two checkers: two sky-blue and two silver. In the silver sectors, the symbol of steel is encrypted, and the sky blue is the color of the flag of Bavaria.

Daimler AG is the owner of the trademark Mercedes Benz, which produces, in addition to trucks and buses, passenger cars, including premium. On their products, they install a star with three rays, enclosed in a circle. Three rays symbolize superiority on earth, in the air and in the water. This is due to the release of power plants for water and air transport.

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Specialists from Opel also tried to choose the symbol of speed and stopped at the "lightning". She was placed in a circle and sent to the front of the car. Although initially the word "Blitz" was written to decipher tat. He was later removed.

Porsche they glorify the symbols of their native Stuttgart, using in their emblem the symbol of the city “rearing horse”, as well as reindeer antlers on a red background. They are the symbol of Baden-Württemberg.

One of the Porsche employees, Xavier Riemsspiss, designed the logo for the company. Volkswagen. The competition was public, and the prize in it was a hundred Reichsmark. Two letters from the company name “V” and “W” are arranged in the image.

European car brands

British company Rolls-Royce engaged in the production of premium cars. In its logo, the two letters "R" are located one above the other with a slight offset. The creators of the company Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce inscribed their names in the logo in 1904. Almost a century later, BMW bought out a logo for more than 40 million pounds.

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European car emblems

Established in the 19th century, the British Rover often changed the logo, leaving the style of the Vikings. The image had weapons: spears, axes. Later there was a theme with the Viking rook. In the modern version, it is customary to depict a gold boat with a red sail on a black background.

Founder Ferrari Enzo Ferrari has made its logo over a long period. At first there was only a horse, later SF symbols were added to it, meaning Scuderia Ferrari (Ferrari Stable). Still later, the background turned yellow, like the colors of the Italian city of Modena. Well, in the last turn, the colors of the national flag appeared at the top.

Turin manufacturers Fiat often experimented with the logo, making it square and then round. Without having defined it, they combined a circle with a square and entered the name of the company inside. This has become a symbol of the fact that the company is proud of its achievements and relies on past experience.

Renault depicted on a yellow background stylized diamond. The author Victor Vazareli laid in it a symbol of prosperity and a large share of optimism.

Lion in french Peugeot имеет своих поклонников не только среди парижан, но и в нашей стране. Logo призван символизировать динамизм.

Andre Citroen, who began his career with repairing spare parts for locomotives, put an emblem in Citroen heraldic meaning. A pair of chevrons, often used in military uniform, speaks of significant length of service.

In the emblem Volvo The Swedes used the shield and spear of Mars, the god of war. The diagonal, which had only functional properties for attaching symbolism, has also become a recognizable element.

Korean car brands

In the logo Hyundai laid the idea of ​​cooperation. Designers sought to make a capital letter “H” make partners shaking hands. The name of the brand is translated as “New time”.

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Korean car badges

Logo THAT as well as many modern brands use an ellipse with letters that are part of the phrase "Enter the world of Asia."

For the South Korean company SsangYong translated as “Two Dragons”, a stylized image of either the wings or the claws of the dragons was chosen.

Chinese car logos

In the emblem of the Chinese Chery the base is the letter "A" with an ellipse. The letter means high class cars, and the ellipse is depicted in the form of covering hands.

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Chinese car brands

In company Lifan adopted the image of three sailboats. It is associated with the name, translated as "Go full sail".