Used volkswagen tiguan - profitable mid-size crossover

The modern car market is experiencing a crisis, like the entire economic system of the country. This is eloquently told by the facts provided by the AEB automakers committee. According to the committee, compared with October last year in 2016 for the same period, it was sold by 2.6% less passenger cars.

In the secondary market, the situation looks more optimistic. More and more domestic car enthusiasts prefer to buy a used car of reliable companies, instead of paying the same money for a new model with insufficient parameters of durability, comfort and safety. And really, is it worth it to spend half a million rubles on a banal Lada, if, according to the catalog of the Auto Search portal, for about the same money you can become the owner of a used Volkswagen Tiguan German crossover?

фольксваген тигуан

The influence of the characteristics of the machine on its value

Having examined the offers from the sellers of Volkswagen Tiguan with mileage, you can see what is in Moscow today:

  • the cheapest way is, for 505-850 thousand rubles, you can buy a 2008-2009 crossover. release with mileage of 60-150 thousand km; 93 of these machines are offered (4.7% of the total);
  • the number of models on a diesel engine is 11% (219 units) in the total mass of cars, and diesel Volkswagen Tiguan will start from 649,000 rubles;
  • car with mileage over 200 thousand km 2010. (one offer) is offered for 610 thousand rubles;
  • The most expensive models are 2016-2014. with mileage from three hundred kilometers to twenty thousand, there are two such proposals, and they were estimated at 1 million 499 thousand and 1 million 650 thousand rubles, respectively.

Volkswagen press service noted that the car belongs to the traditional bestsellers among Russian motorists. According to the Avtostat agency, among Volkswagen cars, the Tiguan model is one of the two that are most in demand in the state programs supporting the car market. The popular Volkswagen Tiguan crossover attracts with its compactness, functionality and efficiency not only in the urban environment, but also off-road. Strong front and corrosion resistance provide exceptional wear resistance of the machine, and all-wheel drive transmission with off-road system minimizes the risk of digging wheels in mud, loose sand or snow.